Brunch recipes are those recipes that are used for preparing dishes early afternoon or the late morning. The brunch basically signifies a combination of lunch and breakfast together. It is therefore also referred as the portmanteau of both lunch and breakfast. Bruch food is usually a heavy meal eaten in place of both breakfast as well as lunch. Typical time for consuming brunch dishes is post 10 am to 2 pm.

Working people with hectic lifestyles opt to go for brunch dishes particularly on Sundays as they make most of the free time sleeping for hours in the weekends. This leaves them with the option of brunch recipes to enjoy a combination of both late breakfast and early lunch. The major takers of brunch food are college kids and young working professionals. The consumption of a heavy brunch sustains the feeling of fullness through the entire afternoon, early evening, until the time of dinner. However, brunch may be served at any day of the week, depending on the schedule of every individual.  In addition, heavy brunch dishes are also prepared during celebrations, especially when there is a gathering at home.  

The advantageous aspect of brunch is that it includes only convenient food which is fast and simple to cook, does not require any strenuous cooking hours, like lunch. Replacement of proper lunch meals or early breakfasts with instant brunch recipes, therefore, saves a lot of time which would have otherwise been exhausted in cooking.

Traditionally, forms of brunch recipes include breakfast delicacies like pancakes, sausages, muffins, French toast, hash browns, stuffed breads, and scrambled eggs as well as heavy or greasy foods to avoid frequent hunger pangs while at work.  


History Of Brunch Food

The first ever elaborate description of the concept of brunch dishes was mentioned brought into public’s notice as in 1896 by the Punch Magazine. As per the facts stated in the magazine, the origin of brunch recipes may be credited to the British upper class. British families belonging to the upper class traditionally offered partial leaves on Sunday so as to lay a grand buffet by the early afternoon. The buffet mainly comprised of lunch and breakfast items. Ever since then, brunch recipes are often associated with luxury and hence are served to gatherings celebrating special occasions like birthdays.


Popular Brunch Recipes From Different Cuisines

The brunch recipes served in varied cuisines differ and depend on the individual culinary customs and eating preferences. Below mentioned are some of the most popular brunch foods of different cuisines.

American- Muffins, Quick breads, Granola, rice pudding, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, ham pie with scrambled eggs, coffee cake, barbeque sausages, waffles with hazelnut butter

European- Rosti Potatoes with cheese and ham, Oatmeal cake, Swiss Potato pancake, Swiss Muesli, Frittata, Belgian Waffles, Swedish Pancakes

Indian- Stuffed Bread Pakora, Pesarattu (or dosa made of Moong dal), Stuffed sandwich, Lentil pancake, bedmi puri, cottage cheese stuffed in Indian Flatbread,      

Chinese- Dim sums, stuffed bao or buns, deep-fried chicken, dumplings

Bruch recipes have a potential commercial availability. However, brunch food, containing both the breakfast items and greasy foods may also be prepared easily at home.

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