Chana Dal

Chana dal is the Indian name for chickpeas. It is also referred to as Indian pea, Bengal gram and ceci bean in different parts of the world. Chana dal belongs to the Fabaceae family of legumes and is considered to be one of the first vegetables to be cultivated by Ancient man. The earliest signs of Chana dal are at least 7,500 years old and the fact that it is still regarded as an important part of the diet of at least a billion people speaks volumes. Chana dal is an extremely rich source of proteins and is hence ideal for maintaining a good health. After India, the top producers of Chana dal are Pakistan, Turkey, Australia, Iran, Myanmar, Canada, Ethiopia, Mexico and Iraq. The bottom line is that Chana dal is an extremely nutritious option that has been proved to lower the cholesterol level and helps in maintaining a healthy life style.

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Who Owns Falafel – Israel?

Who Owns Falafel – Israel? On : 28-Apr-2010 By : Foodexplorer

  Falafel is a fried ball made from ground chickpea. Sometimes it is also mixed with fava or broad beans. It is very popular in Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and UAE. It is a vegetarian dish and believed to have originated in Egypt and...

Coconut Chutney

On : 12-Aug-2010 By : tejaswini banerjee

CHUTTNEY Ingredients :Coconut  grated 1/2 , Tamarind 1/-2tsp, Sugar 1tsp, Mint leaves (pudina) small bunch. Garlic flakes 4-5 nos , Chana dal 1tsp, jeera 1/2 tsp, salt, gr.chillies 3nos., Oil 2tsp, Karipatta.water. ...

Dhokla:fast Food From Gujarat

Dhokla:fast Food From Gujarat On : 07-Feb-2007 By : Ganesh Dutta

Dhokla is a fast food from the Indian state of Gujarat. The dish can be made of ground chana dal (chickpeas) soaked overnight; other recipes call for besan. This paste is left for fermentation for four to five hours then is spiced by adding chile pepper,...

South Indian Menu

South Indian Menu On : 07-Jul-2011 By : Sudipa

South Indian menu is probably the largest collection of vegetarian dishes. Fresh fruits, rice and vegetables are easily available in the region because of the climate. Rice is a staple in South Indian meal, which is not complete without it. They consume it...

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