Brown Derby Cheese Bread Recipes

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Brown Derby Sandwiches

Combine all dressing ingredients in small bowl. Cover; refrigerate until serving time. Toast bread slices. Spread about 1 tablespoon dressing on 1 side of each toasted white bread slice and both sides of toasted whole wheat bread slices. For each... - 34.4832

Brown Derby Specials

1. Lightly toss cabbage, mayonnaise, chili sauce, onion, and salt. 2. Refrigerate until well chilled—1 hour. 3. For each sandwich, lightly spread 2 slices bread with butter. On one slice, generously layer ham and cheese slices; then spread with some of... - 34.6863

Homemade Kentucky Hot Brown

Here in this video the chef tries to replicate the hot brown which you originally get at the Brown Hotel in Louisville Kentucky. Perfectly made and well presented, but clear vocal ingredients and directions could have helped follow the video better. - 93.2573

Taco Salad With Fried Bread

Taco is something that almost everyone likes! So why not try your hand on this amazing taco salad recipe. Watch this video for details and do not miss out the fried bread recipe the chef shares along with taco salad recipe. This is one hearty dish that even... - 87.8459

Cobb Salad

On 6 salad plates, arrange beds of lettuce. Arrange the chicken, eggs, tomatoes, blue cheese, and bacon in rows on top. Garnish with avocado wedges placed on the side. Serve with Brown Derby French Dressing and crusty garlic bread. - 29.3263

Pizza With Crusty Topping

There is nothing better than fresh homemade made pizza! Here in the video the chef provides instructions to make pizza right from the scratch and also provides some simple topping ideas. Every night can be pizza night with such simple pizza recipes. Video... - 80.4787