Chili Con Carne

Chili Con Carne is a spicy Spanish stew made from chili peppers and meat and is popularly served in American fast food joints. The stew is made with wide variations depending upon the culinary culture of a region.

Ingredients of the Chili Con Carne

The most authentic Chili Con Carne recipe basically contains chili peppers, garlic, meat, cumin and onions. The meat used is ground or chopped beef. Tomatoes and beans are also used in the dish.

Variants of Chili Con Carne

Chili Con Carne is prepared in different ways across the world cuisine. The Texas version of the dish does not include beans. The “Pedernales River chili”, President Lyndon Johnson’s dish, does not include beef and is made using beans and tomatoes. If meat is used at all, venison is preferred to beef on health grounds. Chili sin carne, the vegetarian version of Chili Con Carne gained huge popularity with the vegan Americans. A meat analogue such as tofu is used in place of red meat. Another interesting variation is the one using the “Three Sisters” – corn, squash and beans. Chili made using white meat like Cincinnati- style Chili, Louisville style chili, and Chili Verde are other popular variations. Cincinnati- style Chili is used as a topping of choice for hot dogs and Chili Verde is known to be one of the best San Francisco Burrito fillings.

Chili Con Carne is a controversial dish when it comes to the ingredients used. The predominance of beans, tomatoes and meat in different Chili Con Carne recipes in different culinary cultures was a matter of dispute which resulted in a number of variations of the basic dish.

Chili con carne recipes including fruit, coffee, chocolate, sweetcorn, cola, honey, beer, whiskey, bourbon, masa and other unconventional ingredients are also popular.

Accompaniments for Chili Con Carne

Chili Con Carne recipes are partnered with beer or cold milk. Cheese, saltine crackers, Chili Con Carne recipes are often served with jalapeno peppers, sweet cornbread, corn tortillas and pork tamales.

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