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Best 5 Homemade Chocolate Candy Making Ideas For Chocolate Candy Day

Every year, December 28 is celebrated as the chocolate candy day . We bring you the best 5 homemade chocolate candy making ideas for chocolate candy day , so that you can celebrate this unique day with full enthusiasm. Have a sweet chocolate candy day... -

How To Store Jelly Candy?

I have never had to be bothered about how to store jelly candy – they are eaten away even before I can think of storing them! However, if you have had the fortune of getting or making a really big batch of jelly candies and would like to know the proper... -

What Are The Various Types Of Kosher Candy Gifts

  For candies, chocolates and other food items to be considered Kosher, they must meet the standards and regulations set by the Jewish Halakhic Laws and all the ingredients used to make Kosher candies must be Kosher certified. If you are wondering ... -

How To Remove Candies From Their Moulds

Making candies at home is fun and impressive. The only problem you may encounter is how to remove candies from their moulds. This is a persisting problem for all those who make candies at home. Whether you use molds made of metal, plastic or rubber, ... -

How To Eat Candy

  Eating candy does not require any instructions, right? But despite that I felt I should be blogging these steps of how to eat candy which I came across while talking to one of my candy-maniac friends. Read these simple steps to make this... -

How To Celebrate National Candy Day

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } How To Celebrate National Candy Day! Four days after Halloween, we get yet another opportunity to slip into a candy induced coma. Yes, the National Candy Day falls on the 4 th of November, every year. I'm not... -

How To Gift Homemade Candies As Holiday Gifts

Homemade candies as holiday gifts are the new trends in the holiday gift ideas. Since homemade candies as holiday gifts are the reflections of the love and care you have for that person, you should be careful enough to know how to gift these holiday gift... -

Homemade Candies Are Good Holiday Gift Ideas

Homemade candies definitely are one of the tasty, thoughtful and frugal holiday gift ideas. While the idea seems very simple, you need to be really creative when preparing the homemade candies. Even a small mistake can spoil the taste of these homemade... -

Top 5 Candy Corn Recipes

Come Halloween and bags of yellow, orange, and white candies start making their journey from the ‘trick or treat’ bowls to the mouths of the kids. While there may be a huge debate ranging right now about how chocolate is preferred over these age old... -

How To Melt Candy Melts Properly

Wow, candy melts; it’s so much fun using them while making lollipops and candies for holidays. Now if you master the secret of melting them properly, you have a whole new world of possibilities. Melting candy melts is  pretty simple, all you need to... -

The Return Of ‘mike & Ike’ Rocks Candy World!!!

  Just as you prepare for your Easter bash for your kids, there is good news for the candy lovers in your family. The famous candy icons – Mike and Ike – are returning, together ! The famous fruit chewy candies ‘Mike & Ike’... -

Get Your Dose Of Candy Crush In Mouth

Do you have $4 in your pocket? If yes, then you can play with the "Candy Crush" game for real and even eat the candies after you win the game. Yes, the game that has held every Internet or smartphone user in its sway , has finally become a... -

What Is Cotton Candy Made Of

Eating a fluffy cotton candy is enjoyable no doubt but have you ever wondered what is cotton candy made of? This question is sure to do the rounds every cotton candy day as young children and adults join in the celebrations and have a wonderful time eating... -

Top 5 Christmas Candies

The festival of joy becomes incomplete without the participation of kids surely. But what are you doing to keep your bundles of joy happy? Don’t you forget to hand them candies and lots of them on Christmas! Wait a minute, though! Why buy them, make... -

Facts About Take Five Candy Bars

If you are gifted with both sweet and salty tooth, then the one thing you must crave for are the take five candy bars. Introduced in December 2004 by The Hershey Company, these delectable take five candy bars are named so because of the five... -

5 Curious Candied Apple Recipes

What is more satisfying, biting into a sweet toffee or eating a crunchy apple? Sure, it’s a difficult choice to make. But why bother to answer the question at all? Just combine the two and enjoy the fall season by chewing on the toffee apples also... -

How To Plan A Cotton Candy Day Party

Time for mouth watering treats yet again! It is 'National Cotton Candy Day' on December 7 and you must be wondering how to plan a cotton candy party this time. Well, the candy that literally melts in your mouth is decidedly going to keep your... -

