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Ideas For Cool Gingerbread Houses For A Children's Gingerbread House Party

If you are planning to have a gingerbread house party for your kids, then you should have some ideas for cool gingerbread houses for a children’s gingerbread house party . The gingerbread house day is usually observed on the first Friday of December,... -

How To Organize A Diet Dinner Party For Children

  Organizing a diet dinner party for children has become a fashion trend nowadays. Not only adults but children have also become health freaks and do not want to indulge in rich, sugary food. However, they want the food to be tasty and appealing.... -

How To Plan A Children's Valentine's Day Party

Discover how to plan a children’s Valentine’s Day party and celebrate love with the little ones like never before. Plan a children’s Valentine’s Day party with all your heart and love and bring out that “to-die-for” smile on the face of each... -

Birthday Party Recipes For Children

Here are some unique Birthday party recipes for children, which can be tried if you wish to gift a nostalgic birthday time to your kids. I am sure most of us might have enjoyed going to our friends place to relish birthday goodies. And at times we do get... -

What Are The Food Poisoning Signs In Children

As children start going to school they are constantly under the risk of falling sick due to many reasons, the scariest is food poisoning in children as they don’t give second though to what they eat. Parents should therefore read this article “what... -

How To Build A Chocolate House With Children

  Relive the life of Hansel and Gretel and make your own Chocolate House   The story of Hansel and Gretel was my favourite since the time my mother read it out to me when I was a kid. I loved the idea of a house of sweets, and even... -

Learn Activities To Teach The Grain Food Group To Your Children

Learn activities to teach the grain food group to your children so that they become smart and healthy eaters. Through this blog, you will learn activities to teach the grain food group to your children in an easier and a more interesting way, so that the... -

5 Super Healthy Dishes For Kids Holi Party

Everyone in India loves the festival of Holi, especially kids who would be eager to play with colors. They enjoy smearing dry and wet colors on each other and spraying colored water with the water guns. This is also the time that families get together and... -

How To Make Some Interactive Foods For A Kids' Party

Choosing food for a kids' party is quite difficult because, let's face it, kids are very choosy about what they eat and what not. In case you are stuck with a familiar dilemma, here is how to make some interactive foods for kids' party : ... -

Plan A Kids' Christmas Party

Christmas is round the corner and you want to do something special, like plan a kids’ Christmas party? If so, I have some wonderful ideas for you to plan a kids’ Christmas party that the kids will simply love to be a part of! Whether you are planning... -

Ways To Whip Up Great Party Food For Kids

  Read this blog to know 10 ways to whip up great party food for kids. So, utilize this 101 guide to jazz up your party. First of all you need to discover what makes the kids happy in a party. How can you actually impress... -

How To Make A Spring Cake For Kids Party

A spring cake baked specially for a kid’s party can prove to be a joyous time indeed! The number of savories, crisps, chocolates notwithstanding, the kids love to gorge on the delectable creamy slices of cake at parties and it is your responsibility to... -

10 Delicious Foods To Include In Purim Kids Party

Purim is a colorful day for kids. Have a grand Purim Kids party and include fun games, purim kids food and lot more to make the event a grand success. While choosing menu for kid’s party, be choosy and avoid alcoholic drinks and hot foods. Arrange... -

5 Absolutely Delicious Dishes For Purim Kids Party

  It is interesting to throw Purim Kids party at home. You can include lot of activities in the party like Purim games, Megillah reading, Purim dressing contest and many more. When it comes to food, avoid recipes that are... -

5 Great Breakfast Purim Menu Ideas For Kids Party

  Purim is a day to have fun and great time with friends. It is not only meant for adults, kids too can have grand Purim celebration . While organizing Kids party, you should be choosy about the Purim food. Here are 5 great... -

Indian Birthday Party For President Obama

President Obama opted for Indian food on his 52 nd birthday . It was Rasika, a fine dining Indian restaurant, where the First couple chose to spend a quiet evening on August 8 . Apparently, the President has a fondness for the hot, spicy foods ... -

Mexican Fiesta Party Ideas

A Mexican Fiesta party has become extremely popular and more and more people are choosing this option, especially when the party is for kids. It is best to arrange the party on your own so as to enjoy and experience each and every aspect of the preparation.... -

