Chinese Christmas

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Chinese Christmas food is becoming popular all over the world, with not only the Christians of China relishing their traditional Chinese Christmas food, but also, Christians all over the world, especially the Americans who are experimenting with new Christmas food ideas and the Chinese Christmas food items have thus, become a favorite choice. In Chinese culture, the traditional Chinese Christmas food that is prepared and eaten depends on the religious beliefs, personal choices, geographic locations and various other factors.


Traditional Chinese Christmas Food

The Chinese Christmas food menu typically comprises hot rolls, soups, noodles, beef dishes and vegetable side dishes. Snacks and candies are quite popular amongst the Chinese Christmas foods. Christmas cookies and peppermint drops are traditional Chinese Christmas food items. Fruits are associated with good fortune in China, and thus, like in most of their festivals, Chinese families like to relish assorted fruits as a part of their Chinese Christmas food menu. Some of the favorite Chinese Christmas foods are made from the fruits like oranges and tangerines, which symbolize good luck and wealth. The Chinese Christmas food items are quite similar to the delicacies eaten during the other festivities of the country and amongst these, the most popular Chinese Christmas foods are dumplings and Peking duck preparations.

Popular Chinese Christmas Foods

Just like western culture, Christmas day in Chinese culture, is the time to celebrate elaborate meals together with friends and family. However, the traditional Chinese Christmas food is roast barbecued pork instead of turkey. Chinese preparations are also fondly eaten as a part of the Chinese Christmas foods. The other special Chinese Christmas food items are soup with wood ears and noodles.


New Introductions in the Chinese Christmas Food Menu

These days, the Chinese Christmas food items are getting influenced by the western Christmas treats as well and so, delicacies like roast turkey has become quite a favorite since few years.