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Danish Menu

Danish cuisine is a culinary tradition of Denmark, famous for its unique dishes and friendly hospitality. Danish menu has many dishes, featuring ingredients that are grown locally in the cool and wet Danish environment. Potatoes, beetroot, rye,... -

5 Weirdest Danish Snacks

I have always felt that the open-faced sandwiches are classic representatives of  rich Danish snacks. A Danish menu along with hosting some classic dishes has its own array of creepy ones – creepy in terms of names as well as ingredients. Catch a brief... -

Say Big Cheese - How A Frenchman Became The Cheese King In Kathmandu

Francois Driard is such an incredible cheese fan! Say Big Cheese and find out How A Frenchman Became The Cheese King In Kathmandu. Driard is traditional French cheese maker in Himalayas: Ever wondered of getting real French cheese in the... -

What Are The Substitutes For Blue Cheese

  Here is how you can substitute blue cheese and yet not loose the authenticity of the dish being made .   When one says blue cheese, one is not really referring to any particular cheese. It is a term that is used loosely, to... -

Top 10 Cheese Dessert Recipes

  This list of top 10 cheese dessert recipes will keep you ready for any party throughout the year. These desserts cater to different palates and age-groups. So, get going and let us know which one became your favorite.   ... -

How To Eat Edam Cheese

  Edam cheese is a famous Dutch cheese which has set benchmark gourmet standards. It is believed that the cheese was once very popular and it dominated the cheese market till 18 ... -

How To Eat Brick Cheese

Brick cheese is the oldest cheese with an origin in the USA. It was made in 1800’s in Wisconsin, USA and it derives its name from its cooking process. The cheese is produced after being pressed by bricks so it is known as brick cheese. It is thus squar -

How To Eat American Cheese

American cheese  is an orange, white, or yellow colored processed cheese. It is characterized by a mild flavor, medium consistency, and melts very fast. Traditionally, this cheese was made as a blend of cheeses like Cheddar and Colby and was usually white... -

How To Eat Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is a very popular and ancient Greek cheese. Feta cheese is a traditional cheese which is made from the milk of goat or sheep. This white colored cheese is soft in texture and is very easy to crumble, so care has to be taken while handling... -

5 Unconventional Uses Of Cream Cheese Frosting

You are wondering what the  unconventional uses of cream cheese frosting  are! Here is a sneak peek at some of the most exciting uses that you might read on.         Cream cheese is one of those... -

Six Best Cheese Snacks On The Market Today

  Cheese snacks  are exciting tidbits that tempt most of us but preparing them can be time consuming as well as difficult especially if you happen to have poor culinary skills. However, there is nothing to fret for we... -

How To Grate Parmesan Cheese

  Freshly grated parmesan cheese can definitely add a touch of magic to your pastas, pizzas and sauces. Though you get  grated Parmesan cheese in the market, it is always a better idea to grate it fresh at home just before using it. Read... -

How To Get Rid Of The Salty Brine Taste Of Feta Cheese

Feta Cheese is a curdled cheese which is of Greek origin and is generally sprinkled over salads and pastas. It has a distinct salty taste and if you find it too strong there are ways to get rid of the salty brine taste .   How it is made ... -

History Of Macaroni & Cheese – Comfort Food For All

Macaroni and cheese is one of the most popular foods in today’s world. While making this great dish is no more a secret, looking back at the “ History Of Macaroni&Cheese – Comfort Food For All ” still reveals some interesting facts. Origin... -

Mutabbak (buttery Phyllo Dessert With Melted Cheese, Pistachios, And Sweet Lemon Syrup)

If you ever get the chance to visit a Middle Eastern home, you will be welcomed with warmth, respect, and hospitality. Most likely they will also ensure that you are well fed. For dinner guests, hosts entertain with trays upon trays of appetizers, lamb,... -

Dmanburger "shake Shack"

by dmanburger It seems like every time you’re talking or reading about burgers someone’s always writing or praising about Shake Shack ! I remember the summer of 2004, when Danny Meyer opened this modern, architecturally sleek designed... -

What Are The Foods That Cause The Most Heart Plaque

    Clogged arteries are the major cause of heart diseases in the United States. The kind of food you eat is what determines if your arteries will get clogged or not. In case you were wondering what the foods that... -

Real Food Festival Oakland, California This Weekend!