Turkish Delight – A Delightful Candy

Have you heard about a delectable Turkish Delight - A Delightful Candy? If no then head to Spice Bazzar. A Spice Bazaar offers all the varieties of the very popular Turkish candies, like Turkish Delight,  and other treats. It displays a wide array of... -

How To Trick Children Into Eating Less Candy This Halloween

  Halloween...the holiday of excessive candy eating. Everyone knows that kids look forward to Halloween because they get to gather enough free candy to last them the entire year! But as parents, we also know that with this excessive candy intake... -

How To Design A Candy Basket?

Who will not get attracted to candy baskets at stores? But, did you ever wonder how such beautiful baskets are made? Thinking of designing your own at home? Great idea! Here are the tips on how to design a candy basket. Things you need to make a... -

Gourmet Easter Candy

  Come Easter and it is the time for goodies and food gifts. Your Gourmet Easter Candy basket can have so many things like chocolates, biscuits, cookies, Easter eggs and Easter chicks. Don’t forget to add an Easter bunny with the goodies.  Looks... -

Don’t Fall For Candy Marketing This Halloween!

  Candy marketing is a bait to get you to buy more of those utterly sweet things! Especially during Halloween candy marketing by popular brands seems to have won the credibility of people who otherwise were skeptic about the health benefits of... -

How To Keep Candy Molds Clean

Have you ever faced a tangy candy or a candy with strange soap-like taste? Well this article is a guide to teach How To Keep Candy Molds Clean if improper cleaning is one of reasons of its strange taste. Introduction: Once you finish making... -

Watch How Many Candies You Eat

  If there is one thing that you can’t avoid eating on Halloween day, it is the candy. Did you know that 4% of all the candies eaten in the United States happens on this particular day? Statistics give us more interesting results.... -

This Candy Doesn't Cause Cavities

  How many times have you threatened your child about getting cavities from eating a lot of candies? You must have lost count, right? Eating these sugary goodies needn’t be so stressful hereafter, for you might lay your hands... -

Hard Candy: A Choking Hazard

US Researchers say that hard candy, closely followed by other types of candies, is the primary cause of choking in children . Meyli M. Chapina of ‘The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital,’ Columbus, Ohio revealed that 15% of all... -

How To Make Rock Candy On A Stick

This blog will teach you how to make rock candy on a stick. Making rock candy on a stick is great fun. It will let you learn and see how crystals grow. Rock candies serve to be an amazing treat for kids. Making rock candy on a stick is not... -

Todays Food Question - Halloween Candy

How much money is the average American Household expected spend on Halloween Candy this year (2012)? a) $32.55 b) $23.27 c) $42.39 d) $28.60   (Food Question, candy,... -

Top 5 Christmas Candies To Try

  Christmas candies are colorful, yum, and divine. Who doesn’t want them? We do know that you’d love to have some utterly delicious candy recipes, and we have them right here for you. Bring out the child in you by simply... -

5 Halloween Candies That Kids Love To Hate

Kids have the best time on Halloween, no doubt, but imagine their dismay on being handed out a box of stiff raisins instead of something substantial like Snickers , nougats  or butterfingers ? Do take a long... -

Don’t Deprive Your Child Of Candies

  All the excuses that you gave your child for not letting him eat candy have been rendered obsolete. In fact, research proves that these measures to keep a kid away from candy may prove to be counter-productive. Be it forbidding them... -

Kids Say No To Healthy Halloween Candies

"Crest," the company concerned with dental hygiene and oral health care, seems to have forgotten that kids will be, well, kids after all. Trust them to come up with healthy, veggie-based candies for the tiny tots! The reaction was predictable,... -

Gift Candy: How To Tips & Ideas

  Gift candy to those who have a sweet tooth! The items to be included in the gift must be chosen according to the preference of the recipient. Some complementary items may also be included.   How to Choose the Best Candy... -

Beauty Candy Brings New Fad To Food-related Beauty Regime

“ Beauty candy brings new fad to food-related beauty regime ” announced a newspaper heading. Well, what is a beauty candy and how it challenges to dethrone cosmetic market by triggering a new wave of food-related beauty regime? The beauty candy claims... -

