Butter Alcohol Recipes

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The Butter Comfort Cocktail

Great things come in 1 oz increments, in this case it's butterscotch and SoCo and a bit over 2 ounces of love. - 111.679

Arugula Bacon And Butter Bean Side Dish For Pork

This is a delicious, rustic side dish of butter beans and rocket lettuce tossed with a warm bacon fat dressing. Its super easy and incredibly fast to prepare. It made a wonderful accompaniment for pork chops. I highly recommend this simple yet fancy dish. - 99.501

Rich And Frothy Butter Cream Cocktail

Rock your world with this off-the-wall drink that comes infused with butterscotch schnapps, some Irish cream and milk. A nice inviting drink that will have you yearning for a second, third, fourth and more. Roll the video to learn what makes this drink truly... - 97.7927

Creamy Butter Bee Good

Make a creamy concoction that will have everyone feeling frothy. This pousse-cafe shot layers bärenjäger (honey liqueur), butterscotch schnapps and bailey’s Irish cream. Truly awesome, this one's a must try! Get on with the video to learn what makes this... - 96.9069

Rum And Butter Tarts

GETTING READY 1. In a bowl, place currants and cover them with boiling water. Allow them to soak for 10 minutes until they swell up. 2. Preheat the oven to 375°F before baking. MAKING 3. Drain the currants thoroughly in a colander. 4. In a small saucepan,... - 43.0806

Peanut Chocolate Butter Bars

Melt chocolate in top of a double boiler over hot water; set aside. Cream butter and peanut butter. Add sugar, egg, and vanilla, mixing well. Combine flour, soda, and salt; stir into creamed mixture. Stir in oats. Press three-fourths of peanut butter mixture... - 41.9002

Butter Tarts

Cream the butter, sugar, corn syrup and salt together, and stir in beaten eggs, vanilla, vinegar and spice. Pour boiling water over raisins and let stand 10 minutes; then drain and dry. Roll out pastry, and cut in circles to fit deep medium-size muffin... - 41.5851

Butter Rum Candy

Pour rice into blender and work into a powder. Pour into a large bowl or food processor. Add remaining ingredients. Work with wooden spoon or steel blade until mixture is completely blended (mixture will be sticky). Form into 20 patties. Place patties on an... - 33.5645

Butter Rum Sauce

Butter Rum Sauce is a yummy and sumptuous addition to your cakes. This yummy sauce miraculously sauce heightens the delicious flavor of your cakes. You just have to try the Butter Rum Sauce! - 33.0943

Butter Rum Patties

Pour rice into blender and work into a powder. Pour into large bowl or food processor and add remaining ingredients. Work with wooden spoon or steel blade until mixture is completely blended; mixture will be sticky. Form into 20 patties. Place patties on an... - 30.6538

Baked Fillets In Lemon Butter

Grease shallow baking dish and arrange single layer of fillets in it. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over fish. Place in 450°F. oven, and allow 10 minutes cooking time per 1-inch thickness of fillets. You will know fish is done when it becomes... - 30.4917

Rum Butter

MAKING 1) In a bowl, add butter and cream well. 2) Slowly mix in the sugar with the lemon rind and juice. 3) Keep beating and add the rum little at a time to the desired flavor. 4) Plate out and chill. SERVING 5) Add over mince pies and serve. - 30.2925

Beer N Butter Marinade

Combine beer with rest of marinade ingredients, reserving butter and oil. Pour over chicken; cover and refrigerate 4 hours or overnight. When ready to barbecue, heat marinade. Add butter and oil and use as basting sauce as chicken cooks. - 28.606

Butter-crumb Crust

Mix flour, brown sugar and nuts together. Stir in the melted butter or margarine with a fork, then with fingertips, to form a crumbly mixture. Press into bottom and sides of a deep 9-inch pie plate, and prick here and there. Bake at 300°F. 30-35... - 27.7342

Brandy, Whiskey Or Rum Butter

Traditionally served with Christmas pudding and mince pies, this is also called Hard Sauce because after it has been made it is chilled until hard and when served melts deliciously on the hot pudding. Cream the butter with the grated rind. Add the sugar... - 27.4956

Brandy Butter

Brandy Butter is simply irresistible. Try this amazingly delicious Brandy Butter recipe; I am sure you will always tempt to prepare this for every party! - 27.3736

Easy Butter Rum Sauce

In saucepan brown the butter; remove from heat. Blend in corn syrup and about half the frosting mix; add remaining mix and gradually stir in evaporated milk. Heat through, stirring constantly. Remove from heat; stir in rum and nuts. - 27.2275

Red Wine Butter For Steak

Red Wine Butter For Steak is a very tempting recipe which you would love to serve to your dear ones. Enjoy this Red Wine Butter recipe on the coming get together party! - 26.8666

Rum Butter Cream Frosting

MAKING 1) In a bowl, beat butter or margarine until soft. 2) While still beating, add sugar alternately with rum extract and milk until creamy-smooth. SERVING 3) Use to frost desired cake. - 26.2102

Rum Butter

Beat the butter to a cream and beat in the sugar. When light and creamy, add the rum gradually. Transfer to a serving dish and chill thoroughly before using. SHERRY BUTTER: As for Rum Butter, using sherry in place of rum and castor sugar in place of soft... - 19.4315

Clarified Butter

Please see video - 12.3485