Cheese Ham Twist Recipes

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Cheese 'n Ham Twist

Soften yeast in warm water. Combine in large mixing bowl sugar, salt, butter and milk. Cool to lukewarm. Stir in egg and yeast. Gradually add flour to form a stiff dough, beating well after each addition. Knead on floured surface until smooth and satiny,... - 42.5806

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Macaroni & Cheese With A Twist

Macaroni and Cheese with Ham and Peas is Betty's version of the regular mac and cheese. If you love this combination, you will definitely love this recipe. Her white sauce is excellent and creates a lot of difference to the dish. Watch this video and give it... - 131.649

Ham And Cheese Sandwich With Tomato Soup

Try this simple twist on a classic grilled ham and cheese sandwich with tomato soup. - 95.2945

Fancy Ham And Cheese

If you're looking for some easy and nice appetizers, then this is it. This is a Fancy appetizer and will be a hit in your next dinner party. So, do try it out. - 106.617

Ham Quiche

A quiche with a twist. The ham quiche recipe is a delicious mixture of ham, cheese and egg in a cornmeal crust. Just put it in your microwave and lo and behold! here’s a complete meal that is waiting for you to dig in. Enjoy!! - 43.8522

Leftover Ham Recipes - Ham Hash

MAKING 1. Place a 13-inch skillet on medium high flame and heat oil in it. 2. Drop onion, celery, and cooked ham. Stir and cook until it gets a nice color. 3. Pour water and add potato pieces in skillet. Mix well. 4. Add salt, black pepper, and cayenne... - 100.977

Ham Chafing Discs (hors D'oeuvre)

This Ham Chafing Discs gives your favorite ham an interestingly delicious twist. Extremely easy and simple, this recipe can be made in no time and is a best pick for party snacks! - 47.8579

Ham And Swiss Crescent Braid

GETTING READY 1. Pre-heat oven to 375°F. 2. Spray nonstick cooking spray over cookie sheet. MAKING 3. Take a large bowl, mix ham, broccoli, cheese, mushrooms, mayonnaise and mustard; mix well. 4. Roll out both cans of dough.Keep the dough with long sides... - 43.3202

Teenage Submarine

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Combine first 7 ingredients in abowl. Mix well. Spread mixture on frankfurter rolls. Wrap each roll in aluminum foil, twisting ends securely. Bake for 10 minutes. - 34.1432

Ham And Potato Casserole

Those of you who like eating Casseroles will surely like this one. The Chef shows how to make Ham And Potato Casserole in a slow cooker. This is really delicious and I'm sure your family will like it. - 115.906

Ham And Chicken Crescent Sandwiches

Ham And Chicken Crescent Sandwiches packs in the richness of ham and chicken. These Ham And Chicken Crescent Sandwiches are a favorite among kids. Give this yummy Ham And Chicken Crescent Sandwich a try. - 39.9349