Capsicum Masala Recipes

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Capsicum Masala - Indian

Green Pepper is a such a versatile vegetable that you can blend it in way. It goes well in salad, wraps, as a topping, making curry. This one is an easy and simple way of cooking with capsicum. - 120.524

Simla Mirch Masala Sabji - Capsicum Or Bell Pepper Stir Fry

If you're fond of eating Indian curry then do try the capsicum curry. It's very simple to make and tastes delicious too. You can serve it with roti. If you're looking for a quick recipe then this it. Watch the video for this simple recipe. - 102.81

Capsicum Masala Curry / Bell Peppers Curry / Shimla Mirch

Learn how to cook Bell peppers and potatoes in the oven along with some Indian spices. Capsicum (Bell Peppers/ shimla mirch) masala curry in the oven along with potatoes (aloo) and Indian spices. - 101.4

Bell Peppers Masala / Capsicum Masala / Potatoes And Peppers Dish

How to make capsicum with potatoes? Easy Bell peppers dish, Tasty East Indian food, Bell peppers cooked Indian way. - 95.4698

Stuffed Peppers / Stuffed Capsicum / Bharva Shimla Mirch / Masala Shimla Mirch

How to make Pan Fried Stuffed Peppers? Easy recipe for vegetarian stuffed capsicum / stuffed peppers / Masala Shimla mirch. - 77.0964

Capsicum Masala

Dice capsicum and potato. Finely chop 2 onions and roughly chop 1 onion, tomato and green chillies. Grind it to a smooth paste along with cashewnuts without adding water. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a skillet and fry green bell peppers for 2-3 minutes on medium heat.... - 49.8344

Capsicum Fried Masala

Wash, cut and remove the seeds from the capsicum (cut into circle size) Heat oil in a pan; add capsicum along with salt and fry until it changes color. Take it out from the oil and keep aside. Grind all the ingredients from tomato to chilli powder. Keep... - 43.2879

Aloof Masala Stuffed Capsicum

The stuffed capsicum is an indian preparation of stuffed green bell peppers with masala. The stuffed capsicums are filled with cumin, red chili powder, poatoes, garam masala, coriander powder and aniseed powder and microwaved. - 41.9173

Baby Corn Capsicum Masala

Take oil in a kadai, saute capsicum & take it out. Add cumin seeds, gingergarlic paste, turmeric & add babycorn & cook it for 5 minutes & capsicum & saute till it is cooked. Put corriander, salt, chilli powder, tomato puree & cook for a couple of minutes.... - 32.0877