Healthy Snacks To Serve At Classroom Parties

Classroom parties can heave healthy snacks served to children rather than the unhealthy chips, and sugar loaded sodas, fries, doughnuts and pretzels. There are so many ways you can think of making the snacks healthy and fun. Children are not fond of things... -

How To Throw A Science Party For Kids

Science party for kids needs special preparations because as understood it is different from any birthday party. Parents are now showing keen inclination to know how to throw a science party for kids, especially if their kids are fond of science.... -

How To Organize A Hanukkah Party For Pre-schoolers

To make children realize the importance of tradition and the spirit of festivals, the learning should start from pre-school itself. Learn how to organize a Hanukkah party for pre-schoolers and get them to enjoy and participate in the festivities. ... -

5 Fantastic Spring Brunch Ideas For Kids Party

  The best way to welcome springtime, when you can come out of the cold corridors is to have a few spring brunch ideas come to your home live, making you and your children happy. What can make a better idea than to enjoy a brunch party.... -

Chefs James Porter, Christopher Gross Plan Midnight Hanukkah Party

One thing's for sure that this Hanukkah, or even the night before, Chefs James Porter and Christopher Gross are going to be peeling a lot of potatoes and frying a lot of foods. That is because the two chefs have decided to join forces from 10 p.m.... -

How To Plan A Cotton Candy Day Party

Time for mouth watering treats yet again! It is 'National Cotton Candy Day' on December 7 and you must be wondering how to plan a cotton candy party this time. Well, the candy that literally melts in your mouth is decidedly going to keep your... -

How To Organize Hollywood Theme Party For Kids

If you are planning to celebrate the pre-school graduation occasion for your kid in a grand way, then you can think of organizing Hollywood theme parties . This is the party where they are going to enjoy all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. But, do you... -

Raw Pizza Party + Demo On Sat. Feb. 24th In Nyc!

Greetings Everyone! I am a new member of and I look forward to putting up a multitude of my recipes and some interesting blogs. Until then, I wanted to right away let you know about a raw pizza party and demo I am throwing on Saturday, Feb.... -

How Organize A Hanukkah Party?

Hanukkah is right here! You might be considering different ways of organizing a Hanukkah party .     As, we all know that Hanukkah is a Festival of Lights, and it derives its importance from an eternal light which burned for eight days.... -

Hugh Grant, Jemima Goldsmith Arrive Together For Gwyneth Paltrow's Birthday Party

  They were lovers originally but after breaking up five years ago, Hollywood actor Hugh Grant and British socialite Jemima Goldsmith have decided to continue being just good friends. This friendship was visible recently at actress Gwyneth... -

How To Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday Party – Make The “one” A Memory For A Lifetime

When your baby turns a year old, it is like a milestone reached for the baby and for the mother, its like having scaled up half the Everest (though till the growing and learning process is continual, every phase puts forth a  challenging  and demanding task... -

'party Python' Is Enough For All Your Gummy Needs

  Most of you are never satisfied with just one gummy treat to eat. Well, for those adults, who have a large kiddy appetite, gift site Vat19 has come up with a gummy python , that is seven feet long and weighs about 27 pounds. So,... -

Easy Holiday Snacks For Last Minute Kid's Party

 As a mother, I know that the last minute preparations for kids party be quite a daunting task. Let me share with you some Easy Holiday Snacks For Last minute Kid’s Party : Fruit Cup : Prepare individual fruit cups for kids. You can use... -

5 Easter Party Games With Food

Yippppppeeeeeeeeee!!! Easter is here and kids are full of glee, which is not the least because of all the fun and games involved with the Easter celebrations. So, what do you do when you are asked to organize an Easter party game with food? Are you deep in... -

Food For A Dinosaur Party For Kids

Ordinary food items when renamed according to the theme, work great as foods for a dinosaur party for kids .  Pretzels turn into dinosaur bones and tater tots become dino eggs. If it a big scale party, the table can be divided into two halves one serving... -

10 Wonderful Homemade Dishes For Your Holi Party

Holi is just around the corner and Indians all over the world are getting ready to celebrate it with a  colorful party . Traditional food is a must for any Holi party and if the dishes are made at home, then there’s nothing like it for adding a personal... -

