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Chicken kebab or kabob is ground or cube sized pieces of chicken marinated in a variety of spices and grilled or baked after stringing them onto a skewer. The chicken kebab is an easy to prepare appetizer that can set the perfect mood for any occasion.

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Top 10 Kebabs Of 2014

Top 10 Kebabs Of 2014 On : 03-Jan-2014 By : seasonal_foodie

Kebabs/Kababs/Kabobs, call them what you will, the mouthwatering dish remains a strong favorite in 2014 although its roots can be traced to distant lands. So, get going and try out some of these spectacular kebabs that are sure to be a hit with your guests...

How To Organize A Kebab Party?

How To Organize A Kebab Party? On : 07-Nov-2010 By : olivia

Kebab, kabob, kibob or Qabab, whatever way you call it, these meat dishes from Persia, today’s Iran, are loved across the world because of its unique and delicious taste. In English, kebab generally refers to shish kebab served on the skewer. However, in...

British Cricketers To Enjoy Kebabs From Around The World

British Cricketers To Enjoy Kebabs From Around The World On : 12-Nov-2013 By : foodquest

  Did you think British Cricketers have taste buds only for meat pies? You’d be horribly wrong if you had that idea! According to the dietary demand list sent by England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to Australia ahead...

Kebabs Of Rajasthan By Chef Vibs

On : 21-Feb-2007 By : Vibs

ü     Surkhila ebab : Mutton mince, ginger garlic paste, Rajasthani spices and red chilli paste, cooked in tandoor.K ü     Murg ke parche : Chicken breast in curd, cream, cheese, black pepper, Rajasthani spices,...

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