Chili Tortilla

Tortilla chili is a dish made by adding chili to the basic tortilla chips. Tortilla chili may contain minced meat, salsa and cheese as toppings. The chili flavor is more pronounced in tortilla chili. It is a real Mexican dish and served as a snack. You may also find it very easy to make tortilla chili at home. Some good tortilla chili recipes are chips n chili, chili tortilla bake, cheesy chili tortilla stuffed and chili tortilla chicken crunch.

Chili Tortilla Blogs

The Tortilla Guy & Burrito Boy Have Some Soup

The Tortilla Guy & Burrito Boy Have Some Soup On : 10-Feb-2008 By : The Tortilla Guy

Founded in 1984, legendary soup man, Al Yeganeh, set the standard for delicious, world-renowned soups at his New York City restaurant, Soup Kitchen International . Now with the launch of The Original SoupMan restaurants and his new retail line of...

Tortilla News

Tortilla News On : 21-Jun-2007 By : The Tortilla Guy

CBS)  Great paintings can be found on many surfaces: canvas, wood, plaster, even brick walls. But one artist in East Los Angeles goes in a very different direction. Joe Bravo paints on tortillas. As The Early Show national...

How To Make Obama’s Favorite Cowboy Chili

How To Make Obama’s Favorite Cowboy Chili On : 21-Jan-2009 By : Addison

So the first African-American has sworn into power and Obama fans world wide, especially those in the US, are looking for ways to celebrate the long awaited change. Foodies like me have taken to celebrate this joyous occasion by cooking Obama’s favorite...

Chili Verde Con Carne Lasagna

Chili Verde Con Carne Lasagna On : 11-Jul-2010 By : chefbenwa

Well it's really only lasagna in the sense that it is layered like the lasagna.  I made a version of this method for a pot-luck at my day job. The girls liked it so much they wanted the recipe. It is not really a recipe as such but more of a...

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