Chinese Appetizer Recipes

Chinese Appetizer is a delectable short-eat presented at the beginning of a full-course meal to suitably stimulate one’s appetite for the main course that lies ahead. Chinese Appetizers include spring rolls, ... More »
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Chicken Wonton Soup

This version of wonton soup is so delicious, it's addictive! The chicken dumplings or wontons, stuffed with ground chicken, turnip, egg and spices, are are easily put together using wonton wrappers. This wonton soup is a great way to use up leftover roast... - 142.293

Wegmans Pot Stickers With Cabbage & Snow Peas

Wegmans Chef Nella Neeck shows you an easy way to get more tasty veggies on your plate featuring one of our favorite Eastern flavor-enhancers. It is an easy, fast, good and fairly healthy meal-in-a-pot. - 139.063

Grilled Shrimp & Pineapple Kabobs

We had a party today and I made some shrimp and pineapple kabobs for the grill. They were absolutely amazing. The bacon kept them moist and the marinade formed a glaze on them that everyone loved. - 136.755

Smoked Salmon And Avocado Egg Rolls

When I go to Chinese restaurants I like to order egg rolls because they remind me of "Briwate". "Briwate" are the Moroccan egg rolls, they are shaped as cigars or triangles and they are filled with meat, chicken, vegetables, or any other filling. The last... - 136.271

Hoisin Marinated Beef Lettuce Wraps

These little wraps pack a whole lot of flavor! They make a light meal or a great appetizer. - 135.493

Chinese New Year Raw Sushi Rolls

Gung Hay Fa Choy! Celebrate the Chinese New Year with these incredible raw foods. Here is a complete Asian inspired raw food meal that you can make to impress your friends and family and influence them into going raw! A delicious Apple and Ginger Cocktail... - 133.857

Kung Pao Style Shrimp

How many of you love to eat Chinese cuisine? For all of you, here is an excellent appetizer recipe, known as Kung Pao shrimp. You can easily prepare this at home and can serve at any time of the season. Watch the video to learn the process of marination and... - 133.331

Chinese (y) Meatballs

How make a great, tasty appetizer from professional cooking teacher and former caterer Betty Bannerman Busciglio: "The inspiration for this appetizer came when I was looking through a very old cookbook and found a recipe which called for finely chopped cooked... - 132.301

How To Make Pan Fried Vegetable Dumplings

Hearty pan fried vegetable dumplings with tofu, bean sprout and scallions filling on the inside and a crispy wonton skin on the outside, which makes it over-the-top. - 131.61

Salt & Pepper Chicken Wing

A simple recipe for Chinese Style Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings. I threw in a little optional twist by smoking the wings a bit on my Big Green Egg prior to frying them. - 130.07

Chinese Style Fried Capsicum By Tarla Dalal

Fried capsicum, typically capsicum is used in Chinese sauces or as julienne in noodles and fried rice. Next time, try the fried capsicum, it is a unique way of serving capsicum and will be enjoyed by your loved ones. You could also use other crunchy... - 128.935

How To Make Egg Drop Soup

I love egg drop soup, but I always feel it's a little too plain for me, so, in this video, I show how to make Chinese egg drop soup with my own twist - frozen vegetables, to add more depth of texture to the soup. - 128.309

Vegetable Sweet Corn Soup

GETTING READY 1. In a small bowl mix corn flour with 3 tablespoons water till smooth. Set aside. MAKING 2. In a large pan or pot bring the rest of the water to boil. Put in the carrots and cook for 3 minutes. Add the French beans and cauliflower. Stir and... - 126.932

Chinese Soup Dumplings

Join me and the Aimless Cook (aka MrJingJong) as we make these ultra delectable Chinese soup dumplings! - 126.844

Raw Rice Paper Spring Rolls With Peanut Dipping Sauce

When it’s raw, it’s real! There is nothing better than eating something so fresh, straight out of your garden! If you are on the path of healthy, natural and organic eating then this recipe is one that you must have. Here is an raw-some recipe that is... - 126.707

Baked Honey Sesame Chicken Fingers (tenders)

