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Japanese New Year Chicken And Vegetable Stew

Nishime, a humble Japanese Vegetable Stew, is a New Years staple for many Japanese households in Hawaii. There are probably many different versions of this recipe but here is one tutorial that is easy to follow and make, for someone who is making this... - 106.549

Chicken Karaage

Chicken Karaage is a popular Japanese dish. You can make it for any festival like Thanksgiving or Christmas. This dish tastes so amazing that you must try it once! - 122.538

Simmered Chicken In Grated Potato

Want a simple chicken gravy for friends and family? This video teaches how to make simmered chicken with potatoes in an unique Japanese gravy - 94.8625

Microwave Meatloaf

Meatloaf take more than an hour to cook in an conventional oven. The chef teaches you how to make quick and easy meatloaf in a few easy steps. - 94.8521

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Japanese Bento Lunch Box

Wondering what this Japanese Bento Lunch Box is?? It is a unique concept of providing a well balanced diet. This concept has gained popularity everywhere, specially among the students and office going people who carry lunch boxes with them. Bento Lunch Box is... - 149.598

Chinese New Year Seven Vegetable Stir Fry

Flavor, happiness and luck can be yours if you make this wonderful colorful and festive stir fry in honor of the Chinese New Year. Like all stir fries, the only difficult part is the preparation of the ingredients while the cooking process is quick and easy.... - 105.117

Spam Pork Tsukune (japanese Teriyaki Meatballs)

Tsukune are Japanese meatballs. We use minced chicken, pork, or fish to make Tsukune and it can be fried or grilled. Cooked with salty sweet sauce and yolk for dipping is a popular Izakaya style. I arranged it with SPAM and a hint of ginger! It's a perfect... - 99.5309