Candy Handcuffs

One of those gifts for someone who has everything...   These are from Spencer & Fleetwood ... (Funny, Candy, FL, Florida, Jacksonville, Just For Fun, usa) -

Finally Now, A Candy Corn On The Cob

  Have you ever wondered why someone invented the candy corn, but didn’t go further to make a candy corn on the cob? Well, somebody did think about it and finally filled the gap, successfully! A culinary experimentalist managed to come up... -

How To Freeze Mint Candies At Home

You can make your own mint candies for parties and special occasions. You may require a big batch of candies for parties, so make them and freeze mint candies the day before the event. Buying mint candies in stores would be expensive, so better prepare... -

Know Your Candy Personality This Halloween!

Your candy personality is revealed by your choice of candies! For example, the candy personality of a person who buys 3 Musketeers more than any other brand of chocolates is a social and showy person who likes wearing fancy costumes. The Bit –O... -

Japan Makes Candies That You’ve Never Dreamt Of!

  Who doesn’t love candies? Most of us do! However, do you know what sets us apart from the candy lovers in Japan ? It’s their obsession to make everything cute and pleasing to the eye .  If you think we are talking... -

How To Store Candies

Kids love candies – taking advantage of their love for these sweet goods moms always try and store candies at home. Storing candies is easy – you actually don’t need to learn how to store candies. It is just that you have to be careful how you are... -

National Cotton Candy Day

Foodie fans for some reason today of all days is National Cotton Candy Day???  I would have thought they would have given cotton candy a day in the summer.   I don't eat it often but I like cotton candy...  The little one loves it and will eat it in... -

How To Keep Kids Away From Candies?

When I was a small child, my Dad never allowed me to have too many candies – I didn’t understand why and often felt angry. Now, being a mother I realize how important it is to know how to keep kids away from candies. You keep a box full of candies... -

Bees Make Red Honey From Candy

The State authorities of Utah are concerned about the appearance of red colored honey in some areas of the state. The inspectors believe that the bees have been fed on candy and candy products, which resulted in food dyes showing up in the honey .... -

Break Up By Handing A Candy

Breaking up is always hard no matter whether you are being dumped or doing the dumping yourself. Kathy Mueller, a graduate student has come up with a brilliant idea to ease such a situation. Her ‘Clean Break’ candy will not only give your soon to be... -

Candy Cocaine Botch Up Costs $42500

Well, the NYPD is not equipped to handle a candy let alone a criminal. An overeager cop arrested George Pringle, an off duty substance abuse counselor on the fateful night of February 3, 2011, on the charges of possessing crack cocaine . He was jailed for... -

A Spicy Twist To Your Classic Candy Canes

  Sriracha is getting popular by the day. First, it was just the sauce making rounds in the US. As taste buds got adapted to the spiciness, Lay’s used it as one of its potato chip flavors, followed by Subway who tried it on its... -

How To Eat Cotton Candy

Sticky and sugary sweet, cotton candies are all time hit dessert and how to eat cotton candy   is probably known by all of us.  How to eat a cotton candy Once cotton candy is exposed... -

All-natural Cotton Candy Grapes Created!

  Are you someone who loves cotton candy, but refrains from eating it because of its stickiness? Then, here is an option for you to relish the taste of this sugar-spun treat without actually eating one.  A new variety of table grapes which... -

Recession – Are Candy Companies Experiencing A Big Boom?

I love psychology and so do not miss out on anything connected to people and their behavior. Recession seems to be showing up extreme behaviors among different sets of people. Recently had done a blog post on “ Recession – How is it affecting your sex... -

The History Of Cotton Candy Day

As you spend the National Cotton Candy Day on December, 7 th ; you must learn about the history of Cotton Candy Day . Being the most favorite confection to almost everyone, the cotton candy has started its way in early days. However, the Cotton Candy... -

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Candy

If you are a candy craver but cannot binge on it for fear of piling on extra pounds, then don't despair. You can prepare simple, low fat candies at home to satisfy your sweet tooth without spiking up your daily calorie intake. Trail the tips on how... -

