Canadian Pasta


Canadian pasta, or pasta dishes eaten in Canada, are a rich blend of traditional pasta preparations and modern experimentation. Pasta like spaghetti and angel hair is most popular on Canadian restaurant menu lists, and is most often paired with fish and shellfish. Sauces such as Alfredo, pesto or a simple tomato sauce are the most popular choices for Canadian pasta dishes. Canadian-Italian restaurants like Alice Fajooli's and the Old Spaghetti Factory are doing brisk business on account of the popularity of pasta dishes.


Ingredients and Preparation

Ingredients include pasta such as angel hair, spaghetti, fusilli, gemelli or orichiette, olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, wine, broth, seafood such as shrimp, lobster and clams, vegetables, smoked chicken, bread crumbs and various types of cheeses like Cheddar, Monterey Jack or Parmesan. Many multiple cheese dishes are quite popular. Flavorings like basil, parsley and oregano are often used to flavor these dishes.


The preparation typically involves preparing a sauce with sautéed garlic and seafood cooked with other ingredients like tomatoes, wine and flavorings and served with cooked pasta. Besides this basic tomato sauce, Alfredo and pesto sauces are also some of the most preferred preparations. Alfredo sauce is made with cream, butter, garlic, cheese and parsley, while pesto is made with olive oil, basil, garlic, cheese and pine nuts. A combination of the two, or a pesto-Alfredo sauce, is also used for various preparations.


Some recipes involve roasting the seafood or meats before inclusion in the sauce. Casserole pasta dishes are also popular, which involve baking the pasta with sauce and other ingredients like cooked meat, bread crumbs and cheese.




Canadian pasta is served hot, with a garnish of grated cheese, as a starter, side or main dish.


Popular Canadian Pasta Dishes

  • Spaghetti with Meatballs: This consists of meatballs served with a truffle cream sauce flavored with garlic and enriched with cheese, served over cooked spaghetti.


  • Crab Ravioli with Pesto Alfredo Sauce: This consists of ravioli with crab stuffing in an Alfredo sauce made with olive oil, garlic, pine nuts, basil, cheese and cream.


  • Shrimp Angel Hair Pasta: This consists of roasted garlic, olive oil, sautéed shrimp, white wine, tomato and Salsa Verde, and is a popular dish at Alice Fajooli's, the popular Canadian based restaurant chain for Italian food.


  • Chicken Broccoli Pasta Alfredo: This consists of grilled chicken served over cooked fettucine tossed with creamy Alfredo sauce and broccoli.


  • Tagliatelle with Chorizo Sausage: This consists of a sauce made with roasted tomatoes, basil and mussels served with Canadian chorizo sausage and cooked tagliatelle.




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