Chili Salsa

Chili salsa is packed with chilies, onion, cilantro, tomatoes, herbs and salt. Chili salsa is commonly enjoyed as a condiment or a meal enhancer. It is a specialty of Mexican cuisine and this salsa goes perfectly with any kind of Mexican-food. Chili salsa adds loads of fresh color and flavor to a dish. Generally Sauvignon Blanc, Parker's Famous Margaritas and beer is paired with chili salsa dishes

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How To Eat Salsa - Tomato Based Dip

How To Eat Salsa - Tomato Based Dip On : 06-Sep-2010 By : Food4me anytime

My mom prepared various types of sauces – all of which were tomato based, spicy and hot. Later on, I realized that these were actually variations of salsa which was typical of Mexican food…thus, I didn’t have to learn how to eat salsa. Salsa was...

Health Benefits Of Salsa

Health Benefits Of Salsa On : 31-Dec-2007 By : doctorfood04

You may be one of those who enjoy their salsa more than their fajitas, burritos, or tacos, but even you may not be aware of the close connection between salsa and your health . This tasty condiment, usually served in Mexican restaurants also brings you a...

Seasoning For Salsa-how To Tips & Ideas

Seasoning For Salsa-how To Tips & Ideas On : 01-Aug-2011 By : colorsandspices

There is an array of choices for preparing the perfect seasoning for salsa, many of which are capable of turning this versatile dish into an explosive culinary indulgence. You can definitely buy seasonings with unique ingredients, but there is something...

How To Eat Salsa

How To Eat Salsa On : 05-Apr-2011 By : Shivani99

Most people know how to eat salsa , with corn chips of course! There are several other ways this zesty Mexican dip can be enjoyed. Depending on what kind of salsa you have at hand will determine the best way to eat it, since different kinds...

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