5 Spring Foods To Avoid In Kids Party

Spring is in the air and eating spring foods seem to be in vogue right now. However, you do need to be careful while dealing with your kids during the season. It is the advent of the warm weather that can trigger off a lot of health problems. From colds... -

10 Colorful Holi Foods For Kids Party Menu 

Making small changes to your Holi menu, like cooking easy recipesis one of the many ways to involve your kids in the Holi party. This occasion calls for an array of colorful foods, which you and your children can enjoy throughout this day. Here is a list of... -

Mardi Gras Treats For School Party

Known as Shrove Tuesday and Pancake Day, Mardi Gras is a festival that marks the end of festivities and beginning of the fasting season. Each of the Mardi Gras treats prepared reflects the significance of the occasion. So, why should we not treat the children... -

Great Valentine’s Day Party Ideas For Kids

  If you are looking for great Valentine’s Day party ideas for kids , check out these great kids Valentine’s Day party suggestions for celebrations at home or at school. You will definitely find ideas for everything ranging from fun Valentine... -

7 Easy Tips To Make Mardi Gras Cupcakes For Kids Party

Mardi Gras cupcakes are smaller kid’s version of big Mardy Gras king cake. Mardi Gras Party is a part of epiphany festival. Be it is a kids’ party or a general get together, having cake and sharing it with friends is part of Mardi Gras convention.... -

How To Host A Brunch Party For Kids

This blog concentrates on the question how to host a brunch party for kids.  When you are not in a mood to host a full-out bash, throwing a brunch party is the perfect idea. If you want to host a brunch party for kinds, you must first read a few... -

Best 5 Jewish Holiday Foods To Serve At A Hanukkah Party

Want to throw a Hanukkah party? Well, then here are the best 5 Jewish holiday foods to serve at a Hanukkah party . You must include them in your Hanukkah party menu for a sumptuous dinner party.   Fresh Spinach Noodle Kugel ... -

How To Make Some Interactive Foods For Party?

Those of you who are absolute foodies, throwing parties for friends must be a  part of life. We bring you help in the form of ideas about how to make some interactive foods for party . These ideas will help you next time you throw a party because the menu... -

How To Plan A Spring Birthday Party With Healthy Foods

      Plan a spring birthday party for your kid this time. You would love to make it a color blast with the spring of good health. So help yourself with a few ideas on how to plan a s pring birthday party ... -

Top 5 Starters For Valentine Day Party For Kids

Kids too are fond of Valentine’s Day and see this special day as the day for having good food and fun. Why not surprise them with a Valentine’s Day party for kids? Dance, games and good food are the three ingredients necessary for any good... -

How To Host A Breakfast Party

My friends believe that I am an expert in hosting breakfast party – so this is for all my friends who wish to know how to host a breakfast party and make it a huge success for both adults and children. You need to prepare comfort foods which are casual... -

Last Minute Ideas For Organizing A Hanukkah Party

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Sometimes, especially at Hanukkah, things go out of hand at the last minute. So we all need last minute ideas for organizing a Hanukkah party. I know what it feels like to have things fall apart in the last minute,... -

5 Great Reasons To Use Herbal Food Colors For Your Holi Party

Holi is all about using colors. However, you need to stay safe as well. Why not go green thisyear by including herbal  colors to liven up your food at the Holi party? Here are 5 great reasons to do so.                        ... -

Tips To Make Corn Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

There is nothing more satisfying than a warm snack on a cold day and piping hot corn balls are just right for this reason. Any variety of corn can be used for this recipe and the corn balls are very easy to make. You can use frozen, cream of... -

Election Party Food Ideas

The one thing that is abundant at an Election Party, apart from the political talk, is food. If you are going to host an election party anytime soon or in the far-off future, we bring you some great election party food ideas to get you going. After... -

10 Delicious Food Ideas For Kids St. Patrick's Day Party

Kids at Patrick's Day would love a party for themselves. This party would be ideal to introduce them to a bit of history about St. Patrick, the patron missionary who introduced Irish to Christiani -

Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas For Kids

The secret to hosting a happening Halloween party lies in your ability to be as creative as possible with the menu and these Halloween party food ideas for kids tells you how. Halloween feasts are all about deliciously creepy treats that goes well with... -

5 Smart Reasons To Include Spring Drink’s In Your Party Menu

Spring is that time of the year when nature in its entirety seems to chirp and buzz into activity. As for us, we celebrate with all that is bountiful with best flavors infused in a  spring drink   – the ultimate refreshment beyond doubt.... -

Tips To Make Cheese Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Cheese balls are a perennial favorite with adults and children alike. Unfortunately, there are so many variations of the recipe that it can be hard to create the perfect  ball made with cheese . In our quest to make the perfect cheese balls for... -

Tips To Make Peanut Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Crunchy roasted peanuts are an ideal snack for parties. However, peanut balls are a fun and interesting way of serving flavored peanuts for special occasions. Sweet peanut balls can be created by combining sugar-coated peanuts with toffee, raisins and... -

Easy Vegetable Dishes For Kids

  Kids often dislike eating vegetables in comparison to meat or eggs. Therefore, it is often an uphill task for their mothers to get them to eat vegetable dishes. Now considering the importance of a veggie diet for your child during those... -

Australian Foods For Kids

Most of the kids are picky eaters; however you have plenty of Australian foods for kids.   You can find British cooking domination in Australian cuisines, yet the local people inputs made their dishes very special and unique.  Try to choose the... -

Medieval Foods For Kids

  Introducing medieval foods for kids is the best way to educate them about middle ages.  They not only enjoy tasty dishes but can also learn about the habits and customs of people during that time. Many people think that medieval food for... -

African Foods For Kids

    Like a varied culture, there are varieties of African foods for kids . You can organize an African themed party for kids; this would be an introduction to different culture and different style of food. Choose... -

Easy Seafood Dishes For Kids

We all love seafood – especially kids, who are quite fond of shrimp and prawn dishes. However, we often get stuck when we need to prepare easy seafood dishes for our kids – and end up preparing the same types of dishes. Here is a collection of all easy... -

Top 5 Healthy Drinks For Your Kids

  If there is one easy way to infuse some nutrition into kids, it is through beverages. Drinks are smooth, yummy, and easy to gulp down too. If your child is a picky eater, we are sure he won’t be the same when you offer him a... -

Japanese Foods For Kids

  We usually rem ember sushi when we think about Japanese food but there are lot of other tasty Japanese foods for kids to try.  Beautiful presentaion of Japanese foods makes it more appealing to kids.More over every Japanese food for... -

Italian Foods For Kids

Italian foods for kids are well known for its richness and taste.  Pizzas, Pastas and delicious desserts like biscotti and tiramisu are very kid friendly, so they would easily get acquainted to the taste. Italian food for kids like rice, pastas, soups and... -

Easter Desserts For Kids

  Easter desserts for kids need special preparation to impress those little ones who are generally fussy about food. So gear up, put your special foot forward and prepare special homemade kids Easter desserts and delicacies that they will... -

Roman Foods For Kids

Defrutum (thick fruit syrup) , garum (fish sauce), and caroenum (sweet cooking wine combined with honey) are some of the ingredients that makes R oman foods for kids interesting. Roman food for kids includes shellfish, salads, roasted vegetables, meat,... -

French Food For Kids

French cuisine is one of the best and popular in the world. If you are looking for information on French food for kids , then you have come to the correct article. The following article will give you useful ideas about French foods which you can try... -

Healthy Snacks For Teenagers

Healthy snacks for teenagers can go a long way in helping them keep their energy levels high as well as keep them from gaining weight by consuming junk food. Adolescence is a time when the body requires some extra energy and nutrition. The need for energy... -

Easy Rice Dishes For Kids

Does your kid hate rice? Do you keep wondering about ideas for quick and easy rice dishes, which your kids will love? Rice dishes for kids can be improvised as per the preferences of kids by adding vegetables, tofu and even chicken – anything which... -

How To Use A Chocolate Fountain

If you have invested in a chocolate fountain or have hired one and want to know how to use a chocolate fountain before you get your party started, here are some tips. It is impossible for kids and elders both to resist a chocolate fondue and a... -

