Brussels Sprout Soup

Brussels sprouts soup, as the name suggests, is a soup prepared by using Brussels sprouts as one of its main ingredients. Brussels sprouts, or choux de Bruxelles in French, resemble tiny cabbages and taste like them. The vegetable is a winter crop, is highly nutritious, and belongs to the Brassica family which also includes collard, kale and cabbages. One of the main vegetables of United States and Mediterranean Europe, Brussels sprouts can be eaten in the form of dry and gravy vegetables; stir-fried,  or roasted vegetables; or as vegetables in stews and soups.


Method of Preparation and  Commonly Used Ingredients in Brussels Sprout Soups

Brussels sprout soup can be prepared in a number of ways with different ingredients. However, for the basic Brussels sprout soup recipe, the ingredients which are required are Brussels sprouts, chicken stock, garlic, water, flour, milk, salt and pepper. To make the dish, sprouts and garlic are sautéed in heated butter, and chicken stock is added to it. The ingredients are cooked on a low-flame for some time and then water and flour are added to impart a thicker consistency to the soup. The soup is finally seasoned with salt and pepper, and served with crusty breads.


Nutrition Facts of Brussels Sprout Soups

Regular consumption of soup made with Brussels sprouts provides the body with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, calcium, folacin, antioxidants and enough dietary fiber. The soup is low in calories and is almost cholesterol free. Copper, calcium, phosphorus and manganese are also provided to the body through Brussels sprout soup.


Health Benefits of Brussels Sprout Soups

  • Helps in weight reduction- Brussels sprout soup is a highly recommended food for those seeking weight loss as the sprouts are high in fiber and contain very less calories and zero cholesterol.
  • Protection against many cancers- Brussels sprout soup is loaded with antioxidants like lutein, zeaxanthin, indoles, sulfaoraphane and isothiocynates. These antioxidants provide the body protection against many cancers such as colon, prostate and endometrial. Glucose, sinigrin is also present in the soup which gives protection from colon cancer by combating pre-cancerous cells.
  • Proper functioning of retina- Zeaxanthin, present in Brussels sprouts, is a vital dietary carotenoid which gets absorbed in the eyes and works as an antioxidant by preventing retinal damage in elderly people. Vitamin A, present in the soup also helps in maintaining vision sharpness.
  • Speedy metabolism- The rich content of B vitamins such as thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6 enables speedy metabolism.
  • Maintaining bone health- The soup is a rich source of vitamin K and helps the body against bone diseases. It also aids in strengthening bones and helps limiting neuronal damage in the brain. Vitamin K also helps in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.


Popular Brussels Sprout Soup Recipes

  • Brussels sprouts, potatoes and sausage soup- A delicious yet easy to make soup that makes a perfect treat during cold evenings.
  • Brussels sprouts and shitake mushroom sauce- A hearty soup with  a rich and flavorful broth,  the Brussels sprout with shitake mushroom soup is a perfect delight that can be included in the Thanksgiving Menu.
  • Brussels sprouts and sausage soup- An easy and delicious Brussels sprout soup, it is usually relished with salad greens and rye bread. 

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