Chinese Bean Noodles Recipes

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Noodles N Brown Bean Sauce

Noodles n Brown Bean Sauce is as good as any Chinese noodles recipe. You will love to have Noodles n Brown Bean Sauce again and again. So get ready! - 36.7885

Rice Noodles With Stir Fried Pork Shrimp And Bean Sprouts

Friends always enjoy this Rice Noodles With Stir Fried Pork Shrimp And Bean Sprouts. I wanted more people to enjoy and that is the reason why I am posting this Rice Noodles With Stir Fried Pork Shrimp And Bean Sprouts recipe. Have a nice time-cooking and... - 38.425

Braised Cabbage With Bean Thread Noodles

In a bowl, soak noodles in warm water to cover for 10 minutes; drain. Cut noodles in half and set aside. Soak shrimp and mushrooms separately in warm water to cover for 30 minutes; drain. Cut off and discard stems of mushrooms and thinly slice caps. Set... - 45.4174

How To Make Bean Jelly / Noodle In Chili Sauce (川北凉粉)

Bored of same usual noodle? Try this new bean/jelly noodles in chili sauce. This dish will tickle your taste buds. Check out the recipe right here. - 71.4948

Cold Chengdu Noodles

Combine all sauce ingredients in a bowl, mixing well. Add the noodles and stir to coat the noodles with the sauce, then add beansprouts and mix carefully with chopsticks or a fork, taking care not to break the sprouts. Divide among 4 bowls and sprinkle each... - 36.0637

Chinese Noodle Bake

Bake 1/2 hour at 350° covered, 1/2 hour at 350° uncovered. Add 1 can Chinese noodles and bake 15 minutes more. - 28.5349

Noodles With Clams And Black Bean Sauce

With a pestle and mortar (or a food processor) make a smooth paste of the black beans and garlic. In a wok or a deep saucepan, over medium heat, heat the peanut oil and stir-fry the beans-garlic mixture for 40 seconds. Blend the soy sauce, sherry, and sugar... - 43.8858

Chicken With Bean Sprouts And Crispy Noodles

Lower the noodle 'nest' into hot oil for its first immersion. Lift out, drain and set aside for the final operation. Heat the oil in a frying-pan. Cut the slice of onion into strips and add them. Cook for 1 minute. Add the bean sprouts and cook for a further... - 42.17

Chinese Parboiled Noodles With Stir Fried Cooked Chicken Topping

Unlike its big name, Parboiled Noodles With Stir Fried Cooked Chicken Topping is an easy-to cook dish. You can try this Parboiled Noodles With Stir Fried Cooked Chicken Topping dish in the place of your usual rice dishes, if you have grown tired of it. Enjoy... - 36.3907

Bean Noodle Soup

Bean Noodle Soup is a sumptuous Soup that will serve as the perfect appetizer for your parties! This yummy soup is a favorite at my home. Try this Bean Noodle Soup. You wont regret it!! - 46.8745

Hot Bean Thread Noodles

GETTING READY 1 In a large bowl of warm water, soak the noodles for 15 minutes. 2 Drain them and discard the water when the noodles are soft. 3 Cut them into 3 inch (7-5cm) lengths using scissors or a knife. MAKING 4 Into a hot wok or pot, put 1... - 45.283

Noodles With Chinese Barbecued Pork

Place cooked noodles in deep bowl. Cut noodles with kitchen scissors into 3-inch pieces. Mix in onions, bean sprouts, pork, and snow peas. Combine sauce ingredients in a bowl. Toss noodles with sauce. - 35.3125

Stir Fried Bean Threads With Pork

Stir Fried Bean Threads With Pork is a perfect addition to your dinner spread! The flavors of this yummy Stir Fried Bean Threads With Pork is simply captivating! My friends have nothing but praises for the Stir Fried Bean Threads With Pork! Try it! - 49.0933

Chinese Noodle Vegetable Soup

1. In large saucepan, heat oil; add florets, carrot, ginger and garlic. Cook over medium-high heat, stirring frequently, until vegetables are crisp-tender, about 5 minutes. 2. Add bouillon cube, 5 cups water, noodles, bok choy and snow peas; stir to combine.... - 33.3063

