Butterfly Cake

Butterfly cake, a type of cupcake, is shaped like a Butterfly and is sometimes also called as fairy cake because of the wings. These cakes look appealing because of their designs and are tasty to eat. The cake can be prepared in the flavor of the choice and the toppings also differ. The cake is usually prepared by following the normal method and then carved into a Butterfly. It is popular during  theme parties and is mostly relished at weddings or birthday parties.


History and Origin of Butterfly Cakes

The cake is first said to have been prepared in Britain. These fairy cakes have been popular in England since long back and were an expensive treat due to the elaborate decoration on the wings.


Method of Preparation and Ingredients Used in Butterfly Cake Recipe

The major ingredients required for making a Butterfly cake are butter, sugar, eggs, self-rising flour, cocoa, salt, and milk. A thick batter is made and baked in cupcakes. Wings are carved by slicing the top and  icing of choice is made and applied to the wings and decorated with cherries, sugar and nuts. The wings are joined by a vertical jam filled layer and kept back on the cake. The cake can be decorated further by making the antennae and designs on the wings.


Popular Butterfly Cake Recipe

  • Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Butterfly Cake- A crispy and soft oatmeal cake prepared in the shape of Butterfly; usually served as an evening snack.
  • Lemon Curd Butterfly Cake- A sweet and sour Butterfly cake made by using zest and juice of lemon
  • Chocolate Butterfly Cake- Butterfly cake topped with a layer of crispy nuts and chocolate.
  • Butterfly cake with strawberry wings- A plain vanilla cake shaped as Butterfly having the wings made of fresh strawberries. This cake is a delightful treat for children.


Serving Butterfly Cakes

The Butterfly cakes are usually served on a large tray along with a specialized knife for cutting these cakes. The cakes are relished with hot beverages like tea or coffee, while the children love having them with juices. A Butterfly cake makes a perfect treat after dinner and is also a craze among the kids in birthday parties. 

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