Campfire Trout Recipes

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Campfire Trout

Wash trout and pat dry. Dip trout into flour or cornmeal to cover all surfaces. Cook bacon to desired crispness. Drain and reserve. Saute trout quickly in hot bacon fat. Do not overcook. Taste for seasoning; if necessary, add salt to taste. - 29.0372

Campfire Trout

Clean and gut trout (removal of head is optional). Open trout, place butter, diced onion, salt & pepper to taste. Wrap in aluminum foil. On grate over good hot coals, cook approximately 6-8 min on each side, depending on size of trout. - 23.6412

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Camp Baked Trout

Clean the trout and cut off the head and tail. Sprinkle the salt and the onion evenly inside the trout, then place the strip of bacon over the diced onion so that it will not fall out. The trout so dressed is then ready to be wrapped firmly with wet maple... - 38.0243

Blackened Fish

Build a campfire and allow it to burn down to glowing coals. In shallow bowl, combine seasoning ingredients. Set aside. Place cast-iron skillet on cooking grate over campfire. When drop of water flicked onto skillet dances across it, skillet is hot. Dredge... - 39.9145