Hot Garlic Noodles

Chilli Garlic noodles for dinner? Here is chef Vikas demonstrating a simple recipe on how to make some delicious hot noodles. Loads of garlic in this recipe. Try it out and enjoy!! - 94.3904

Spicy Vegetable Hakka Noodles

Are noodles your kids favorite food? Sure you would like a quick way to make this. Chef Vikas demonstrates the solution! Using Ching’s available sauces, you can whip this up with minimum effort in very little time! Watch and learn! Don’t let the Hindi... - 97.0557

Parboiled Noodles With Stir Fried Cooked Chicken Topping

This Parboiled Noodles With Stir Fried Cooked Chicken Topping recipe is a very easy method to make a chicken topped parboiled noodles. Stir fried chicken and vegetables do blend perfectly with parboiled noodles in this Parboiled Noodles With Stir Fried Cooked... - 33.5937

Shredded Pork With Bean Threads

Shred pork into 2 inch long (5 cm) julienne strips. Marinate in the soy sauce, wine, sugar, salt, and tapioca starch for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Soak the bean threads in warm water for 10 minutes. Drain and cut into 2 inch (5 cm) pieces. Cut scallions into... - 44.6684

Chinese Noodles

Spicy, easy and tasty noodles can be now prepared and enjoyed in your own kitchen. Watch the video for tips and tricks needed while cooking the chinese food. - 122.337

Chinese Style Stir Fried Noodles

MAKING 1) In a large pot of salted boiling with 2 tablespoons oil, boil the noodles for 4-7 minutes for fresh noodles or 8-14 minutes for dry noodles, until cooked. Drain and keep warm. 2) In a food processor bowl with a shredding disc, process the carrot... - 49.687

Chinese Noodles

Bring 6 quarts to boil in covered pot. Add noodles and cook according to package directions. Drain well and serve on plate topped with broccoli bean curd mixture. Try to buy firm rather than soft bean curd if it is available. Bean curd, hoisin and hot chili... - 23.3448

Chinese Mushrooms With Cellophane Noodles

1. Soak the Chinese mushrooms and wood ears separately in bowls of hot water for 30 minutes. Break the dried bean curd into small pieces and soak in water according to the instructions on the packet. 2. Strain the mushrooms, reserving the liquid. Squeeze as... - 37.9866

Chinese Chicken Salad With Noodles

This Chinese Chicken Salad simply doesn't seem to go off my mind even after eating it so many times …its so tasty ! I love it with bread dishes. Try this easy-to-prepare Chinese Chicken Salad with other dishes and come back here to tell me what you... - 28.3075

Chinese Vegetables With Noodles

1. Bring the stock, garlic, and ginger to a boil in a large pan. Stir in the noodles, red bell pepper, peas, broccoli, and mushrooms and return to a boil. Reduce the heat, cover, and let simmer for 5-6 minutes, or until the noodles are tender. 2. Meanwhile,... - 35.4382

Chinese Vegetable Noodles

Vegetable noodles is a very popular Chinese dish. This is a hit among the elders as well as kids. You can use whole wheat noodles to make it healthier. - 32.1911

Ginger Scallops With Chinese Noodles

1. In small bowl, combine scallions, broth, wine, cornstarch, sugar and pepper; set aside. 2. Spray large nonstick skillet or wok with nonstick cooking spray; heat over medium-high heat. Add garlic and salt; stir-fry 1 -2 minutes, until garlic is tender. Add... - 34.2106

Chinese Noodle Soup

In Dutch oven or large saucepan, heat oil over medium-high heat; cook garlic and ginger, stirring, for 30 seconds or until fragrant. Pour in chicken stock; bring to boil, skimming off any foam. Break capellini into thirds and add to pan; cook for 2 to 3... - 30.9385

Cold Mixed Noodles

You must definitely try this Cold Mixed Noodles of mine. You will agree with many others that this Cold Mixed Noodles is an awesome post. Thanks! - 25.0714