Here is a different take on chicken fingers. They are moist in the inside and crunchy in the outside. They are also baked and low in calories. Kids and adults love chicken tenders! - 125.521

Akwan's Kitchen - S4e1: Chinese Dumplings (jiaozi) [season 4 Premiere]

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! To celebrate the start of the Year of the Snake, we show you how to make a traditional Chinese New Year staple--the dumpling! - 124.351

Manchow Soup

Manchow soup is a very popular street food in china, and you'll find push carts selling off this soup customized to individual taste. The hawker will throw in the ingredients you ask for to make it suitable to your palate. Plenty of finely chopped veggies are... - 123.135

Hot And Sour Soup By Tarla Dalal

Hot and sour soup, you can feel your taste buds shift gears from the spicy chili sauce to the sour vinegar, creating a magical experience! a mélange of neatly chopped veggies cooked in stock or water and other spices makes this a wholesome treat too. Served... - 122.312

Super Bowl Recipe 2- Veggie Spring Rolls With Sweet Ginger Sesame Sauce (cooking With Carolyn)

Here is a chance for you to relish some tasty and healthy spring rolls. These are not deep-fried, but come with the goodness of vegetables. Learn how to make these tasty Chinese delicacies! - 122.229

Simple Chinese Chicken And Noodle Soup

Chicken and noodle soup prepared with authentic chinese flavors is a very healthy and appetizing soup. When you desire to have a soup on a cold winter afternoon, this chinese chicken noodle soup is indeed chicken soup for the soul! - 122.102

Egg Drop Soup

Ying Demonstrates how to make a favorite Chinese "warm your heart" dish - Egg Drop Soup! Try it, it's easier than you think - 121.623

Boiled Low Carb Meat Wonton Soup

Think wonton soup is not an option now that you are on a low carb diet? Then watch this video and change the way you think forever! This is a simple recipe for delicious soup that packs fewer than 30 carbs. Enjoy! - 119.28

Chicken Dumpling Soup

Barry shows you how to make a light but filling soup with chunks of chicken, dumplings and a load of vegetables - tastebuds will be blown away with this one, so simple. - 118.642

Vegetable And Noodle Soup By Tarla Dalal

The use of plenty of vegetables lends an exotic flavor to this soup. Serve this soup as soon as it is cooked to relish it the most. - 118.573

Chinese Wonton Noodle Soup With Bbq Pork

Have you ever tried a soup with bbq pork. Here is an excellent Chinese style wonton noodle soup with bbq pork. The chef here has prepared this flavorful soup in a simple manner. But make this soup on a leisurely holiday as you have to be patient with the bbq... - 118.356

Spring Rolls

Here’s an awesome spring roll recipe that you could easily try at home and share with your friends and family. - 117.945

Hot And Sour Soup

MAKING 1. In a bowl combine corn starch and water make cornstarch slurry. 2. In the soup pot pour the chicken broth and add tofu, carrot, chicken strips, bamboo shoot and mushrooms. 3. Stir everything well and add rice vinegar, sugar, hot pepper, soy sauce,... - 116.383

Hot And Sour Soup - Indian Chinese

This soup will warm your soul. From Kravings Blog a delicious Indian Chinese version made my the Chinese immigrants from India, this is packed with flavor from the ginger and garlic, spring onions, chicken, chilli sauce, ground pepper, mushrooms, stock,... - 116.14

Chinese Pork And Shrimp Wonton Soup

Chinese pork and shrimp wonton soup is an appetizing soup with yummy wontons. This soup is simple and delicious with authentic chinese flavors in the wontons. Just relax and enjoy your evening with this wonderful soup with the family in your cozy home and... - 116.136

Egg Drop Soup

If soups are your latest addiction, then you must try this interesting egg drop soup, which is also known as egg flower soup in many parts of the world. The most interesting thing about this soup is that the egg is dropped in the soup and the flavors of the... - 114.843

Chinese Dumplings With Hot And Sour Sauce

A simple to make Chinese Dumpling with hot and sour sauce recipe. - 114.703

Capsicum And Bean Sprouts Stir-fry Soup

A simple yet healthy and refreshing soup with capsicum and bean sprouts. - 114.434

