Chinese Chicken Feet Recipes

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Dim-sum Style Chicken Feet

Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant for Dim Sum? And have you seen people eat what looks like severed hands? Well, those are actually braised chicken feet. Find out in this episode how those are really made. - 112.294

Drunken Chicken Wings And Chicken Feet

MAKING 1) In a large pot, add about 2-3 cups of water. Add the spring onion white. 2) Next, add the chicken wings and feet, along with salt and ginger. 3) Cover the pot and let the chicken cook over medium high heat. The wings will be done in about 30... - 82.0152

Chinese Dim Sum Chicken Feet

Here is a unique Chinese dim sum chicken feet that is simply amazing and worth trying. The chef has nicely presented the recipe in the video so that the recipe can be easily prepared at home with a very few ingredients. Surprise your family and friends with... - 76.8083

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Classic Chicken Stock

GETTING READY 1. In a large pot, place the chicken bones and chicken pieces and simmer in cold water to make a thick stock. As the chicken stock simmers, remove all scum that rises to the top of the bowl. This will take about 20-50 minutes. Let the stock sit... - 35.9775

Chinese Steamed Spareribs With Black Bean Sauce

A very simple dim sum dish that only takes 5 minutes of prep work and 20-30 minutes to steam! I blog at - 33.1076

Basic Chicken Stock

Place all trimmings and bones in a large pan. Add water and other ingredients. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Strain and skim. The stock is now ready for use in soups and sauces. If stock is fatty, chill until fat congeals, remove... - 35.6377

Steamed Sole In Savory Custard

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