Dan Dan Noodles

If you are a noodle lover, you will love this dish. Dan Dan noodles are thin noodles with a special sauce. Ying demonstrates how to make this authentic and traditional Chinese Noodle Dish that is often found in American-Chinese take out menus. It is simple,... - 109.702

Indo Chinese Cuisine - Vegetarian American Chopsuey

A crispy noodle and yummy sauce combination! The usual American Chop suey is an American pasta dish and consists of elbow macaroni and bits of cooked ground beef with sautéed onions and green peppers in a thick tomato-based sauce. The recipe described in... - 119.393

Stir Fried Cooked Chicken Topping L For Basic Noodles N Soup

The picture of a superb soup is all set when you add a few egg slices to Stir Fried Cooked Chicken Topping For Basic Noodles n Soup. The very mention of Stir Fried Cooked Chicken Topping For Basic Noodles n Soup makes my mouth water. This will tickle your... - 36.9908

Siwer Pin Noodles With Shredded Chicken

1 Sift wheat starch and salt into a mixing bowl. Pour in boiling water and stir. Cover for 5 minutes then remove cover and knead to form a smooth dough. 2 Roll out into a long sausage-shaped roll and cut into 24 equal portions. Knead each portion into the... - 34.7615

Cold Stirred Noodles

Combine all dressing ingredients in small bowl; mix well. Cut noodles into 6-inch pieces. Cook noodles according to package directions until tender but still firm, 2 to 3 minutes. Drain, rinse under cold running water and drain again. Toss noodles with sesame... - 41.7876

Chicken Haka Noodles

Shred vegetables. In a frying pan, heat 3 tbsp oil, reduce heat and add chilli powder. Add garlic. Add the chicken pieces. Fry to a pale colour. Add onion, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, capsicum, carrot and then cabbage. Stir fry for 1-2... - 44.628

Vegetables And Noodles

Cut all the vegetables into long thin strips. Heat the oil thoroughly in a vessel and add the vegetables and Ajinomoto powder. Cook on a high flame for 3 to 4 minutes. Add the noodles, soya sauce and salt and cook for 2 minutes. Serve hot with chillies in... - 40.2157

Braised Cabbage With Bean Thread Noodles

Preparation In a bowl, soak noodles in warm water to cover for 10 minutes; drain. Cut noodles in half and set aside. Soak shrimp and mushrooms separately in warm water to cover for 30 minutes; drain. Cut off and discard stems of mushrooms and thinly slice... - 42.0948

Fried Prawns With Transparent Noodles

Fried Prawns With Transparent Noodles is a delicious side dish recipe that is simply easy-to-prepare. Once you have this Fried Prawns With Transparent Noodles recipe, I am sure you will always crave for it. - 44.1278

Chicken And Noodle Eggrolls

Want to see your kids happy and delighted at their party? Then prepare these crispy-delicious chicken and noodle eggrolls for their friends. You will be definitely amazed to see the results and a million dollar smile on their face, after you serve them this... - 106.35

Szechuan Noodles

The Szechuan Noodles is an amazingly tasty and satisfying dish. The well flavored Szechuan Noodles is an absolute treat for your taste buds. You can serve the Szechuan Noodles for any occasion! - 45.4049

Jajangmyeon - Part 1

Craving for some Asian noodles? How about some Jajangmyeon? Another Korean-Chinese dish that Koreans are crazy about! In this video Cathlyn invites a special guest to her Korean kitchen who shares a mushroom appetizer recipe that compliments the Jajangmyeon;... - 79.2956

Noodles In Schezwan Sauce With Vegetables

Do you love spicy noodles? Watch Chef Vikas, in this video as he prepares some delicious schezwan noodles long with vegetables. A great dish that is simple and quick to make! - 98.6997

Stir Fry Rice Noodles With Mushrooms

I present to you a simply delicious mix of fresh ingredients and rice noodles put together to make one great bowl of Stir Fried Noodles. The best part about this colorful Chinese dish is its versatility - you can pick and choose the vegetables you include to... - 50.0753

Fried Rice Noodles With Prawns And Chicken

Fried Rice Noodles With Prawns And Chicken is a very tempting side dish that you must try out. Prepare the Fried Rice Noodles With Prawns And Chicken effortlessly in a jiffy and let us know after you've enjoyed it ! - 48.2705

