Chinese Curry

Chinese curry is a hot and spicy main dish made traditionally in China and popularly across the world. Curry preparations are unique to the Indian sub continent and the Chinese curry has been influenced by its cooking style.
Chinese curry is flavored with curry powder and Chinese condiments like soy sauce, cooking wine, vinegar, etc. The curry is commonly made with boneless meat and vegetables, which are boiled in flavored water. Chinese curry is eaten with steamed rice.

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Chinese Long Beans – Symbol Of Long Life

Chinese Long Beans – Symbol Of Long Life On : 12-Jan-2012 By : FitGal

The Chinese  believe that Long Beans are a symbol of long life, owing to their length. As a result, it is a ritual to eat these beans on the occasion of the Chinese New Year. With the New Year coming up in January 2014, there could not be a better...

Chinese Wedding Food – Keeping The Tradition Alive

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Basic Flavourings Of Chinese Food

On : 07-Mar-2007 By : Vibs

BASIC FLAVOURINGS SALTY---salt, soya sauce,soya bean paste SWEET—sugar, honey, jam ,jellies SOUR----vinegar, plum sauce,tomato sauce, wine. HOT---chilli, peppers, ginger, mustard BITTER---almonds, orange peel, herbs ...

Facts About Chinese Cuisine Revealed

Facts About Chinese Cuisine Revealed On : 06-Apr-2011 By : raj pallavi

Chinese cuisine follows the ethnicity and ethos in food culture. Chinese menu ranges from delectable sea food menu to appetizing sushi, sashimi, to popular versions of shrimp, egg rolls, spicy noodles, and barbecued veggies and meats. What makes...

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