How To Plan A Budget Holiday Dinner

Hosting a Christmas Party is great fun, but it can also be an expensive affair if you don't plan it well. Planning will also help reduce your stress levels. So here is what you need to plan a holiday dinner on a tight budget.   ... -

How To Celebrate Gingerbread House Day

Gingerbread house day  is a fun filled food festival only if you know how to celebrate gingerbread house day . Why don’t you try to bring out your creative skills and enjoy the day like a child by building a gingerbread house on gingerbread house day... -

How To Organize A Chinese Tea Ceremony

How to organize a Chinese tea ceremony ? Tea Ceremony is an integral part of the Chinese wedding ceremony. The tea ceremony depicts  family lineage of the couple’s family.   Two types of tea ceremonies are organized during the wedding. One... -

How To Plan A Vegetarian Kwanzaa Meal

The Kwanzaa is unlike other celebrations, and its uniqueness demands an unconventional vegetarian meal plan.    The Thought Behind the Fest Unlike other festivals, which was established for religious reasons many years ago, the... -

8 Vegetarian Foods For Your Purim Menu

  Here are the top 8 vegetarian foods for your Purim menu.   1. Rice Kugel: This is traditional vegetarian kugel recipe that is prepared with cooked rice. Some other ingredients used to make this recipe include eggs,... -

10 Easy Turkey Starters

  Turkeys are great choices to be made into bite-sized appetizers. The turkey starters are very versatile, making them fit into any meal, formal or casual, with the same ease as wonderful appetizers. Ifood presents to you a wide collection... -

How To Plan A Family Reunion

It is good if you know how to plan a family reunion so that you are able to renew all your lost contacts, introduce new members of the family with others and to celebrate your heritage. Planning a family reunion requires some planning because you will be... -

Obama Celebrates Father’s Day In Advance

  Even as the rest of us would wait till Sunday, June 17, to celebrate Father’s Day, President Barack Obama has taken a lead by celebrating an early Father’s day at a barbecue restaurant, Kenny’s BBQ, located on the Capitol Hill. He... -

Salmonella Scare - Govt Adds 18 Vegetables To Recall-list

  J&D Produces Inc. has recalled over 18 vegetables following a salmonella scare .   Though there has been no reports of any illness, J&D Produce Inc has initiated a recall of Quebec and Cilantro in Detroit, following a... -

Miss Hot Tomato!!!

  photo by Gary Ibsen Tracy poses with many Tomato Fest attendees.  Here she is with Dave of Dave's Garden, a popular gardening site I first met Tracy... -

Hunter Valley Wine Tour

If you are really particular about the color, taste and age of your wine, Hunter Valley wine tour can be a plan for your choice. However, those who would not like to call themselves wine connoisseurs can also enjoy the nature in best of moods and temper... -

How To Open A Bbq Restaurant

                          If you are thinking of opening a BBQ restaurant, then you are exactly where you will get all the information on How to open a BBQ restaurant. The first thing required to open a BBQ restaurant is the cook, who can... -

New Federal Nutrition Standards Is Making School Lunches A Lot More Healthy - Thank You Mrs. Obama

Though the dietary guidelines for American school’s nutrition improvisation have long been established, consistent efforts have been on to revise them, keeping child obesity at the forefront. The new national school breakfast and lunch program is supported... -

It's Ok To Eat Off The Floor, Right? (part Ii)

 Photograph: Getty Images A few months ago I wrote this post , containing dietary recommendations for the busy parent. But spare time is a volatile currency in the world of childcare. It is subject to a kind of retrospective inflation. Just when... -

National Blonde Brownie Day Is Here

January 22 is National Blonde Brownie Day . This is one brownie, which is not actually brown, but blonde, or pale in color because instead of the dark brown chocolate, you use light brown sugar to make these. If you not familiar with these blonde... -

It’s Raining Pizzas For A 2-year-old Cancer Patient

What started as a playtime activity by a mother resulted in a pizza downpour at Room 4112, Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles. The fun sign pasted on the hospital room window to delight the child went viral on the internet, with even strangers sending the... -