We're heading over to Oakland tomorrow for the first day of the second annual Real Food Festival .  This festival is all about real food, slow food, local food.  "Gourmet" or slow food is taking huge leaps here with "gourmet"... -

10 Easy Chili Starters

  Have you ever tried chili starters ? If no, you definitely should try them. Spicy delights, these chili appetizers are great starters for warming up your cold winter nights. Ifood presents a wide collection of chili starters to satiate the... -

Super Bowl Dessert Ideas For Diabetics

If you are in charge of whipping up desserts for Super Bowl Sunday   , you will need to customize a few of them for your diabetic friends. Diabetics often choose to pass over the desserts, as they need to keep a tab over their sugar... -

Carb Diet Menu

  Carb Diet Menu is low carbohydrates diet programs restricting consumption of carbohydrates to the body. Carbohydrates are a source of energy to the body, but if not utilized by the body it gets converted to fat and results in obesity.... -

Have You Sampled The Nordic Cuisine Yet?

  Have you sampled the Nordic cuisine yet? If the answer is no, then you need not worry, you need to visit the restaurant called Noma on the Christianshavn waterfront at Copenhagen. The Noma (it is exclusively... -

Cold Appetizers Ideas For A Crowd Of People

If you are considering some cold appetizer ideas for a crowd of people then you don't need to look any further. Here are some brilliant cold appetizer recipes that you can consider serving at the next party.   Tortilla Pinwheels ... -

5 Easy Dishes For The Novice Cook

Sick of take-outs and greasy burritos day in and day out? Well, you should definitely try to know your way around the kitchen for both your health as well as your peace of mind. Don’t even think of soggy eggs and burnt toasts to say nothing of custardized... -

How To Serve Tea

Serving tea is the most adored tradition in Europe and Asia. Tea culture originated in England, and since then, tea has become the most prevalent and social drink across the globe. Serving tea is the prerequisite custom on any auspicious occasion in India.... -

Healthy Baked Treats To Suit Any Occasion

From cupcakes, to bread and cookies baked treats are relished by one and all. Be it Thanksgiving Day, Halloween celebration, Christmas party or any other occasion, baked treats have always been in. Buttery croissants,... -

Carnival Treats For School Party

Carnivals mean celebrations and no festivity is complete without some classy treats. The carnival treats elucidated in this blog along with keeping kids happy are sure to wow the adults as well.  So, celebrate the spirits of carnival at your kids'... -

Breakfast Potluck Ideas

Making breakfast for potluck is not a very easy job and hence compiled here is a list of breakfast potluck ideas to help you in a dire situation. Most of the breakfast food has to be served immediately and this is not possible while plannin -

Various Lunch Ideas Which Do Not Require Cooking

  Do you have lunch ideas without cooking? Are you in search of easy non cook lunch ideas to square off a hasty meal then we can help you out with it. We want to introduce you to various lunch ideas with do not require... -

European Menu

European menu has a wide range of dishes influenced from European settlers. The cuisine here is diverse and includes non-indigenous cuisines of Oceania, Latin America and North America. European cuisine has undergone several innovations; Spices like pepper,... -

Wine Vs Beer: Is The Debate Worth It?

Gallup Poll recently found that beer is the preferred drink for 41% of Americans. This has seriously threatened the position of wine as the American drink of choice, as was found in a similar poll last year. However, is this debate really worth it? Well, take... -

Minimal Packaging Maximum Effect

Sure, you love your meat but can you buy exactly what you want every time you are at the supermarket? Well, deciphering which meat cut comes from which part of the animal or poultry is no mean feat especially when you have to find out the answer from... -

Egg Mcmuffin: 40 Years Old & Still Going Strong

Going out for breakfast became popular in the 1970s and McDonald’s decided to cash in on it. Thus, the Egg McMuffin was born ! It still makes up for 25% of Mcdonald’s sales today, and its recipe remains the same. The look has changed to keep with... -

5 Tasty Spring Appetizers For Your Party

    Welcome the joyful spring season with these spring appetizers . We will tell you about five tasty spring appetizers for your party.  Spring is always associated with everything good and green , so it is always good to welcome the... -

