Chicken Medallion Recipes

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Amaretto Chicken Medallions With Penne

Chicken and pasta is a nice combination and this Amaretto Chicken Medallions with Penne recipe confirms it. Try out this creamy and delicious dish. It is a feast for eyes and will warm your belly. Happy Cooking! - 101.732

Cheese Or Herb Chicken Medallions

Preheat oven to 400° F. Place chicken breasts on a flat surface; pat dry. Evenly sprinkle each breast with herbs, pepper and paprika. Form cheese into six loose balls and place one in the center of each breast. Roll chicken around cheese and tie with... - 41.1187

Chicken Medallions With Pimento Sauce

1. Brush chicken with lemon juice and cut into 4 neat rectangles. Lay 2 spinach leaves on each rectangle (a) and roll up into a sausage shape (b). Wrap each roll in foil. Bake rolls in a moderate oven for 20-25 minutes. 2. Meanwhile, to make sauce, puree... - 30.7991

Chicken Medallions

GETTING READY 1) Dust the chicken breast pieces with flour. 2) Sprinkle with salt and pepper. MAKING 3) In a nonstick frying pan, place oil and heat to medium high temperature. 4) Add chicken and cook for about 5 minutes or until brown on all sides. 5) Push... - 44.3987

Pistachio Encrusted Chicken With Strawberry Cucumber Salsa

If you thought that strawberries are only meant for desserts, and pistachios for garnish, this recipe proves you wrong! You will think about these gorgeous ingredients in a whole new way. This recipe makes the most glorious summer main with a burst of colors... - 125.285

Chicken Medaillons With Apple

Combine the wild rice with the apple juice in a microwaveable measuring cup. Season to taste, cover and cook on Maximum (100%) tor 50 minutes. Drain the wild rice, setting aside the juice; add the diced apple and parsley to the rice, then season and set... - 37.5328

Herb And Ham Stuffed Chicken Legs

These Herb and Ham Stuffed Chicken Legs are a desire ! Try this spicy ham stuffed chicken with bread crumbs, herb and vegetable seasonings and irresistibly sauced with tomato sauce and seasoned with tarragon for your next meal. Your suggestions for these Herb... - 41.7677

Chicken Puttanesca

Food Network Host Robin Miller shows how to bring a little taste of Italy to your next meal with a Chicken Puttanesca thats ready in 15 minutes tops. - 20.5035

Jamaican Style Chicken

Place the chicken in a glass dish. Combine ail of the other ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Pour the mixture over the chicken, taking care to coat everything evenly. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Remove the chicken from the marinade; drain... - 39.2689

Chicken Mushroom Roll-ups With Tomato Cumin Sauce

Check out this fantastic video where Bob McDiarmid shares an amazingly delicious chicken roll recipe. The video here is step wise and nicely explained. See this video to make this incredible dish for your next party, potluck or any other special occasion... - 110.207

Phyllo Wrapped Chicken

GETTING READY 1. Defrost the Phyllo pastry in the refrigerator, overnight. Remove it to room temperature, 2 hours before cooking time. 2. On a meat board, slice the chicken breasts, diagonally, into 3 slices from each breast. 3. In a bowl, season the chicken... - 43.6171

Chicken Medaillons And Grits Cakes

MAKING 1. In medium saucepan, bring water and salt to a boil, stir in grits and cook according to package directions. 2. Into greased 9-inch square baking pan spoon grits, cover and place in refrigerator until firm. 3. To prepare the chicken breasts rub with... - 40.3012