Wonton Noodle Soup

A simple to make Wonton noodle Soup recipe. - 113.851

Dr. Gong Pork And Chicken Wontons - Part 2

Wontons are popular Chinese starters that can be filled with your favorite filling. The fried version is delicious but if you are on the path of healthy low calorie eating, then steaming them is a much better option. Dr. Gong shows us how to steam the wontons... - 113.616

Chinese New Year Pan Fried Buns

These pan fried buns are Chinese new year specialty. It’s delicious and easy to make. Ying demonstrates how to make Chinese pan-fried buns on WGN's Lunchbreak program. Do try it!!! - 113.388

Chicken Salad With Chinese Dressing

if you are a fan of fresh and less processed food, this chicken salad with Chinese dressing is for you. It looks like an ordinary salad until the first bite when the different flavors and textures explode in your mouth and elevate your mood. It is indeed very... - 113.343

Chinese Chicken Wonton Soup

A warm soup for the hearty ones! Enjoy this warm bowl over dinner or a meal, once all together the dish is refreshing and healthy! See the video on to make this flavorful soup by Chef David. - 113.012

Sweet And Sour Chicken Wings

This is very easy dish to make. You just need to deep-fry, steam or boil chicken wings and add sweet'n sour sauce. - 112.931

How To Make Shu Mai (chinese Dim Sum)

A simple to make Shu mai(Chinese dim sum) recipe. - 112.681

Chinese Steamed Bun

Chinese steamed buns with pork is a wonderful recipe for a lazy holiday brunch. Here the chef has presented this recipe so meticulously that the dish can be easily prepared at home. Some extra time and efforts are required to make this recipe. But your... - 112.643

Gingery Strawberry Prawn

Strawberries are a marvellous fruit, but have you ever thought how would they taste with prawns. Well, the dish is absolutely fantastic and the color and the appeal of the dish is exciting. Don't go be my words, just watch the video and be sure of it. - 112.6

Dim-sum Style Chicken Feet

Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant for Dim Sum? And have you seen people eat what looks like severed hands? Well, those are actually braised chicken feet. Find out in this episode how those are really made. - 112.294

Pan Asian: Spicy Korean-chinese Seafood Soup (jjampong)

Skiz Fernando makes this quick, easy, delicious, seafood soup on the latest installment of Pan Asian. - 112.265

Betty's Peking Chicken Salad

How to prepare a Summer treat for lunch or dinner..with Betty Bannerman Busciglio, a professional cooking instructor. - 112.229

Orange Chicken Wings

You can serve this dish with cooked rice or serve them as appetizers, just make sure you have alots of napkins handy. This chicken wing is so sticky!! ...On this dish you can use either real orange or 100% orange juice. - 112.22

Chinese Dumplings - Jiaozi

You do not have to be a chef to make great food, as long as you have the passion to learn and great people to share it with! This recipe of Chinese Jiaozi (dumplings) is meant for the aimless cook! This is a simple recipe to follow and great for the first... - 112.171

Spring Rolls With Mushrooms

MAKING 1. Heat oil in a pan, through the mushrooms. Sauté for 5 minutes. 2. Add in the cabbage and cook for 2 minutes. Incorporate all the ingredients well. 3. Season with mushroom sauce. Stir well and set aside in a bowl. 4. Add in the Thai basil and mix... - 112.106

Honey Lemon Chicken Wings

Honey lemon chicken wings is an excellent appetizer with a fabulous taste. Here the chef has simply deep fried the chicken wings, then flavored them with a sweet and tangy honey-lemon sauce. This amazing recipe is worth trying out! - 111.956

Fried Dumplings With Cilantro Salad

MAKING 1. In a bowl, combine the ground pork with the finely chopped green onions, ginger, garlic, lemon grass and habanero. 2. Add the Shaoxing wine, fish sauce, palm sugar, salt and black pepper. 3. Add the corn starch and mix well. 4. In a wonton wrapper,... - 111.853

