Chinese Barbecued Spare Ribs

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Chinese Barbecued Sparerib is defined as the cut of pork from the rib section with major portion of the meat removed, leaving behind a layer of meat just surrounding each rib, thereby justifying the name 'spare ribs'. These spareribs may be baked, grilled  or  roasted with a spicy barbeque sauce to form barbequed spareribs and when specifically Chinese Barbecue sauce is used for this purpose the dish comes to be known as Chinese Barbecued Sparerib. 
Chinese Barbecued Sparerib is a typical Chinese style delicacy, usually served as an appetizer, which involves the use of spare ribs from pork. Chinese-style barbequed spare ribs are also sometimes referred to as St. Louis style spare ribs in which the breast bones as well as flap portions of cartilaginous meat have been taken out, with meat left covering the top as well as in between the bones.
Hoisin sauce, soy sauce, dry sherry, finely chopped cloves of garlic, sugar, red food coloring (optional), Chinese five spice powder, St. Louis style slab of spareribs, divided into individual ribs

  1. The hoisin and soy sauce, sherry, food coloring, garlic, sugar and spice powder are first whisked together in a large bowl. The ribs are added and tossed to coat with the marinade. After covering with a plastic wrap it is set aside, to marinate for at least about an hour at room temperature.
  2. After the oven is pre-heated to 350°, the marinated ribs are arranged on a greased baking rack atop a foil-lined pan. The ribs are basted in the reserved marinade; flipped and basted again. Baking is continued until the ribs are adequately browned, glazed and quite tender. The hot Chinese Barbeque Sparerib may be served with duck sauce or Chinese mustard and a green salad by the side.

Nutritive Value
A serving of ~ 150 g of Chinese barbequed spare ribs would supply
·        504 calories
·        31 g of fat
·        121 mg cholesterol
·        1015 mg sodium
·        23 g carbohydrates
·        0.8 g dietary fibre and
·        30.4 g protein
Nutritional Improvement
These chewy spare ribs form a very tasty, high protein appetizer but lean spare ribs should be used to lower the total fat and cholesterol content. Fibre, Vitamins C and K, B-vitamins, folic acid anti-oxidant nutrients like lutein, carotenes and zeaxanthin may be included by the use of plenty of fresh scallions. 
Honey and Garlic Barbeque Spareribs
The unique combination of honey and garlic bring forth an unusual flavor along with the hoisin sauce to create sweet yet sharp juicy honey and garlic barbeque spareribs.
Spareribs in Black Bean Sauce
Chinese fermented black beans or alternatively Chinese Black bean sauce in combination with ginger-garlic, soy sauce, chicken broth and seasonings with rice wine/sherry and sugar would result in delectable Chinese Barbequed Spareribs in Blackbean Sauce.