Chop Suey

The traditional Chinese Chop Suey is now tried in different forms and in different parts of the world. Like many others, I only prefer the chinese style Chop Suey. With some stringed noodles at its side, Chop Suey comes with fresh meat and bean sprouts. When... - 41.6194

Cold Noodles With Hot Sauce

Cold Noodles With Hot Sauce is a yummy dish with an original taste. The hot and cold texture and the delicious flavor of this dish is mouthwatering. You just have to try the Cold Noodles With Hot Sauce recipe! - 47.8426

Soft Fried Spicy Noodles

MAKING 1. Prepare marinade by combining soy sauce, sesame oil and cornstarch along with pork and marinate it for about half an hour. 2. Add seasoning liquid and keep it beside wok. 3. Heat the wok on high temperature for about 3 minutes by adding oil. 4.... - 47.0064

How To Make Korean Black Bean Noodles Jajangmyeon

Chunky, savory black bean sauce with thick chubby noodles. A delicious Korean-Chinese noodle dish. - 108.178

Fried Noodles With Chicken And Vegetables

1 Divide noodles into four portions. Deep-fry each portion in hot oil until golden brown. Drain on paper towels. 2 Cut chicken meat into strips. Heat wok, add 1 tbsp (15 mL) vegetable oil and stir-fry chicken and shrimp with garlic. Add bamboo shoot,... - 36.291

Vegetables And Noodles In A Creamy Sauce By Tarla Dalal

These vegetables and noodles in a creamy sauce are quite different than the regular hakka noodles. The garnish of spring onion greens, sesame seeds, and peanuts gives a nice taste and crunch to these soft noodles. - 120.769

Soy Paste Noodles

These Soy Paste Noodles are a rage with me ! You might have tasted a lot of broad noodle dishes but this incredible soy paste makes all the difference for this extremely tasty dish ! Just try it out for your meals and let me know if you agree with me ! Your... - 48.9357

Haka Noodles With Vegetables

In a pan, heat 2 tbsp oil. Remove from fire, add broken red chillies and chilli powder. Return to fire and mix in the boiled noodles, salt and soya sauce. Fry for 1 minute, till evenly brown in colour. Keep the fried noodles aside. To prepare the vegetables,... - 46.4314

Chinese Bhel

MAKING 1. Mix the sauce ingredients in a cup. 2. In a mixing bowl mix the noodles, carrot, cabbage and bean sprouts. 3. Add the sauce and mix. 4. Then add the roasted peanuts and green onion and toss. SERVING 5. Serve as an afternoon snack or as desired. - 104.843

Chinese Pork Chow Mein

Saute onions and celery in oil for 5 minutes. Add pork, water, soy sauce, and molasses. Simmer for 15 minutes. Add bean sprouts; heat. Stir in cornstarch blended with a little cold water. Cook until thickened. Serve on chow-mein noodles. - 41.5112

Chinese Pork And Mushroom Chow Mein

Pork Chow Mein is a tasty Chinese Noodle and Pork preparation that is simply addictive. I grabbed this recipe from a friend who prepared this for her party. Trust me, none of us could stop eating this yummy Pork Chow Mein! We literally licked her noodle bowl... - 49.8608

Chinese Chrysanthemum Pot

If there is heaven on earth it can be found when tasting the Chinese Chrysanthemum Pot ! The Chinese Chrysanthemum Pott is unique and extremely tasty. You just have to try it! - 45.354

Chinese Chow Mein

GETTING READY 1. Into a large pan of boiling water, break the noodles and leave to cook for 2 minutes. Drain the noodles and rinse under cold running water, then drain again thoroughly. Set aside. 2. Finely slice the garlic. Cut the chilli in half, scoop out... - 48.2696

Stir Fried Pork And Shrimp Mixture L For Chow Mein Or Lo Mein

Whatever be the function or social affair you organize at home, Stir Fried Pork And Shrimp Mixture l For Chow Mein Or Lo Mein can be one of the best ways to please your guests. Stir Fried Pork And Shrimp Mixture l For Chow Mein Or Lo Mein is particularly... - 39.1576