Mushroom Manchuria

GETTING READY 1. In a mixing bowl mix 1 cup maida, 2 tbsp corn flour, 1 tsp ginger garlic paste, 1 or 2 tsp green chilies, salt and black pepper powder. 2. Add 1 cup of water little by little and stir with the wooden spoon. 3. Make sure that there are no... - 111.823

Chang Approved Pomp Drop Soup

GETTING READY 1. Peel, clean and devein the shrimps. 2. Slice the green onion and keep the greens and the white aside. MAKING 3. In a soup pot combine the shrimps, whites of the green onions, ginger, garlic and chili pepper sauce. 4. Stir fry all the... - 111.402

Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls! Learn how to make these delectable appetizers from scratch. Sure to be a hit at your next party or at-home dinner date with that special someone. - 111.028

Chinese Honey Walnut Shrimp

A satisfying spread of appetizer is essential for the success of any party. And crispy fried shrimps tossed into a creamy, sweet, nutty sauce make for one such wonderful appetizer. This Chinese favorite combined mayo, honey, and condensed milk to make a... - 110.987

Panda Express Cream Cheese Puffs

Panda Express Cream Cheese Wontons are a tasty side dish available at Panda Express. I like how they don’t pretend these are Crab Ragoon. These are the creamy and crunch wontons you would often find at your favorite Chinese Food Buffet. - 110.894

How To Make Chicken Noodle Soup

If you're in the mood to have a healthy and nutritious soup then this is for you. If you have any left over chicken then it can be useful for making the soup. Watch the video as the chef makes this delicious soup. You will really enjoy it. - 110.772

Spring Rolls With Noodles

Noodle spring rolls are delicious appetizers to serve for parties or small gatherings. They are pretty easy to make, only when they are rolled up, one need to be careful. Do the preparations well in advance and just fry them before serving. This way, you get... - 110.72

Thai-style Sweet Sticky Wings

It's a truly unique Thai Chicken Recipe. There are many Thai chicken recipes, most of which are curries, stir fries or soups, but this Thai Sweet Sticky Wings recipe doesn’t fit into any category If you're having a barbecue, this recipe of succulent fried... - 110.47

Classic Chinese Spring Rolls

Appetizing snacks filled with vegetables and seasonings are great to indulge in with sauces. Watch the video how to make spring rolls in the classic Chinese style using cabbage and other vegetables as the key ingredients. Great with any tangy sauce of your... - 110.138

Fried Pork Dumplings

A simple to make Fried Pork Dumpling recipe. - 109.659

Crab Rangoons

Ying Demonstrates how to make a favorite Chinese appetizer. These crab rangoons are light, crispy, and delicious! - 109.379

Chinese Stir Fried Prawns

Seafood recipes are quite popular in various cuisnes and China is one of them. Here is one interesting stir fried prawn recipe from China which is also known as Kam Heong prawns. Watch how the chefs make these juicy prawns… - 109.248

Baked Sesame Seed Chicken Balls

Wanna serve some great appetizers to your guests, you have come to the right place. These sesame seed coated chicken balls are surely going to be a hit for the party. Watch the video and learn the steps. Serve them with any favorite dip or sauce. - 108.973

Chinese Chicken Satay

In China, chicken hold a special place in Chinese ritual and symbology. they also believed to restore youth and good looks...I'm keeping my fingers crossed! - 108.792

Easter Caskets

GETTING READY 1. Chop cabbage and green onions. 2. Grate carrots and an inch long piece of fresh ginger. 3. Pour olive oil to a frying pan, and sauté vegetables, add bean sprouts, Soy Sauce, Lime Juice, and mint leaves. 4. When mixture is softened up turn... - 108.792

Fried Buttered Prawns With Egg Floss

If you love seafood, this video is surely meant for you. Watch out to learn how the chef makes interesting buttered praens and garnishes it with curry leaves, seasoning and egg floss. It is a perfect dish to be paired with wines and drinks. Say Cheers! - 108.094

Crispy Teriyaki Spring Rolls

Looking for interesting appetizers and snacks? Your search ends with Crispy teriyaki spring rolls. This recipe is one of the popular dishes from Chinese cuisine and has cooked vegetables rolled in a pastry and deep-fried. It can be served with a sauce or dip. - 107.327

