Cauliflower Chilli Butter Sauce Recipes

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Cauliflower In Green Adobe Sauce

GETTING READY 1) In a food processor, add chillies, onion, garlic, lettuce, tomatoes, green pepper and coriander and blend all together smoothly. MAKING 2) In a saucepan or wok, steam the whole cauliflower for 8-10 minutes. 3) In a fry pan, melt butter over... - 45.8824

Cauliflower In A Creamy Sauce

Blend the ground coriander, ground almonds, onions, garlic, ginger, salt, 2 of the chopped green chillies and 1 tablespoon of the chopped fresh coriander in a food processor for 1 minute or until the mixture is fairly smooth. Heat the oil and butter together... - 38.897

Cauliflower With Chutney

Boil the cauliflower in salted water. Stuff the cauliflower with the paste. Keep the cauliflower warm in a slow oven. Put the butter and flour in a vessel and cook for 1 minute. Add the tomato ketchup and 1/4 teacup of water and boil for 1 minute. Add the... - 44.8829

Mixed Vegetables In A Butter Sauce

Mix the yogurt, tomato puree, garam masala, ginger, chilli powder, cardamoms, garlic pulp, coriander, salt and pepper in a medium-size bowl and set aside. Heat the butter and oil in a karahi or deep frying pan, add the onions, bay leaves and cinnamon bark and... - 44.0267

Gobhi Masala

GETTING READY 1) Trim off the outer green leaves and cauliflower stalks, then rinse thoroughly under cold running water. 2) In a heavy frying pan, roast the bay leaf, cardamoms, clove, cinnamon stick, mustard and poppy seeds over a low heat, until... - 47.3423

Mixed Vegetables In Creamy Sauce

1. Heat the butter and fry the onion for 1/2 minute. 2. Add the green chilli and fry again for 1/2 minute. 3. Add the vegetables and cook for 1 minute. 4. Add the white sauce, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. - 28.5198

Mix Veg With Buttered Bread Toast

A great indian snack cum breakfast meal - 40.7413

Vegetable Makhanwala

Cut the vegetables into long strips. Deep fry the potatoes in ghee. Boil the french beans, carrots, cauliflower and green peas. Mix the cream, flour, milk and tomato ketchup Put the butter in a vessel and fry the sliced onions until pale in colour. Add the... - 44.5329

Onion Bhajias And Vegetables In A Yogurt And Gram Flour Sauce

To make the bhajia batter, mix the gram flour, chilli powder, salt, bicarbonate of soda, onion slices, green chillies, fresh coriander and water together in a medium-size bowl. Prepare the yogurt gram flour sauce; in a large bowl, whisk the yogurt with the... - 47.2497

Vegetables In A Rich Creamy Sauce

Blend the yogurt, tomato puree, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, chilli powder, salt, coriander, cumin, ground almonds and water in a medium-size mixing bowl and set aside. Heat the unsalted butter and oil in a karahi or deep frying pan. Add the onion and mustard... - 44.6911

Vegetables In A Creamy Saffron Sauce

Mix the cream, tomato puree, garam masala, ginger, garlic, chilli powder, almonds, cinnamon, cardamom, salt, water and saffron strands together in a bowl and set aside. Melt the butter with the oil in a medium-sized saucepan over a medium heat. Add the diced... - 38.5298

Potatoes And Green Beans In A Coconut Sauce

Whisk the yogurt together with the creamed coconut, garam masala, chilli powder, ginger, garlic, turmeric, cumin seeds, cardamom and salt. Heat the butter and oil in a heavy-based saucepan, add the onions and stir-fry until browned. Pour in the yogurt mixture... - 38.6741

Baked Macaroni Vegetable

Warm up soup. Add salt, pepper and cream to it. Mix half the soup and half the grated cheese with boiled vegetables. Add the rest of the soup and cheese to macaroni. In a greased casserole dish place macaroni mixture in the centre and vegetable mixture around... - 41.5619

Couscous With Vegetables

First prepare the vegetable topping. Put the cauliflower, carrots and parsnip into a dish with the water, cover with vented cling him (plastic wrap) and cook for 5 minutes, stirring once. Stir in the chick peas (garbanzos) and peas and cook for a further 4... - 32.6321

Baked Trio

Liquidise tomatoes and spinach. Pass through sieve separately. Heat 1 1/2 tablespoons butter and fry onion. Cook for five minutes. Add half of the onion to tomate puree and rest to spinach puree. Add salt and pepper to both. Add chilli sauce to tomato puree... - 38.8239

Vegetable Canapes

Combine flour and milk in a pan and mix well. Add butter. Put the pan on low heat stirring constantly till thick and smooth. Remove from heat. Add vegetables and seasoning. Again put the pan on fire and stir for a minute more on low heat. Remove crusts from... - 42.2615

Vegetable Stew

Cut the yam into 1/2 inch cubes. Cook in salted boiling water until just done. Melt butter in a pan and fry onion. Cook for two minutes. Add garlic and cook for a minute more. Blend together flour, ketchup, seasoning and water. Add to the onion mixture and... - 45.5267

Indonesian Salad (gado Gado)

GETTING READY 1) In a bowl, pour hot, boiling water and blanch fresh vegetables like asparagus, green beans, cauliflower and broccoli florets, cabbage and bean sprouts. Keep them aside. MAKING 2) In a fry pan, heat up oil and add other ingredients. Wait for... - 42.423

Chili Rubbed Salmon With Sweet Potatoes And Vegetable Sauté

Need a nice flavorful salmon dish with a spicy kick? Then take a look at this chili rubbed salmon recipe. Watch the video to see step by step instructions on how the chef combines salmon with sweet potato and vegetable saute to make an exotic dish. Very well... - 129.289

Vegetable Scallops

Cut vegetables in equal size pieces. Boil, uncovered, in salted boiling water, until tender. Remove from heat and set aside (uncovered) for five minutes. Drain. Add two tablespoon cheese and butter. Combine cornflour, and milk and pour it on vegetable in the... - 41.6766

Curry Puffs With Vegetable Pastry

Put all the prepared vegetables in a bowl, cover with water and set aside. Meanwhile, mix the tomato puree, lemon juice, garlic, ginger, chilli powder, ground coriander, garam masala and salt in a small bowl. Heat the oil in a heavy-based saucepan and fry the... - 44.6358

Thai Onion Coconut Soup

Healthy and tasty thai onion soup recipe. - 111.745

Chinese Manchow Soup

fry all vegetables with butter/ghee & little salt till half done (for approx 5-7 min) then add ajinomoto-1 pinch n fry it.put the flame off. boil water (4 cups approx) in a separate container mix 1 tbsp corn flour with 4 tbsps of water.(pouring consistency)... - 29.9269

Pav Bhaji Street Style

Pav Bhaji is one a popular Mumbai's street food and now has become popular all across the country. The spicy vegetable curry is served with a soft butter toasted dinner rolls called Pav. This tasted best when served hot. - 128.352