Vegetable And Noodle Soup By Tarla Dalal

The use of plenty of vegetables lends an exotic flavor to this soup. Serve this soup as soon as it is cooked to relish it the most. - 118.573

Veggie Hakka Noodles

An easy Chinese side dish, Hakka noodles, preparation is so easy that you wish to make it every day. And the taste is so great that your family / guest would like to have it everyday. - 26.3192

Korean Food: Black Bean Paste Noodles (jja-jang Bap, 짜장밥)

JaJang Myeon is probably the most popular Korean-style Chinese food eaten in Korea. In Korea, you are sure to find JaJang Myeon on Chinese restaurant or take-out menus but it is not common to find this dish in Chinese restaurants in other parts of the world.... - 105.239

Peking Meat Sauce For Noodles

1. Mince or grind pork; then blend in sherry. Mince scallions. 2. Blend together bean paste, soy sauce and hoisin sauce. 3. Heat oil. Add minced pork; stir-fry 1 minute. Add minced scallions and stir-fry 1 minute more. 4. Stir in bean paste mixture. Add water... - 28.031

Cold Summer Noodles

1 Cook noodles in boiling stock 4 minutes. Drain and cool, discarding stock. 2 Combine chicken, bean sprouts and cucumber. Add garlic, vinegar and soy sauce. Add to noodles, toss to blend. - 26.1568

Noodle Chop Suey

MAKING 1) In a frying pan heat olive oil. 2) Mix ground beef, onion and celery. 3) Saute for about 7 to 8 minutes until brown. 4) In a large uncovered Dutch oven boil water. Cook spaghetti, cooking oil and first amount of salt in it for about 11 to 13... - 46.3585

Szechuan Noodles

GETTING READY 1. In a bowl, mix minced pork with soy sauce, sherry and salt to taste. MAKING 2. In a large pan, bring salt water to boil. 3. Add thin egg noodles. 4. Cook following the packet instructions, until tender. 5. Drain well. 6. In a deep wok or... - 46.7564

Roast Pork Lo Mein

Slice and then shred the roast pork into strips 2 inches (5 cm) long. Wash and then shred the Chinese cabbage. Rinse the bean sprouts with cold water. Chop the noodle in half. Freeze half of it and add the other half to boiling water; boil for about 2... - 43.8411

Tossed Rice Noodles With Chop Suey

1 Heat oil in a wok. Add ginger, onion and broccoli, and stir-fry 1 minute. Add stock and cook covered 2 minutes. Add mushrooms, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, bean curd, sherry and sesame oil. Fold in noodles. Cover and simmer 1—2 minutes to... - 34.4133

Fried Rice Noodles With Shredded Chicken

You will find the Fried Rice Noodles With Shredded Chicken a rare treat! Prepare the Fried Rice Noodles With Shredded Chicken with a little effort and let us know what you feel about it. - 47.405

Cold Summer Noodles

1 Cook noodles in boiling stock 4 minutes. Drain and cool, discarding stock. 2 Combine chicken, bean sprouts and cucumber. Add garlic, vinegar and soy sauce. Add to noodles, toss to blend. Serve chilled. - 32.1373

Hakka Noodles Non Veg

GETTING READY 1. Cut chicken and ham into strips. 2. Peel carrot and slice into long strips. 3. Cut capsicum into strips. 4. Finely shred cabbage. MAKING 5. Boil noodles in salted water till tender-crisp. 6. Drain noodles and toss with a little oil to... - 46.5939

Tossed Noodles

Tossed Noodles is a wonderful and tasty treat. The end results of this recipe is a an irresistible dish. I serve the Tossed Noodles frequently for the parties I host as it is a favorite amongst my guests! - 47.7541

Noodles With Mixed Meats Prawns And Vegetables

Noodles With Mixed Meats, Prawns And Vegetables is an amazingly delicious easy to prepare side dish recipe which cannot just escape your guest's attention. Try this Noodles With Mixed Meats, Prawns And Vegetables; I am sure your loved ones will give you a lot... - 46.0087