Cake Decorating With Italian Violet Candies

In Italy, one of the most beautiful ways of beautifying a cake is to decorate it with Italian Violet Candies. So, we bring to you the process of cake decorating with Italian Violet Candies. Italian Violet candies are small licorice candies that are... -

5 Easy Candies That Can Be Made At Home

Popping a candy into your mouth is one of the most enjoyable things to do. However, it is not mandatory to go and buy a big bag of jellybeans, or liquorice, and lollipops, every time you need a sugar kick. You can make them out of some basic ingredients ... -

How To Store Candy

Knowing how to storing candies is a good way to keep them fresh and enjoyable for long time ahead. Let us take a sneak peek at some of the ways on how to keep candies fresh for long by proper storage. Storing Candies ... -

Candy Chocolate Easter

  Candy chocolate Easter is a very popular sweet, which can be used for display as well as be added to the Easter baskets. Candy is a special part of Easter celebrations and among the various types of candies, chocolate candy treats are the... -

H&s Candies Chocolates - The Perfect Gifts For Your Loved Ones This Christmas

With the holiday season in full swing, it can get a little tiring trying to find the perfect gift for all those special people in your life. That's why I'm so glad to have discovered a new series of Holiday chocolates by H&S Candies! ... -

Obama Promises Candy This Halloween! Trick Or Treat?

Barack Obama, the  First Citizen is worried about the election results post Nov 6. In fact, he tried to lure in the people of Ohio, the swing state, with the promise of a huge huge Hershey Bar. For the others it would be candies all the way, he joked saying... -

The Philadelphia National Candy Gift And Gourmet Show

The Philadelphia National Candy Gift and Gourmet Show is sponsored by the Retail Confectioners Association of Philadelphia (RCAP). The RCAP, a non-profit Trade Association, was founded in 1918 for the purpose of sharing information and knowledge about candy... -

How To Make Easter Egg Dyes With Candies

Are you fed up with chemical dyes available in the market because you don’t want to put your children’s health at risk simply to color your Easter eggs? Well, we understand your dilemma and that is why we figured out a way to avoid this by using dyeing... -

Dylans Candy Bars Barbie Obsession!

All things sweet and pretty come together with the new line of Dylans Candy Bar. Dylans candy bar has released a line of Barbie inspired candies and candy wrappers in honor of her fiftieth birthday. It seems to me that age isn’t a problem for Barbie,... -

How To Store Nut Candies

I felt the need to learn how to store nut candies last Christmas when I had loads of nut candies at home and I didn’t have any idea how to keep them fresh. I tried keeping them in my kitchen cabinet, but I feared that they will get soiled in the heat of... -

Easter Chocolate Candy

    Easter Chocolate Candy  is the most interesting part of Easter holidays. You can find them everywhere you go and in all the gifts that you open. In spite of having varied Easter foods, the focus is entirely on... -

How To Make Rock Candy Suckers

Hard rock candy suckers were invented more than a century ago and are still one of the most popular and widely consumed non-chocolate sweets around the world. But ever wondered how to make these delightful rock candy suckers at home? Well, it is... -

Wanna Try Moss Chocolate Or Lichen Candy?

  Extreme weather hampers vegetation. However, one can still find nutritious sources of food say the researchers at the Arctic lab located in Northern Russia. To prove their point, they went ahead and created delicious dishes such as ... -

Candy Heart Conversation For 2014

The tradition of handing out candy hearts to your sweetheart on the occasion of Valentine’s Day is as old as ‘love’ itself. But don’t you feel that words like, ‘Be Mine’ or ‘Kiss Me’ and even ‘Let’s Get Busy’ is a trifle dated for the... -

How To Melt Chocolate For Coating Candies

Chocolate can be melted in different ways to make candies as well as coat fruits. You are free to  use any variety for this purpose. Dark, semi-sweet and white it does not matter in the least. Read on for the details of melting chocolate correctly in order... -

How To Make Homemade Italian Candy

Of all the caramelle – Italian for candies , torrone is the candy that has always intrigued me; this sticky, nougat like white fluffy Italian candy is arguably one of the oldest known sweets from Italy. I love this so much that I keep making it and... -

