Chili Beef

Chili beef is a flavorful recipe that has everything imaginable, including beef and chilies. Usually cooked at slow heat, chili beef makes for a hearty meal when served with a bread of your choice. You can even spice it up further by serving your favorite chili sauce on the side. The amount of experimentation that you can do with chili beef is astounding, keeping in mind the number of ingredients that go into making it.

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10 Comforting Chili Recipes

10 Comforting Chili Recipes On : 28-Oct-2013 By : seasonal_foodie

The spicy stew known simply as chili has been known to enthrall one and all through the ages . However, there has been intense competition and arguments over the ingredients as well as the country that makes the best chili con carne or chili, meat...

How To Make Obama’s Favorite Cowboy Chili

How To Make Obama’s Favorite Cowboy Chili On : 21-Jan-2009 By : Addison

So the first African-American has sworn into power and Obama fans world wide, especially those in the US, are looking for ways to celebrate the long awaited change. Foodies like me have taken to celebrate this joyous occasion by cooking Obama’s favorite...

10 Easy Chili Starters

10 Easy Chili Starters On : 25-Jul-2011 By : nithya

  Have you ever tried chili starters ? If no, you definitely should try them. Spicy delights, these chili appetizers are great starters for warming up your cold winter nights. Ifood presents a wide collection of chili starters to satiate the...

Chili Season In Full Swing Here In Michigan

Chili Season In Full Swing Here In Michigan On : 01-Nov-2009 By : chefbenwa

Well it's the 1st of November and Chili season is here and the weather in Michigan has been perfect; wet, cold and cloudy. If you need more inspiration than the weather can provide I have posted some links to my chili recipes. If all else fails there is...

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