Chili Con Queso

Chili con queso or chile con queso is a dip originally belonging to Texas. It is a southwestern recipe and is popularly served at Texan or Mexican restaurants as an appetizer with tortilla chips. The chili con queso is traditionally made from tallow cheese but white cheese is often used in the recipe. The cheese is blended in with cream chili peppers and melted to a smooth blend that is served warm. Chili con queso is often served at Texan or Mexican restaurants with special queso chips and is also used as a condiment for fajitas, tacos or enchiladas and other Mexican foods

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Chili Verde Con Carne Lasagna

Chili Verde Con Carne Lasagna On : 11-Jul-2010 By : chefbenwa

Well it's really only lasagna in the sense that it is layered like the lasagna.  I made a version of this method for a pot-luck at my day job. The girls liked it so much they wanted the recipe. It is not really a recipe as such but more of a...

How To Melt Queso For Dip

How To Melt Queso For Dip On : 21-Oct-2010 By : nita.anil

Queso is a popular appetizer, which is an integral part of the Southwestern and Tex Mex cuisine. Queso is a popular smooth and creamy sauce, which is used for dipping. This dipping sauce is prepared from cream, melted cheeses, and chili pepper. Queso is...

Ny Strip Con Chiles Verde

Ny Strip Con Chiles Verde On : 05-Jul-2009 By : chefbenwa

If you are a regular reader of the Chef Benwa Cooks blog then you will know my fondness for green chilies. From my Chili Verde con Cerdo to my Chile Verde con Carne y Tomatoes . I just love the chilies. Another favorite of mine is Jack Link's...

10 Easy Chili Starters

10 Easy Chili Starters On : 25-Jul-2011 By : nithya

  Have you ever tried chili starters ? If no, you definitely should try them. Spicy delights, these chili appetizers are great starters for warming up your cold winter nights. Ifood presents a wide collection of chili starters to satiate the...

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