Crispy Noodles With Chicken And Vegetables

Crispy Noodles With Chicken And Vegetables is an alluring side dish recipe that you will surely love to use in many recipes. Try this luscious Crispy Noodles With Chicken And Vegetables; I bet everyone in your family will always want to use it. - 46.1631

Fried Noodles With Vegetables

Fried Noodles With Vegetables is a delicious side dish recipe that you would love to prepare on a get together. Try this Fried Noodles With Vegetables; I am sure you will have a huge fan following for this! - 48.0882

Spicy Stir Fried Vegetables With Noodles

Homemade spicy noodles for dinner? Here is a video from Ching’s secret showing you how to make a great spicy vegetable noodle dish. Loads of vegetables going into this dish, making it nice and healthy! Nothing fried just stir fried and plated out! - 99.1559

How To Make Chicken Chow Mein In The Crockpot Or Slow Cooker

MAKING 1. In a skillet, heat oil, add chicken and saute over medium high heat until browned on all sides. 2. Grease a Crock pot with cooking spray and put chicken pieces in it. 3. Place the carrots, green onions, mushrooms, celery, and water chestnuts. 4. In... - 123.547

Glass Noodles With Peanut Sauce

Combine marinade ingredients in a small bowl. Add chicken and stir to coat. Set aside for 30 minutes. Combine peanut sauce ingredients in another bowl and set aside. Bring 4 cups water to a boil in a medium saucepan. Add noodles, stirring to separate... - 43.451

Soy Jam Noodles

If you are trying to be fancy you can very well check out this Soy Jam Noodles. This Soy Jam Noodles recipe is very low-hassle. Make it tomorrow! - 36.5749

Chow Mein Fried Noodles

GETTING READY 1. In salted boiling water cook the dried noodles according to the instructions on the packet (usually no more than 2-3 minutes), then drain and rinse in cold water 2. Drain again and mix with a little oil. 3. Soak fresh noodles in boiling water... - 44.4737

Beefy Green Bean & Walnut Stir Fry

• In large skillet, heat oil and garlic over medium heat about 30 seconds. • Add beef and beans; sprinkle with salt. Mix well. • Cook 5 minutes or until beef is well browned, stirring occasionally. • Stir in walnuts; cook 2 minutes more. • Serve... - 31.0069

Mixed Vegetables With Noodles And Beef Chap Chae

GETTING READY 1) In a bowl, soak mushrooms in hot water and leave aside for 30 minutes until caps are tender. 2) Drain and press out as much excess water from mushrooms as possible. 3) Discard stems and slice caps into thin pieces. MAKING 4) To prepare... - 43.0336

Jjajangmyeon - Korean Noodles With Pork And Black Bean Sauce

Today we're making my version of Jjajangmyeon. It's a Korean wheat noodle bowl with a pork and black bean sauce that's derived from a Chinese dish called zhajiangmian. There's an instant version of this dish called "Chapaghetti" that's quite popular in the... - 119.47

Beef With Shining Noodles Soup

Beef With Shining Noodles Soup has a fine taste. Beef With Shining Noodles Soup gets its taste from beef mixed with cornstarch and chicken broth. Beef With Shining Noodles Soup is adored by red meat lovers. - 47.7865

Beef And Flat Noodle Soup

1. Heat a large dry frying pan until very hot and sear the chuck steak on all sides until brown and charred. 2. Put the beef into a large saucepan with the stock or water, star anise, cinnamon, black peppercorns, 1 sliced onion or 2 shallots, the garlic and... - 42.3008

Hanoi Beef And Noodle Soup

1. Combine the marinade ingredients in a medium bowl. Add the beef, stir to coat, and set aside for 30 minutes. 2. Soak the noodles in warm water to cover for 15 minutes or until soft; drain. Divide the noodles between 2 large soup bowls and place half of the... - 34.0228

Fried Chicken With Noodles

Boil the noodles in plenty of water for 10 minutes. Drain well and sprinkle a few drops of peanut oil over them. Heat 1 tablespoon peanut oil in a frying-pan and quickly cook the chicken strips in it for less than a minute, tossing and turning them all the... - 44.2148

