Cherry Jello Delight Recipes

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Easy Cherry Delight

Prepare Jello as directed, using juice from cherries for liquid. Combine cream cheese with coffee cream, add nuts and form into balls. Drop cheese balls into Jello as it begins to set. Pour into 1 1/2-quart square pan, and cut in squares when set; or pour... - 26.0216

Watermelon Cherry Spritzer

Rebecca Brand shows how to make a fun watermelon spritzy for cooling off on hot summer days. Watermelon cherry spritzer is an effervescent delight easy to make in a flash. Pour your watermelon cherry spritzer drink over ice for a healthy and tasty re... - 0

Zippy Lime Mist Gelatin Salad

Make a salad that will earn rave reviews at your next together. Whatever be the occasion, a zippy Jello indulgence with lime mist gelatin salad. This easy-to-tote dessert gets its zip from lime and is just perfect for the summer celebrations. Watch this video... - 93.8567