Chinese Fortune Shrimp

A fun and unique way to serve shrimp cocktail (with a mustard-soy dipping sauce). - 107.289

Grilled Fish Sauce Wings

They are crispy, salty and sweet with a bit of heat. - 106.891

Cheese Filled Wontons

Fried wonton is a recipe of cheese filled wontons. It is very simple and easy to make. It tastes delicious. The wontons are very common in Chinese cuisine. They are usually fried or boiled. Wontons contain a filling which also varies with personal choice. - 105.83

Egg Drop Soup

Barry has a go at making egg drop soup youtube style. - 105.592

Chinese Crab Soup

This chinese crabmeat soup is easy to prepare and very comforting. Relax and enjoy this healthy soup that is just right on a cold winter night. Being mildly flavored this soup has a very soothing effect. The chef has presented this recipe in a simple manner... - 104.68

Chinese Chicken Soup - Quick Soup

Looking for a simple dish that also scores high on taste and health. This one might just come handy. watch the video to learn an Asian chicken soup with rice noodles recipe. the dish is packed with flavor and can be easily replicated in your own kitchen. Give... - 104.351

Healthy Egg Roll With Hot Mustard Sauce

For all who love egg rolls and wished to have it healthy, here is a very interesting version of the dish from Amy. Serve it up for breakfast with hot mustard; ah, what a wonderful way to start the day! - 103.187

Tasty Dragon Chicken In Lettuce Weaves

If you're fond of Chinese food, do try out this recipe. The Chef shows how to make dragon chicken which is also prepared on Chinese New Year. It's really delicious and easy to make. Do watch the video for this easy and quick recipe. - 102.367

Pork And Tofu Hot And Sour Soup

Appetizing hot or warm soups are healthy and make you feel good during cold winters or when sick. Check out chef Todd showing how to make flavorful Hot and Sour Soup with pork, tofu and mushrooms as the key ingredients along with other seasonings. Have a cozy... - 102.122

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Enjoy the easefulness of the Soup: you just bung everything in, and you're done. Quick, easy, and comforting. It's not the same as chicken soup made from scratch but infinitely better than the canned stuff. This recipe is a comfort food suitable for any time... - 102.102

Chinese Egg Drop Soup

Chinese egg drop soup is an appetizing soup with egg and mushroom. This soup is simply delicious with authentic chinese flavors and a parsley and green onion garnish. Here the chef has presented this recipe with a few readily available ingredients. Just... - 101.852

Grilled Pineapple With Hot And Sour Sauce

GETTING READY 1. Preheat indoor grill turning on 2 induction stoves. 2. Cut pineapple into big chunks. MAKING To prepare the sauce: 3. In a nonstick pan add minced garlic, soy sauce, Schezwan sauce and water if needed to adjust the consistency and mix... - 101.731

Egg Drop Soup With Spinach And Mushroom

A soup to make you all warm and cozy. Try this video to prepare a fine variety of egg drop soup with spinach and mushroom. Loaded with Asian delicacy, this is a real comforting soup. This soup is a classic beginning to any Asian-style meal and extremely easy... - 101.499

Pinoy Vegetable Eggrolls

Why order a takeout when you can serve delicious Chinese style crunchy-munchies at home? Egg and vegetable roll is a delicious snack option that rolls in the taste of eggs and health of vegetables into a single dish. Plus, it's very easy to make too. Follow... - 101.181

Fun Guo From Yum Cha

Hi everyone! Have you heard of Fun Guo before? It is a dim sum and similar to Ha Gao but the filling is different... it has pork, peanuts, mushrooms and other ingredients. This is really tasty and I always order it when I go to Yum Cha. I hope you will... - 100.245

Green Bean Soup / Tong Sui 綠豆沙糖水

GETTING READY 1. In a large pot, pour water, add green bean, cover and leave for about 2 hours. MAKING 2. Place the pot over heat, bring to a boil, turn the heat to medium, cook until the shells are separated. Allow to sit for 1 hour. 3. In a blender, blend... - 99.7234