Stir Fried Crab With Pork And Noodles

GETTING READY 1. In a bowl, beat 1 egg with half of the chopped chillies, about 2 tablespoons of the crab meat and a pinch of salt. MAKING 2. In an omelet pan or small, heavy-based frying pan, heat about 2 teaspoons of oil until very hot. 3. Pour in the egg... - 44.0479

American Chop Suey

Slice the onions. Cut all the vegetables (except bean sprouts) into long thin strips. Place all the ingredients of the sauce in a vessel, mix well and put to boil. Go on cooking and stirring until the sauce is thick. Heat the oil thoroughly in a vessel and... - 44.3308

Chinese Chicken Lo Mein

This Chicken Lo Mein is perfect for one famished beyond limits ! This sumptuous chicken, celery, cabbage and bean sprouts noodles with savory soy sauce thickening poured over is very satiating ! Just try out this Chicken Lo Mein and let me know if you agree... - 46.6326

Chinese Spring Salad

This Chinese Spring Salad is an easy-to-prepare recipe. An amazingly delicious salad recipe, Chinese Spring Salad is a dish that you would surely love to talk about with us! - 41.2509

Chinese Chicken Chow Mein

In shallow saucepan, "water-fry" celery and onion flakes in 1 cup of the water containing broth mix. When celery is soft and water evaporated, add bean sprouts, mushrooms, soy sauce and remaining boiling water. Heat gently, then turn off heat and add diced... - 34.1481

Akwan's Kitchen - Chow Mein

“soy sauce yellow chow mein” is a popular Chinese dish that a lot of people usually order to complement congee. But not to say, that it can’t be ordered by itself either. To your surprise, this is actually a super duper simple recipe to make. - 108.724

Ants On The Trees

Soak cellophane noodles in warm water for 20 minutes. Drain and cut into 4 inch long (10 cm) sections. Marinate the ground pork with soy sauce, wine, and tapioca starch as listed above. Heat 3 Tbs oil in wok; add the scallion and then the ground pork. Stir... - 44.1318

Shanghai Chow Mein

Preparation Combine marinade ingredients in a small bowl. Add chicken and stir to coat. Set aside for 30 minutes. Cooking In a large pot of boiling water, cook noodles according to package directions until tender but firm to the bite. Drain well. Place a wok... - 43.6938

Chicken Chow Mein

1. Heat the oil in a wok or skillet and stir-fry or saute the onions until golden. Add the mushrooms and celery and cook briefly. 2. Stir in the broth and soy sauce and bring to a boil. 3. Mix the arrowroot with a little water until smooth and whisk into the... - 34.6665

Easy chicken Chow Mein

Chicken Chow Mein is a delicious chicken noodle dish that leaves a memorable after taste. I served this exquisite dish for dinner when a friend came over last month and she still talks about how she enjoyed it. Try this easy Chicken Chow Mein recipe and you... - 48.1459

Scallop Mushroom Noodle Soup

1 Bring a large pot of water to a boil. 2 Meanwhile, shred or mince the ginger. Cut the mushrooms into thin slices. Cut the scallions into slivers 1 1/2 inches long. If using sea scallops, cut them into quarters. 3 In a large saucepan, bring the chicken... - 40.9188

Silk Noodles With Pork

Cut the silk noodles into 15-cm (6-in) lengths and soak in warm waterfor 5 minutes. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil and stir-fry the pork for 2 minutes. Add the ginger, onion and chilli-bean paste, and fry over a very low heat for another minute. Add the silk... - 34.4321

Singapore Fried Noodles

GETTING READY 1. To prepare the rice noodles soak them in hot water for 5-10 minutes, rinse in cold water and drain. 2. Drain the dried shrimps. 3. Thinly shred the meat or Char Siu. MAKING 4. In a preheated wok, heat about 2 tablespoons oil and stir-fry the... - 45.6228

Spicy Shanghai Noodle Salad

GETTING READY 1. Take a bowl full of boiling water and soak noodles in it for about 3 to 4 minutes. Drain off excess water, rinse using cold water and drain thoroughly. Using a sharp knife, cut the noodles into short pieces and keep aside. 2. Slice thin... - 44.6234