Best 10 Thanksgiving Appetizers

Appetizers are what  set the mood for the course ahead. This is like tempting your taste-buds by invigorating them with choicest flavors and also stirring your gastric juices into activity. When thanksgiving is around the corner, how do you set the best... -

Great Food Events In April

April 1-3, 2008  International Pizza Expo Las Vegas, Nevada April 1-3, 2008  Prodtech and Foodpack St. Petersburg, Russia Prodtech: Int’l Exhibition for Food Processing & Packaging Technology Foodpack: Int’l... -

Bonefish Grill Menu

The Bonefish Grill restaurant has only one motto – that is to help you celebrate each day starting with your favorite food. The first step to make it possible is to offer some uniquely inspired dishes made from some of the freshest ingredients and cooked... -

Macaroni Menu

  A  macaroni menu will contain a lot of comfort food which will make it a popular menu with adults and kids alike. You don't just have to be restrited with main entrees, you can use this popular pasta to create an array... -

Super Fresh Opens In New Jersey

WEST NEW YORK, N.J.--Continuing with its plans to convert it's A&P supermarkets to its fresh food format, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. opened a Super Fresh store here April 20, featuring fresh foods and groceries tailored to the needs of... -

Top Ten Restaurants In Chicago Of 2010

  With over 6,000 restaurants in the Windy City, as Chicago is famously called, one is spoilt for choices when it comes to eating out. But if you are confused or are looking for that perfect restaurant for your first date, an anniversary dinner, or a... -

So You Thought Waffles Are Only For Breakfast?

  Who would have thought the notion ‘waffles only for breakfast’ will also be challenged. Breakfast be damned. Looks like waffles are not only for breakfast. In a world constantly in demand of ideas, food or otherwise, the new... -

Healthy Fruit Pizza Flag To Mark 4th Of July

Independence Day, the 4 th of July, is just a few days away and you are no doubt, feeling patriotic. Why not celebrate this occasion in a healthy way this year? Feel free to create your beloved flag in the form of a square pizza ... -

Tomatoes With Mass Folhada

For 4 people 8 tomatoes 8 squares of folhada mass (the size goes to depend on the size of the tomatoes) 1 spoon (soup) of seeds of cominho ½ spoon rosemary ½ granulated garlic ½ spoon (coffee) of worn out pepper-do-kingdom in the hour 3 spoons (soup) of... -

How To Eat Agnolotti - Sumptuous Pasta

Every pasta lover knows how to eat agnolotti. This is very famous piemontese stuffed pasta which can be eaten in different varieties. Eating agnolotti is very popular during festivities and special events when friends and relatives gather to have fun and... -

Have You Tried These Crazy Deep Fried Foods?

We all love to gorge on deep fried foods of all kinds, don't we? Despite the fact that almost everybody warns us against these fat-laden delicacies, we can't stop ourselves from biting into the fried chicken, french fries, etc. Well, taking further... -

Rock This 4th Of July With These Rocking Recipes

The fireworks are set, guest list is ready and drinks are in the cooler! All that you need to make this Fourth of July party a rocking success is a list of lip-smacking recipes. These recipes are quick, use fewer ingredients and are festive enough to suit the... -

Junk Food World Records !

Junk Food World Records   Worlds Largest Fish Taco To Benefit Reef Conservation Small taco stand in Costa Rica trying to make a big difference ... -

Paneer Tikka Masala

Paneer Tikka Masala Ingredients : Paneer or cottage cheese 250gms, Dahi 50gms,ginger garlic paste 1tsp,salt to taste,orange food colour very little (optional) ,green chilly paste half tsp,capsicum 2nos,carrots 2nos, Tooth picks 15nos. ... -

5 Great Superbowl Sandwich Stadium Ideas

Who wants to cook when Superbowl season is on? Nobody! Every game-lover wants to put his feet up and just enjoy the game while munching on the most delicious foods. The best way to make this a reality is to go for self-serving meal options like sandwich.... -

Top 10 Anticancer Salads

You can beat cancer blues with the help of these top 10 anticancer salads . These salads are stacked with powerful vegetables, and fruits, which have exhibited strong cancer fighting properties.  Here is our take on top 10 anticancer salads:   ... -

How To Make Your Food Look Fancy?

