Carrot Ball

Carrot ball, as the name suggests, is a ball which is prepared by using carrots as one of the main ingredients. These balls are prepared both in sweet and savory form and make a healthy snack option for the kids. Usually relished as a picnic or tiffin food, these balls are easy to make and are delicious and nutritious as well.


Ingredients and Preparation

The ingredients which are typically suggested by a carrot ball recipe include grated carrots, cream, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla extract. The savory carrot balls, however, include mixed vegetables, carrots, herbs and seasoning. The choice of ingredients usually varies as per the recipe or personal taste and preference.


For making the balls, all the ingredients are mixed well and then rolled over breadcrumbs. The prepared balls are either baked, fried or refrigerated depending upon the recipe instructions.



Carrot ball is usually relished by the children as it is. Sweet carrot balls are often served as dessert after topping with whipped cream and nuts. Savory carrot balls are usually served as snack or appetizers and are often accompanied by dips and sauces.


Popular garnishing used for carrot balls include whipped cream with powdered cinnamon or strawberries, mint sprigs or lemon wedges.



Creamy Coconut Carrot Balls – These balls are prepared by combining grated carrot with desiccated coconut and cream. The balls are easy to make and make an interesting food for kids parties.


Deep Fried Carrot Balls- These balls are commonly savored by the Chinese and are often served with rice or noodles. Ginger, salt and diced scallions are some of the major ingredients besides grated carrot which are used for making the dish. The balls are deep fried and served with dips.


Crunchy Carrot Ball – These balls are a delicious combination of cheddar cheese, cream cheese, carrots, salt and cereal. The crunchiness adds a zing to these balls and makes them a great appetizer.


Potato Carrot Balls – These are savory balls which are prepared by mixing carrots with boiled and mashed potatoes. Onion and capsicum are also used for the dish after chopping finely. Herbs and seasonings are added to the mixture to enhance the flavor of the dish. These balls can be both baked or fried.

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