Chicken Salad Burrito Recipes

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Spiced Chicken And Salad Burrito

GETTING READY 1. Take a small, frying pan, add coriander seeds and toast for about 60 sec or till they pop and leave a good aroma. Using a mortar, pound roasted coriander seeds with cumin, fennel, chili flakes, cayenne, paprika, garlic and black pepper. Add... - 43.2318

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Sweet Chilli Chicken Burritos

GETTING READY 1. Marinade chicken pieces in olive oil and paprika powder. MAKING 2. Saute marinated chicken and bacon in a heated pan until browned and fat is rendered. 3. Add mushroom, courgette, pepper and onion and saute until soft. Add chopped tomato.... - 103.307

No Cook Chicken Salad Burritos

1. Put the colander over the mixing bowl. Empty the chicken or turkey into the colander so the liquid drains into the bowl. Throw away the liquid. Put the chicken or turkey into the bowl. Break up the meat using the fork. 2. On the cutting board, use the... - 26.4178

Romaine Caesar Wraps

1. Chop romaine hearts into bite-size pieces; place in a large bowl. Add chicken, cheese, onion and dressing; toss well to coat. 2. Soften tortillas in microwave oven (about 20 seconds on high). 3. To make wrap, place tortilla on plate and spoon Caesar salad... - 26.7754