Chinese Egg Drop Soup

Won't you like to have a bowl of steaming hot egg drop soup at home on a cold winter day. See this impressive video and head straight to your kitchen to make this delicious soup for your family. The video is well explained and the chef here shows a quick and... - 99.6573

Cheryls Home Cooking / Wonton Soup / First Day Of Autumn

I try to make all my recipes simple,quick and easy to follow. - 99.4494

Shrimp Egg Foo Youngsters

MAKING 1. In a bowl, add the eggs and whisk. 2. Add the peapods, scallions, waterchestnuts, shrimp and salt 3. Heat up a cup of peanut oil and add the mix into the oil, spoon by spoon. 4. Cook until it turns brown and then flip. This should take about 2... - 99.3692

Chinese Bbq Wings

Today is Labor day , no work just sit back and enjoyed Chinese bbq chicken wings. It not that hard to make and you don't have to fly all the way to China for a deliciuos Chicken wings (Chinese KFC) You can make your own!! Have a nice and safe Labor day... - 99.1685

Diabetes: Simple Chicken Noodle Soup

Winters are long so if you are running out of soup recipes, here is another recipe to keep your taste buds motivated. This video has Simple chicken and Vegetable noodle soup recipe stored inside, which derives its Asian flavor from the soy sauce and the glass... - 98.9202

Crispy Eggplant And Asparagus

How about a great vegetarian recipe? A really great combination of eggplant and asparagus. Prepared using Ching's secret sauces, that are convenient and easy to use. A good crispy dish with a lovely spicy sauce. Watch as Chef Vikas prepares this dish. - 98.3328

Garlic Fried Baby Corn And Mushroom

Vegetarian Chinese recipes? Baby corn and mushrooms are a great combination and one that is commonly used in Chinese dishes. Crispy fried first and then into a sauce, this is a delicious dish that works great as an appetizer. A little bit of Hindi language... - 98.2766

Steamed Crabmeat Dim Sum

Snacks or as main dish the steamed crabmeat recipe is a wonderful way to treat your friends and family. The video recipe will guide you in making this wonderful meal the authentic way. Make it a special evening for those who matter to you. - 97.8167

Oriental Chicken Noodle Soup

Fond of Oriental cuisine? This recipe is a must try for you. Watch chef Elba prepare this classic Oriental Chicken Noodle Soup now. Your family will love you for this delicious treat. - 96.3081

Chilli-soya Lamb

How about a quick lamb recipe? Ching’s secret has some really convenient sauces that allow you to dish out Chinese dishes within minutes! Here is a great stir fried recipe for lamb, well flavored with sauce and pepper! Watch and learn! - 96.1952

Chicken And Bell Peppers In Chinese Sauce

This is a prize winning recipe. You must have made chicken in many styles, but this is a different one. This is a delicious appetizer which can be made in a matter of few minutes. - 95.676

Chinese Chicken And Egg Soup

If you are down with a cold and looking for a hot, healthy soup, then this Chinese chicken and egg soup is just right for you. This not only serves as a nutritious soup but also pampers your taste buds with its amazing flavor. This magical soup is worth... - 95.4537

Cauliflower Manchurian

Have you ever tried cooking cauliflower in a Chinese style? Here is a great recipe…Cauliflower Manchurian that is bound to sweep your guests off their feet! Watch Chef Vikas and then try out this quick and delicious looking recipe. A little but of Hindi... - 95.3805

Sauteed Sweet And Sour Shrimps


Authentic Chinese Wontons

Have you been looking for the authentic Chinese Wonton recipe? Look no further, this video has a simple and easy to follow recipe that can be replicated at home. Watch it now. - 94.5749

Fried Prawn Balls Soup With Vegetables

Ever tried making prawn balls? An interesting concept, chef Vikas uses these in a soup! Watch this video and learn how to make a great prawn ball soup with vegetables! A quick soup which looks great! - 94.5486

Easy Wonton Soup

You don't always have to depend on the Chinese takeout restaurant for a nice Wonton Soup. You can now learn how to make it at home. It is not rocket science and you can do it. Watch and learn from this video. Enjoy! - 94.5204

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