After watching shows like Top Chef and Masterchef, I am sure that no one has any doubts regarding the importance of making your food look fancy. Now, how to make your food look fancy is another deal altogether. No, I am not saying it is a difficult task,... -

Some Finger Sandwich Recipes For Your Next Tea Party

  Who doesn't love sandwiches? Here is a list of some finger sandwich that you can make to liven up your party.   Now, sandwiches aren't just about some loaves of bread and some vegetable fillings, there... -

Popular Christmas Food Tradition Across The World

With Christmas on its way, it would be real fun to get to know the common food traditions followed  around the world on this day. Read on for some interesting facts...             ... -

Janmashtami Cuisine

Today is Janmashtami . Janmashtami is celebrated in India to mark the birth of Lord Krishna . The rituals and customs observed on this day are varied. There’s fasting by devotees, chanting of mantras and shlokas, singing devotional songs, dancing to... -

Fairway To Build First Market In New Jersey

PARAMUS, N.J.--Fairway Market announced this week that is opening its fifth specialty grocery store here next year. The 50,000-square-foot store will be built from the ground up in the Fashion Center on Route 17. Construction is scheduled to begin this... -

Wow Your Holiday Guests With These Savory Pastries

In the coming Thanksgiving Day, you can wow your guests with these savory pastries about which I am going to discuss here. You need to have different types of savory pastries to serve during holidays to your guests. You will find hundreds and... -

Dmanburger "mother Burger"

Hidden in the outdoor pavilion of One Worldwide Plaza between 49th and 50th Streets in the Theater District of Manhattan, you’ll find Mother Burger. A burger joint with an outdoor beer garden/college campus type feel, Mother Burger also slings out, kobe... -

How To Eat Wonton?

Wonton also known as wantan, wanton, or wuntun is one of China’s traditional foods known for its versatility. Once you have become familiar with Chinese cuisine you will realize that the question “How to eat wanton?” will have a dozen... -

Top 10 Most Romantic Restaurants In New York City

Romance in New York city has its own charm. You can spend hours with your loved one at a candlelit restaurant, looking at some breathtaking sight and some romantic music to dine by.   The River Cafe, 1 Water Street, Brooklyn If you are of... -

Gluten Free Lunch Ideas For School

    Preparing your child for school every day is likely to become a problem if you are not too sure of packing a gluten free lunch for your allergic kid. There is really no reason to fret though. All you have to do is to check out the... -

Four Corners Of Healthy Living

It is a well-known fact that a healthy, well-balanced diet, with the right proportions of cereal, fruits and veggies, protein-rich foods and fats and sugar are essential for general well-being.  According to noted certified... -

How To Prepare Animal-shaped Appetizers

    Animal shaped foods may appeal to animal lovers, vegans, vegetarians, and kids, who are wary of eating animals in real. You can prepare animal shaped appetizers by using simple ingredients.  From now onwards you can easily play... -

Top 10 Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Top 10 Homemade Dog Food Recipes. This title may ring with those who are still confused as what goes into their dog’s food? Then this blog suggests that the best way to judge what goes in to your dog’s food and what doesn’t is making the food by... -

Eating Competitions

16 Recent Competitive Eating Contests in the US Horseshoe Sandwiches (Two pieces of toast topped with ham, French fries, and cheese sauce): Winner ate 6 pounds, 5 ounces of sandwiches in 10 minutes; Illinois State Fair, August 2006 ... -

What Are Some Meatless Meals For Lent That Can Be Given To Seniors?

  Choose meatless meals for Lent . Lent, the period of 40 days from Ash Wednesday till Easter, is observed the world over by Christians who eagerly look forward to this period which signifies a time of sacrifice and simplicity. The period of... -

Cholesterol Foods To Avoid

People with variation in cholesterol levels should avoid some foods.  Knowing which cholesterol foods to avoid is an important part of the treatment, say most of the health practioners.  Generally it is believed that the foods derived from animals only... -

Carnation Potato Casserole Recipe

I'm not sure how popular potluck dinners are these days. You don't hear the term as often as you used to. Maybe it's our litigious society… "Hey, your baked beans made me sick, you own me one billion dollars," or maybe it's... -

