Caipirinha designated as the national cocktail of Brazil by the International Bartenders Association is prepared with sugar, cachaca and lime, where Cachaca is the most popular distilled alcoholic drink of Brazil and is made from sugarcane products. The Caipirinha cocktail is popularly made and served in bars, restaurants and households all over Brazil, and although it was an unfamiliar drink outside the country, in the recent years, this cocktail has gained a great deal of popularity owing to the fast selling top branded Cachaca drink. In the Caipirinha recipe, where the term “Caipirinha” is similar in meaning to “country bumpkin,” includes the Brazilian Cachaca rum because of its intense sweet. The cocktail was originated as a Carnavale drink and even though a premium Cachaca may not be easily available, it is most recommended for this cocktail recipe as otherwise the doesn’t have a strong flavor of its own and a cheaper branded Cachaca can ruin the Caipirinha.


History of Caipirinha Recipe

The Caipirinha drink which is equated with Mojito and Margarita in terms of popularity even after being a newer introduction to the group, has interesting stories to relate to as regards to its invention, even though, there are debates concerning its exact origin. The evolution of the Caipirinha recipes stretched back to the times when the workers toiling hard in the sugar cane plantations wanted to find out a palatable way of drinking the Cachaca, which they produced with such hard labor. Alternatively, the origin of the Caipirinha recipes also attributed to as the invention of the Portuguese slave traders, who, while returning to Europe used limes for preventing scurvy and would often, mix into the Brazilian Cachaca and sugar for a sweet, refreshing drink.


Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Caipirinha Cocktail

For making Caipirinha, the ingredients required are Cachaca, superfine sugar and lime. For the cocktail, the lime is first cut into four wedges and placed inside the glass. To the lime wedges, few tablespoons of sugar is added (depending on the size of the lime and personal taste preference) and using a pestle, the sugar and lime wedges are muddled together, as this crushes the lime and allows the sugar and lime to mix well, although care should be taken so as not to break the lime skin, which can make the drink bitter. Next, the Caipirinha recipe suggests, adding some crushed ice in the glass and fill it to the top. Finally, the Cachaca is filled into the glass and using a cocktail shaker, the freshly made Caipirinha is blended for few seconds.


Serving and Drinking Caipirinha Cocktail

Caipirinhais best served on the rocks in lowball or old fashioned cocktail glass and garnished with a lemon wedge or lemon slice.


Caipirinha Recipe: Popular Variations 

Caipirinha comes in several variations as the Cachaca, which tastes best in combination with fruits, has given the mixologists complete freedom on experimenting on the simple Caipirinha recipe and coming up with different complicated versions of the Caipirinha cocktail with the addition of fruits and berries such as acai berry, passion fruit, pineapple, kiwi and strawberry to name a common few, and so, Kiwi caipirinha, Passionfruit Caipirinha and Strawberry caipirinha are easy to come by in the bars and restaurants. Besides, these experimental fruity versions of Caipirinha cocktail, there are certain drinks which bear strong similarity to the Brazilian Caipirinha and the most notable amongst them is the Capifruta, another popular Brazilian cocktail made with crushed fruits, cachaca, condensed milk and crushed ice. This drink which is strongly resembles the Caipirinha, mostly uses fresh fruits like kiwi, pineapple, lemon, tangerine, cashew, caja, mango and grapes.


Besides, there are several drinks which are the derived versions of the original Caipirinha, which lead to the alteration of the Caipirinha recipe owing to the unavailability of the Cachaca. Some well known derived versions of the Caipirinha cocktail are as follows –

  •  Caipivodka – Also called Caipiroshka or Caipiroska, this derived Caipirinha drink substitutes black vodka for cachaca. The drink can also be found in other synonyms such as Black Caipiroshka, Caipiblack and Caipiroska Negra.
  • Caipirissima– This is Caipirinha drink prepared with rum rather than cachaça.
  • CaipirItaly– This variation of Caipirinha cocktail from Italy replace cachaca with Campari.
  • Caipirão– This is the Portuguese version of Caipirinha, which replaces cachaca with Licor Beirão, a Portuguese liqueur.
  • Sakerinha– This Caipirinha recipe uses sake. 


Nutrition Facts of Caipirinha Cocktail

One serving of Caipirinha yields 150 calories which is contributed by 16 grams of carbohydrates and 1 gram of protein.


Caipirinha Cocktail: Trivia 

In the literary sense, the name of the drink originates from the word “caipira” which means a “countryside lady” and is equivalent to the word “hillbilly” in American English. In Portuguese, Caipirinha means ‘little countryside drink.’

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