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Chick Pea And Mint Rice (healthy Heart & Low Cholesterol Recipe) By Tarla Dalal

An all-rounder that contains ingredients from four cereal groups -- cereals, pulses, veggies and oil, the chickpea and mint rice is a satiating one-dish meal. The brown rice and mixed veggies used in this delicious preparation provide not just nutrients but... - 120.255

Zuza Zak's Weeknight Dinners: Chickpea And Courgette Curry With Brown Rice

12th of 100 easy weeknight dinner recipes: quick, simple, healthy and cheap recipes that take no longer than 30 mins to cook from start to finish.This is a simple vegetable curry dish. - 88.7662

Chickpea Rice

There are so many rice dishes, but it is never enough when it comes to experimenting with rice. In this video Jameela makes her favorite chickpea rice. Its looks quite simple and nice and you would love its rustic flavors. - 71.6335

Chickpea And Chorizo Yellow Rice

Another rice dish with the choice of beans and meat to make it wholesome! A good mix of spices and you have one aromatic rice dish being created! Watch Vicki make this rich dish! - 70.5498

Catalan Chickpeas

MAKING 1) In a 2-quart saucepan, heat oil. 2) To the oil, add onion, bell pepper, and garlic. 3) Over medium-high heat, cook this mixture for 1 to 2 minutes, until the vegetables turn tender. 4) To this, add the tomato. Mix well. 5) Cook, stirring constantly... - 48.2909

Chick Peas And Rice

MAKING 1) Drain the chick peas and put them in a saucepan. 2) Add water to the saucepan and boil the chick peas. Cover the saucepan and allow it to simmer for 2 hours to make the chick peas soft and tender. 3) Take a skillet and saute onion along with garlic... - 47.0613

Wild Rice, Chickpea And Rosemary Soup

MAKNG 1.Take a soup kettle,and add oil. 2,Add the garlic and brown it well. 3.Now add the dry ingredients like the vegetables and rice. 4.Pour the water or stock, and bring to a boil. 5.Once the rice is tender, the soup should be taken off the heat and... - 44.8724

Chickpeas Tomatoes And Rice

MAKING 1. In a large (2 quart) heavy skillet or saucepan, heat the oil over moderate heat 2. Add and sauté the garlic just until it is golden. 3. Stir in the tomatoes, chickpeas and seasonings according to preference. 4. Reduce the heat and let the mixture... - 42.2696

Spare Ribs Rice And Chickpea Casserole

Preheat oven to 350°F. Season spare ribs with salt and pepper. Brown spare ribs in heavy large Dutch oven over high heat. Transfer ribs to plate. Add onion and garlic to pot and saute until onion is translucent, about 5 minutes. Add all remaining... - 42.0435

Grandmother's Rice

MAKING 1. In a large sized sauce pan, combine tomato sauce, salt, water and oil. Mix well and bring to boil. 2. Add rice, mix well and bring to boil. 3. Reduce flame and cover and cook for 15 minutes. 4. Add beans and cook for 15 more minutes. SERVING 5.... - 38.9995

Chana Dal Pulao In Cooker

This is a common Indian dish prepared with Chana dal (Split Bengal Gram) and rice as the vital ingredients. Both rice and Bengal gram need to be soaked in water for some time, with the latter soaked for longer time as against the former, to facilitate the... - 31.2317

Chickpea And Rice Dinner

Heat oil in saute pan over medium heat. Add onion, garlic and celery. Cook 5 minutes over low heat. Add green pepper, tomatoes and seasonings. Cook 12 minutes over medium heat. Add chickpeas, mix and simmer 4 minutes. Serve with rice. - 28.7664

Kabuli Chana Rice

Kabuli Rice is a popular dish from Afghanistan. However, it is now popular in other South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, etc. - 27.738

Chana Dal Pulao In Kadai

Chana dal (Split Bengal Gram) pulao is an easy to cook dish made with chana dal, rice and various seasonings and spices. Both the gram and the rice need to be soaked in water for some time before cooking the pulao, so that the dish gets cooked well and... - 27.1505

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