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Cheese pudding is a popular dessert prepared and consumed all around the globe. Cheese pudding is a favourite with kids and grown-ups alike. The main ingredients used in making Cheese pudding include cottage cheese, sugar, cornflour, water, vanilla extracts and pistachios. Cheese pudding is high on fats and calories but it also high on protiens. Cheese pudding is usually made by freezing it and served during breakfast of during evenings. Cheese pudding is ideal for making during special occasions especially family anf friends get togethers.

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Top 5 New Year Pudding Ideas

Top 5 New Year Pudding Ideas On : 02-Apr-2012 By : nithya

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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Pudding

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Pudding On : 03-Nov-2011 By : Gourmet_lover

Pudding is anything but a light dessert. As it normally contains full fat evaporated milk or heavy cream, loads of sugar and fattening additions, pudding is barely considered lean treat. However, by modifying the recipe and switching on to healthier...

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