How To Eat Ciabatta

I had the opportunity of learning how to eat ciabatta during my 6 months of stay in Italy. Our hotel specialized in ciabatta and we were served this every morning as our breakfast. I simply loved the taste of this white bread and soon developed a habit of... -

Best 5 Homemade Chocolate Candy Making Ideas For Chocolate Candy Day

Every year, December 28 is celebrated as the chocolate candy day . We bring you the best 5 homemade chocolate candy making ideas for chocolate candy day , so that you can celebrate this unique day with full enthusiasm. Have a sweet chocolate candy day... -

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Fudge

For sweet-lovers, fudge is bliss, but not so for those on diet, as these little chunks of frozen sweets are extremely high on fats. Being weight-conscious or keeping a tab on your diet does not necessarily mean that you have to forgo your favorite sweets.... -

Super Bowl Treats For School Parties

Easy to make and packed with flavors, the super bowl treats mentioned in this write-up not only zest up the party spirits, but also pay tribute to the robust players of this game. Celebrate the spirit of football with this hearty spread of delectable... -

Best 5 Hanukkah Desserts To Serve At Vegetarian Hanukkah Party

  If you are planning to host a vegetarian Hanukkah party then you need to be very cautious about the dishes you would be serving. Since desserts need to be suitable to bring a great meal to a close, it is important that you pay as much... -

Top 5 Diet Cheats That Are Good For You

It is easy to start a diet with determination but rather difficult to see it through. People intent on losing flab often end up putting on more weight simply because they can’t resist the temptation of  a quick snack laden with calories . While... -

Recipe Ideas For Tapas Party

It is always a great idea to throw a Spanish Tapas party – it is easy to prepare and host such a party. You just need to have some good recipe ideas for Tapas party and prepare at least 5 dishes and include some bottles of great Spanish wine, this is... -

How To Eat Tamales

If you know how to eat tamales, you can assure yourself that you had the pleasure of having one of the traditional Mexican dishes . This is a dish which is made from masa which is corn dough. This corn dough in boiled and also steamed in a wrapper made... -

Brighton Food Festival

Brighton food festival is an epicurean delight which attract around 120,000 foodies across the world, making the biggest food festival in the South of England. The festival is always equipped with large number of events, which are guaranteed to satisfy any... -

Top 10 Quick N Easy Dessert Recipes

Are you in a hurry to prepare some delicate desserts for your guests? Don’t worry, here are few quick to make dessert recipe ideas , which can save you from this embarrassment. Top 10 Quick N Easy Dessert Recipes Pretzel Turtles ... -

Where To Eat When You Are In New York

If you are also wondering where to eat when you are in New York City, let me help you out. New York City has amazing restaurants and choosing the one to eat is a delicious challenge. Whether it is delicious pizzas or an unforgettable experience of fine... -

Various Dinner Ideas Which Do Not Require Cooking

  Are you in search of dinner ideas which don’t require cooking? Then you are at the right place because this blog will introduce you to dinner plans or perhaps those various dinner ideas which do not require cooking at... -

The Shake Shack Restaurant Review

  A groovy and shaky name, to start with, and a hospitality approach along the same lines. Yes, we are talking about the Shake Shack restaurant. For those who are unaware of the famous hamburger joint in New York City, here... -

Vanessa William's Winning Diet Secrets

    The quintessential Black Beauty, Vanessa has been the valiant conqueror of many hearts with her winning smile, voluptuous curves and svelte figure. Even at 47, Vanessa Williams looks every inch the Venus of our dreams, thanks to her... -

5 Best Cincinnati Restaurants

  Here are a list of 5 best restaurnats in Cincinnati. Planning for a great night with your loved one in Cincinnati or you want to have a nice lunch with your family, there are many restaurants in Cincinnati offering various cuisines. You may... -

How To Make Tofu With Store-bought Soymilk?

