Cabbage Soup

Cabbage Soup is a delicious, appetizing soup variety, prepared with celery, sweet onion, canned tomatoes, chopped cabbage, chicken broth, vegetable broth, and tomato-vegetable juice cocktail. The soup is best enjoyed when made a day before consumption, chilled overnight in the refrigerator, and warmed just before serving. Cabbage soup is often served with sliced French baguette, salt, black pepper, and tabasco sauce seasonings.

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Three Great Varieties Of Cabbage Soup

Three Great Varieties Of Cabbage Soup On : 22-Apr-2011 By : TheHealthNut

    My husband asked me today to make him some cabbage soup. He absolutely loves this when he comes home from a cold winter day of four wheeling.These are famous cabbage soup recipes that you can try at home.These are great soups if...

Cabbage Soup Diet- 7 Days Of Work

Cabbage Soup Diet- 7 Days Of Work On : 25-Aug-2011 By : janiesierra

The Cabbage Soup Diet is known for its efficiency in losing weight fast and it is just only a 7-day diet plan which does not require a long time commitment. Want to lose more weight fast? Then have cabbage soup whenever you feel hungry! The more cabbage soup...

How To Go On A Cabbage Soup Cleansing Diet

How To Go On A Cabbage Soup Cleansing Diet On : 08-Oct-2010 By : Sweetcandy

Cabbage soup diet is one of the most talked about diet plans today as it is highly effective in being able to reduce weight, without compromising on the nutritional balance. Before you learn how to go on a cabbage soup cleansing diet, you should know that...

Cabbage For Weight Loss

Cabbage For Weight Loss On : 03-Jun-2011 By : chockyfoodie

Rumor has it that cabbage is good for weight loss. As claimed following a low fat, high–fiber diet for seven days will help you to get lighter by 10 pounds. But experts argue that like many high profile fad diets that hit the market the cabbage soup diet ...

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