Carvel Ice Cream


Carvel Ice Cream refers to a brand of desserts of American Origin. This brand claims to be the nation’s premier ice cream franchise and has today become one of the most loved brands all over the world. The Carvel is also credited for introducing world’s original all ice cream cake. Today Carvel operates through 500 stores in US and about 8,500 supermarkets all over the world.


History of Carvel Ice Cream
This brand of ice creams was founded by Tom Carvel in 1929. Carvel began selling ice cream from the back of his truck. In 1934, Carvel started operating the country’s first retail ice cream company from the back of his broken down truck. In 1936, Carvel Corporation was formed and the first store was opened in the vicinity of the broken down truck.  In the same year Carvel formulated soft serve for the first time in the history of ice cream. Also, he promoted it by introducing “Buy One Get One Free” scheme which was largely unheard of at that time.  In 1939, Carvel shot into limelight by building first soft serve ice cream machine in the world. In 1947, Carvel Ice Cream emerged as the first brand to open a franchise retail store in US. In 1951, Carvel again created a culinary history by serving round ice cream sandwich. The ensuing years were full of achievements for this brand. The brand was purchased by Roark Capital Group in 2001. In 2002, the brand introduced 98% fat-free flying saucers, Slice Mmm’s and Uptown Smoothies. In 2010 Carvel was voted as the “Best Ice Cream “by readers of Long Island Press.


Carvel Ice Cream Recipes

  • Carvel Ice Cream Cake: This cake can be easily prepared by using few readymade ingredients like Nabisco chocolate wafer cookies, ice cream, and Magic shell coating. The cake preparation begins by freezing the springform cake pan for couple of hours in a freezer. Gradually, the ice cream flavor is taken out and it is softened for about 15 minutes to soft-serve consistency. Ultimately the cake is formed by arranging layers of ice cream over  wafers cookies and topping it with chocolate bars and magic shell coating. This easy cake is good to be served during all special occasions.
  • Easy Carvel Vanilla Ice Cream: This is one of the popular Carvel Ice Cream variants and it can be easily prepared at home by combining the whole milk with heavy cream, granulated sugar, and vanilla extract.  This dessert can be served regularly or on special occasions.
  • Easy Carvel Chocolate Ice Cream: This is one of the earliest and popular amongst Carvel ice cream variants. It is prepared by combining the cocoa powder, packed brown sugar, granulated sugar, vanilla extract, milk and heavy cream in varying proportions. This ice cream can be either served in soft-serve consistency or it can be served in a firmer consistency by refrigerating for some time.


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