Have you bought excess soymilk from store and are wondering how to use it? Make tofu – it’s simple – just follow these tips on How To Make Tofu With Store-Bought Soy Milk and enjoy your soft white blocks. Introduction: Tofu, also known as... -

The Best Restaurants In Sfo Of 2010

  The best restaurants of San Francisco for 2010 are listed here.  San Francisco is the kind of place you have to visit if you are headed to the west coast. The place has it all going with world class wineries, artisanal cheese and... -

Easter Brunch Las Vegas

Easter brunch ideas in Las Vegas can be both thrilling and caricature of fairytale land. Las Vegas is globally acclaimed for its hugely vivacious lifestyle, which respect the blend of both tradition and modernity in food and culture. The City of... -

How To Eat Matzo

How to eat matzo or matzah is not a problem with many recipes that make this bland flatbread into interesting dishes. Originally a Jewish dish eaten during Passover, matzo is popular in non-Jewish population too. People sure know how to eat matz -

San Francisco Food Tour

San Francisco Food Tour is all about feeling the aroma of the city by its culinary map; it is most tasteful way to participate to enjoy the city with its total charm because gastronomy is an integral part of the culture and tradition of a place and San... -

Mango For Weight Loss

You can feast on a mango for weight loss– recommends the new study.   Until this very moment people were made to believe that mangoes are fattening and it’s overconsumption can lead to diabetes. It has observed that all this talk is... -

Gluten Free Bagel Health Benefits

Having a crisp, chewy bagel right in the morning will help you face the day squarely. You have the added advantage of ingesting a gluten free bagel which comes with multiple health benefits if you happen to be a celiac or are prone to allergic reactions... -

New York City Food News: Spacious Food Bazaar In Turin Plans Manhattan Branch

 Another World Class Gourmet Store coming to Manhattan  OSCAR FARINETTI was born into a family of artisanal food producers in the Piedmontese town of Alba, famous for white truffles and red wines. “My surname,” he said, “comes from the Italian... -

10 Spanish Foods For Valentines Day Dinner

This blog will help you in choosing the 10 Spanish foods for Valentine’s Day Dinner, if you have made plans to surprise your partner with special dinner.  Spain is a land of multifaceted culinary diversity, owing to this fact I have tried to include... -

10 Delicious Foods To Include In Purim Kids Party

Purim is a colorful day for kids. Have a grand Purim Kids party and include fun games, purim kids food and lot more to make the event a grand success. While choosing menu for kid’s party, be choosy and avoid alcoholic drinks and hot foods. Arrange... -

Top 10 Popular Potluck Dessert Recipes

Are you going to attend a potluck party? Then here you will find few easy potluck dessert recipe ideas , which can make delicious desserts without much difficulty. Top 10 Popular Potluck Dessert Recipes Ice Cream Dessert Use cookies... -

Top 10 Bengali Dessert Recipes: Tantalize Your Taste Buds

The mention of Bengali culture is incomplete without the mention of the Bengali sweets which form an integral part of Bengali cuisine and culture. Read on to know more about the top 10 Bengali dessert recipes.                       ... -

Latino Markets

A bodega (small grocery store) will spring up in any Hispanic community numbering more than a few families, and larger communities often are served by full-fledged supermarkets: Met Food on South Broadway in Hicksville, Western Beef in Mineola and C-Town on... -

Weekly Tailgate Menu: November 9, 2012

This Week's Tailgating Menu, Nov 9-11: - Beer Cheese Spread - Boston Baked Beans - Steak and Mushroom Sandwich - Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies All these recipes are sure to become a crowd-favorite once you serve them at... -

Top 10 Vegetarian Dessert Recipes

There are people who prefer to eat vegetarian for their meals. If you have to serve these people, then here are few delicious vegetarian dessert recipe ideas , which will certainly be tempting for your vegan guests. Top 10 Vegetarian Dessert... -

Best 5 Kwanzaa Menu Ideas For Karuma - Kwanzaa Feast

Kwanzaa, celebrated from 26th December to 1st January is a weeklong festival to honor universal African heritage and culture. Food takes a vital stature during this feast – menus that are African in roots but Afro-American in spirit emerge in their best... -

Martha Stewart's New Baking Show To Go On Air

Martha Stewart's New Baking Show to Go on Air says the news reports.   Martha Stewart is not new to the television but indeed her baking show is going to make a splash.  In January 2011 it was announced that Martha Stewart’s new baking show titled... -

Easy Fudge Recipes To Make For Diabetics

High blood sugar doesn’t sound all that sugar-coating for the various restrictions imposed on a diabetic’s diet- for instance, less of sweets, chocolates. But then there are easy fudge recipes to make for diabetics - Thanks to the culinary world; which... -