How To Celebrate The National Cotton Candy Day

Being on, December 7 th ; you must have some plans on how to celebrate the National Cotton Candy Day , as this day is dedicated to this favorite and delicious sugary confection, cotton candy. It would be difficult to find out a single person on world,... -

Healthy Alternatives For Easter Candies

Apart from the scrumptious food on Easter day, there are loads of sugar sunken sweet candies that are a part and parcel of Easter celebration. These colourful bright candies  are quite a nightmare for the weight watchers. Thankfully, we have many... -

Carry Candy : How To Tips & Ideas

Candy is the perfect gift for birthday, friendship’s day or even Valentine’s Day. If you want to send the candies to your friend for friendship’s day, here are the tips to carry candy by mail.   The two main goals in... -

How To Use Leftover Candy Canes

                            Here is a ‘how to use leftover candy canes’ tutorial that might ease the pain of storing them all away in your pantry.  Christmas is over and you find yourself stuck with a million candy canes... -

Nestle’s ‘mysterious Temptress’ Entices Candy-lovers

The sales sample of the Crunch Girl Scout Candy bar is proving to be quite the “mysterious temptress.” The sample, floated by Nestle on Reddit, has the candy lovers in a tizzy and the company is more than happy with the response. However, be informed that... -

Candy Corn Question For Halloween

How many pounds of candy corn do Americans consume each year ? 10 million 15 million 20 million (Food Question) -

Tips To Make Homemade Candy Canes

It is easy to purchase candy canes as they are easily available at stores but  nothing can be more when  you succeed in making them at home. In case you have faced difficulties in preparing them in the past or you plan to try these out... -

How To Make Coconut Candy

Do you want a highly appreciated coconut candy recipe ? I have one for you. But not trying out how to make coconut candy after reading about it is one of the biggest crimes you could possibly imagine of committing. These coconut candies are nearly... -

What Are The Healthy And Sweet Alternatives To Candy?

Candies with their sweet and chewy nature are like the wands, which weave magic once they go into your mouth. With kids doting on the sweet tooth stick(like a long-lost toy), it would do good  if you were to look for healthy and sweet alternatives to... -

Annual Candy Festival And Fall Craft Fair

Date: Saturday, May 2010 Time: 10am to 5pm at Location: Texas street, Fairfield, CA Folks at Fairfiled, CA are having the fun family freindly Candy festival next weekend. They arrange this on 2nd Saturday of... -

Candies With Conscience - Are You Listening?

Stores and salons are selling candies with conscience - are you listening chocolate lovers? You too can be a contributor in saving the ecological system and help the farmers that grow cocoa for you so that you can eat chocolates and candies. Yes, ... -

What Should Be The Color Of Candy This Halloween?

The color of candy that you buy for Halloween should be ideally yellow or red if you want your gift to be a big hit.  The color of candy , according to a PaekBiety study of branding and advertising that is selling the most this year, is one or a... -

Candy For Cows!

Gone are the days when kids were the only ones satisfied to gain a bagful of candies Now it comes in all sort of shapes and sizes and has started being favored by the cattle class namely the cows! But what has the docile animal have to do with the sickly... -

Warning-halloween Candy May Be Tainted

Possible tainting of Halloween candy from Target , etc. made in China may contain melamine !! USA Food Supply May be Tainted? . . . Halloween Candy? SPREAD THE WORD! Are the Foods we eat TAINTED By Melamine... -

Tips To Make Homemade Candy Bars

Families with kids will agree that they spend quite a few dollars every month on candy bars ! This is one of the main reasons of women trying out homemade candy bars ( loaded with creamy caramel, peanut nougat and salty... -

Star Power Used To Promote Healthy Candy

  Eating candy isn’t really healthy. We all know that but most of us are unable to keep our hands off this sweet sticky treat. Now Unreal Candy has come up with a healthier or less unhealthy option. The company intends to do away with all... -

How To Grow Rock Candy Crystals

                             Do you love the novel sweetener served in modish hotels and restaurants? These glowing candies are better known as the rock candy crystals. I am going to share with you the process of how to grow rock candy... -

Resident Chef Contest Dessert Entry Winner - Crunchy Banana Chocolate Candies

  Fruits were never my favorite as a kid and bananas were something I ran miles away from. But mom was forever smart. She knew well how to make me eat this nutrition loaded fruit without having to play hide and seek with me, trying in vain, to... -

