Bun Steamer

Bun Steamer is a warming equipment used specially to steam various types of buns and hot dogs. It comes with a basket or a drawer meant for holding the buns while they are steamed. The capacity of a bun steamer may vary depending on home use or commercial use. Commercial bun steamers may steam upto 150 buns or more at a time, while the ones meant for home use are good enough to steam a few buns at a time.
Steaming buns started way back in the 1900s when small hot dog cart owners would steam their stale buns to make it more palatable. However, the bun steamer is a relatively new invention made by Chris Schutte in 2008.
Bun Steamer for Home Use – These steamers are specially meant for home use and small kitchens. They are relatively smaller and may steam 4 to 6 buns at a time. They are light and easy to clean and cost much less compared to the commercial steamers.
Bun Steamer for Commercial Use – This type of bun steamer is mostly used by commercial establishments like fast food joints or hot dog carts. It is much larger and has two levels or racks for speedy steaming. While one of the racks is used to warm the hot dogs the other may be used to steam buns. It usually has a glass door for visibility to outsiders and a rear door for the user.
How to Buy a Bun Steamer
While buying a bun steamer one can simply decide on the desired capacity, and accordingly opt for a bun steamer for commercial use or home use. It is best to rely on reputed brands.
Popular Brands Selling Bun Steamer

  • Bake MaxIf offers a dual steamer with two shelves. It is made of stainless steel, has high quality heating elements and a temperature control.
  • Innovative Everyday Products It offers a hot dog steamer with a stainless steel rack which has two levels. The bottom one for hot dogs and the top level for buns. It is dishwasher safe.
  • Star Manufacturing It offers a bun steamer with a full size bun basket and weighs about 4 pounds.
  • APW WyottIt is made of stainless steel with tempered glass and a rear access door. It has both a hot dog steamer and a bun steamer, and is for commercial use.

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