Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue is a well-liked variation of the traditional Fondue recipe, the popular Swiss dipping sauce. In Cheese Fondue, apart from the usual ingredients, cheese too is melted in to enhance the consistency and taste. The dish is made in thin fluid texture and is served in an earthenware pot that is always kept warm over a glowing burner on the table. A perfect dipping sauce for bread cubes, vegetables, cookies, fries etcetera, Cheese Fondue is also liked as a dessert when clubbed with favorite flavors like chocolate, caramel, honey etcetera. Foodies have invented over 100 varieties of Cheese Fondues, each different from the other in the cheese, wine and seasoning used!

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Melt Oodles Of Cheese On National Cheese Fondue Day!

Melt Oodles Of Cheese On National Cheese Fondue Day! On : 10-Apr-2012 By : festivalfoods

  Are you getting bored of catching up with the same routine everyday? Take a break, melt some cheese, and celebrate the National Cheese Fondue Day. Yes, April 11 th  is dedicated to this lovely dish that has its origins...

Easy Cheese Fondue Recipes For Kids

Easy Cheese Fondue Recipes For Kids On : 12-Nov-2010 By : Gourmandise

  Fondues are delicious treats, especially for kids. But what if you don’t know how to make a fondue without a touch of alcohol? You cannot feed alcohol to kids, even if it is inside a fondue, after all. Well, you can now refer to these...

Best Cheese Fondue

Best Cheese Fondue On : 19-Jan-2009 By : Vibs

  If you are looking for a better way to make and present a fondu dish, here's something you would fall in love with. The plating, fruit accessorization, the colors, and the taste profile, they are all perfect and combine into a devinely...

Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue On : 24-Jun-2007 By : shakti

Some time ago I had written about a Wine and Cheese party. Well if you plan that kind of an event then you will end up with leftovers. I am sure you know how to use the wine.... but cheese. That could be hard. Unless you cook extensively everyday. Or if you...

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