Gluten Free Candy Health Benefits

  Trying to get your kid switch to gluten free candy might not be too difficult as they look and taste similar. You will, of course, get the added bonus of imparting your child with health benefits, courtesy the gluten less ingredients. But how... -

‘charlie’ Brings Candy On Wheels To Britain

Charlie (of the Chocolate Factory fame) was a hardcore candy-lover so he understood that there is no better sight than a cute little candy van rolling through Britain on wheels, enticing the young and old alike with its sugary delights.   In case of... -

J Lo Shares Candy With Boyfriend Casper

  J Lo seems to be intent on having the best of both worlds. She was recently seen enjoying candy with the new man in her life, Casper Smart. She had, in fact, been sharing the limelight with her ex hubby Marc Anthony at Las Vegas only the... -

The Candy With Name Of Brigadier General Appeared In Brazil

The candy with name of Brigadier General appeared in Brazil, the Brigadier General received this name in homage to Brigadier General Eduardo Gomes, politician who disputed the presidential elections of 1945 with General Eurico Caspar Dutra. To the time, given... -

Skittles Candy – Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Popular candy brand, Skittles, is in trouble for being at the wrong place at the wrong time - all because a 17-year-old boy, Trayvon Martin, was carrying a bag of Skittles when he was gunned down by a neighborhood watchman. And the makers, Mars Inc., don’t... -

Bank Interest Paid In Ice Creams & Candies

  The Whalebone Café Bank in Pittsburg has been attracting the attention of economists and Bankers in the region for some time now. The reason- It is a grudge bank initiated by Ethan Clay the owner of ‘Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and... -

Ryan Seacrest-julianne Hough Share Sweet Nothings & Cotton Candy At Las Vegas

The popular host of American Idol, Ryan  Seacrest was seen sampling delectable food at the casino city, Las Vegas last weekend. Accompanied by girlfriend  Julianne Hough , the sexy star of Burlesque, Seacrest sampled the Far Eastern fare at ‘Simon... -

Fan Of Aly Raisman Pops The Question With A Candy Ring Pop

  The gold medalist gymnast, Aly Riasman  was in for a surprise when on an autograph signing spree. A young man, got down on his knee and proposed to Aly while offering her a Sugar   Candy Ring Pop.... -

Big Cookies Candies Of Christmas

Ingredients: 3/4 spoon of amolecida butter 1 spoon of sugar 1 egg 2 flour spoons 1 spoon tea of I leaven 1/8 spoon of nut-moscada tea 2 milk soup spoons 1 spoon of vanilla tea (optional) Dressing gown well the butter with the sugar, joins the egg and the... -

Beat Winter With Beet Recipes - Nature's Natural Candy

The freezing chill can make even the rosiest look dark and lifeless unless you give it the creative perspective. The same is with beets so how about enjoying this winter with some fun beet recipes ? Slice it, spruce it and simply snap it into your... -

Halloween Question

Who is the largest producer of Candy Corn in the USA ?   (Food Question, Candy, halloween, usa, Wrapping with the Tortilla Guy) -

Meet The World's Largest Gummy Worm

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Meet the world's largest gummy worm which is 128 times bigger than the regular gummy worm. It is big and it weighs 3 pounds. No kidding! It also has 4000 empty calories. But would the fact that it contains 4000... -

Manhattan Bagel Welcomes The Holidays

Some interesting Food Products for the Holidays   Candy Cane Bagel (Available Mid November) Soon candles will be lit in windows, holiday songs will be playing on the radio, and holiday goodies will be available at your local Manhattan Bagel... -

Celebrate Valentine's Day With H&s Chocolates

Valentine's Day is approaching, and H&S Candies has returned with a new edition of delicious chocolate. The company will donate a portion of the proceeds to Compassion International. So grab a box for all your loved ones this February 14th! ... -

Milk, Dark Or White Chocolate? FOO... Just wondering.....milk, dark or white chocolate? Since I had all 3 yesterday for Halloween, I had a hard time deciding. In the end I go with MILK chocolate. What's your favorite?? Veronica (in the video above) likes DARK... -