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Carb or carbohydrates are hydrates of carbon. Carbohydrates are the most common source of energy for living organisms, especially human beings. It is therefore recommended by nutritionists worldwide to go for a diet full of Carbs for a healthy lifestyle. Foods high in carbohydrates include breads, pastas, beans, potatoes, bran, rice, and cereals. Though there has been a controversy regarding the actual importance of carbohydrates, the importance of it cannot be done away with. After all it is easy to digest and give kilojoules of power instantaneously. Based on the effects on proneness to heart disease and obesity, the Institute of Medicine recommends that American and Canadian adults get between 45–65% of dietary energy from carbohydrates.

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How To Combine Carbs With Protein Diet

How To Combine Carbs With Protein Diet On : 15-Feb-2011 By : Nutrition

High protein diets with low carbs are an excellent way to reduce weight. Though a high protein diet was highly beneficial in losing weight but it has some side effects which can be overcome if we combine carbs with protein. In addition, combining carbs with...

How To Plan A Carb Addicts Diet

How To Plan A Carb Addicts Diet On : 19-Jan-2011 By : feedingfrenzy

  It is said that most people who are overweight, are addicted to carbohydrates. When this carbohydrate is not completely and properly burnt, it leads to an imbalance in the level of insulin in a person and this in turn causes a craving for food...

Top 10 Zero-carb Foods

Top 10 Zero-carb Foods On : 14-Oct-2010 By : eatyaty

Carbohydrates are popularly known as “carb”. They are essential for health and serve body in many ways. The article lists the top 10 zero-carb  foods that can be tried out with ease.   Carbohydrates are main source of energy. But over...

Carb Lovers Diet Menu

Carb Lovers Diet Menu On : 01-Jul-2011 By : Gourmet_lover

If you cannot say ‘no’ to the breadbasket, hate to pass up the pasta, or cannot really think of your burgers without buns, then you ought to be major carb freak. Carb lovers diet menu , just as the name suggests, is a food platter that is rich in...

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