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Chili paneer is a popular vegetarian dish in Indian cooking, primarily in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Punjab. The cubed paneer is cooked with green chilies and thus the name ‘chili paneer’. Chili paneer usually has a thick consistency due to the addition of corn flour or all-purpose flour (maida). The taste of the chili paneer ranges from medium spicy to extra spicy and the gravy is often prepared from soy sauce. In this paneer recipe, the cubed paneer is coated with corn flour, lightly fried and set aside; green onions, green chilies are mixed with soy sauce and corn flour and simmered on low-medium heat. The fried paneer is then added into the green chili sauce and simmered for some more time till the gravy turns even thicker. Chili paneer is served with rice, roti or naan and can be a part of the regular menu.

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Paneer Tikka Masala

On : 08-Aug-2010 By : tejaswini banerjee

Paneer Tikka Masala Ingredients : Paneer or cottage cheese 250gms, Dahi 50gms,ginger garlic paste 1tsp,salt to taste,orange food colour very little (optional) ,green chilly paste half tsp,capsicum 2nos,carrots 2nos, Tooth picks 15nos. ...

Paneer Makhani With Recipe Making Photonotes

Paneer Makhani With Recipe Making Photonotes On : 10-Feb-2011 By : CuisineHOUzz

This is the version of Mughlai Cuisine, a mouth watering recipe that can be best served with Roti, Kulcha, Chapathi, Romali roti, Pulkha, Butter Naan.The word “makhani” means thing cooked with butter and fresh cream. I am sure this gonna be a enjoyable...

Bihari Dinner Menu

Bihari Dinner Menu On : 29-Mar-2007 By : master2006

Bihari Dinner Menu This a great dinner menu with 2 main curries - Paneer Chilli and Aloo gobhi. Eat Mango kulfi or simply kulfi as dessert. Poori can be substituted with Paratha, Naan or Roti. ...

Colors Of Life

Colors Of Life On : 03-Mar-2007 By : editor

Colors of Life Best Wishes for Happy and Colorful Holi. Holi is all about celebrating life with food, fun and friends, which is motto of too. Enjoy following Holi special dishes with your loved ones and share your Holi experiences with our...

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