Top 10 Nightclubs Of Brooklyn, New York

Confused where to rock the night in Brooklyn? Read through this well researched list of top 10 nightclubs of Brooklyn, New York and take your pick. Here you go – Best 10 Night c lubs around Brooklyn, New York   #1.... -

Should You Let Kids Drink At Home

Should you let kids drink at home? The primary response from any parent would be ‘no’. Kids’ drinking at home in parents’ company or alone is not acceptable since we know that children should pick up good habits from home. And there’s no debating... -

How To Draw A Monkey On A Cake

Monkey cake or cakes with monkeys drawn are extremely popular all over the country, especially on special occasions like Easter. These cakes are extremely attractive and simple to prepare by following one of the many recipes easily available on the internet.... -

Sushi American Style

  Sushi Everyone Can Love!   Everyone loves sushi, but who wants to deal with raw fish when making it at home?   In SUSHI AMERICAN STYLE: Easy Techniques, Everyday Ingredients, American Flair (Clarkson... -

Feed A Good Cause - Help The Past Nurture The Future!

Mission :   Join the fight against global child hunger.   Help feed hungry children one by one. Email -   ... -

Giant Panda Celebrates B’day With Cake!

  Who said birthday parties are only for children? A giant panda, Yun Zi, who lives at the San Diego Zoo turned 4 this week and “cut” his special birthday cake, with visitors and the zoo staff around him!   The... -

Mcdonald’s, Coke Face Olympics Ban!

It may come as a shocker to the fast food giants Coca-Cola and McDonald’s that the London Assembly is taking steps to have both the Olympic sponsors banned from the 2012 Games for promoting high-calorie food and beverages. The news is definitely bigger than... -

Popular Bakrid Treats For Kids

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Bakrid, in the traditional sense might be a festival of sacrifice. But let us not sacrifice any of our food choices. Let us keep plenty of choices for ourselves and plenty more for our children. So, what do... -

Foodshows In March

March 1, 2008  Beer Day Reykjavik, Iceland March first is Beer Day every year in Iceland. This event began on March 1st, 1989, when a 75-year-long prohibition of beer was lifted. Pubs, restaurants, and clubs all around Reykjavik are especially... -

Easy Ways To Remember How To Set A Table

Setting a table the right way requires just a little careful planning after you know how many guests will be attending the party. Here are some easy ways to remember how to set a table , so that you are not puzzled and confused, next time when your... -

Calling All Chocolate Lovers

1. Chocolate pots Rich and dense, these puddings need to be made with the very best bitter chocolate - you only need a few mouthfuls. Think of them as a chocolate truffle in a pot and get creative with flavours. Spice the cream with star anise for an... -

Top 5 Popular Hanukkah Finger Foods Eaten On Hanukkah

  Some latest  Hanukkah party ideas: Top 5 popular Hanukkah finger foods eaten on Hanukkah , adding these foods on your Hanukkah party menu will make the party more interesting as guests can enjoy their food in a non-formal... -

How To Eat Maccheroni

Maccheroni is one of the oldest Italian dishes which is known to us – in fact most of us know how to eat maccheroni because we get this food very easily in the local supermarket. This is actually a machine made noodles which is not as long as... -

Learn The Truth About Spaghetti Tacos

  Ever wondered what made ‘Spaghetti Tacos’ a special topic of discussion that even big names like New York Times, New York Magazine, the Atlantic and Gut Check fill their columns with an article on it. Well, then read on and find... -

'don't Feed Me' T-shirt Saves Your Child From Allergy Attacks

  Are you one of those parents who are always worried about whether their food-allergic child may accidentally eat something that he shouldn’t? The worry doubles when the kid is out in school or at somebody else’s home. Now you don’t... -

Unique Christmas Dinner Ideas!

The Christmas Dinner is a part of the celebrations for Christians and others the world over. Be it the method of folding the napkin or the way you set the table or even the way you plan the dinner with your family, you can bring in a unique aspect to all... -

Tips To Wrap Zucchini In Bacon

It’s difficult to make children eat vegetables like zucchini but we have a foolproof method which literally guarantees that your children will eat all of it and ask for more. Bacon wrapped zucchini is a wonderful way of adding flavor to a simple vegetable.... -