Broiled Shrimp

Broiled shrimp is one of the most popular dishes that are liked by all people who like seafood. The process of making Broiled shrimp is relatively simple and all that needs to be done is to clean and cut shrimps and broil them. Broiled shrimp is ready to be served in a short duration of time either as a main course or as a snack in between meals. The best part is that Broiled shrimp is a healthy alternative as it contains large quantities of proteins and fewer fats thereby making it ideal for people suffering from heart problems and those trying to lose weight.

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Different Starter Ideas To Make With Shrimp

Different Starter Ideas To Make With Shrimp On : 17-Mar-2011 By : Choc Brownie

For Seafood lovers shrimp starters are the center of attraction of any party menu. Shrimp starter ideas take the course of meal a step forward because they are simply mouth-watering and hard to resist. With a surplus of starter ideas with shrimp it...

Tips To Cook Frozen Shrimp

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Shrimps can be the highlight of any dinner feast, but then it does take some time, planning, and effort to thaw a frozen one. Fresh shrimps taste awesome, but are hard to find because of their unavailability everytime and everywhere. In that case, frozen...

Top 10 Dishes For A Zestful National Shrimp Day

Top 10 Dishes For A Zestful National Shrimp Day On : 10-May-2012 By : festivalfoods

  Despite being America’s favorite shellfish, the shrimp consumed here comes mostly from the Gulf Coast, Pacific Coast, and the Atlantic. No wonder there is a "National Shrimp Day" specifically designated for these tiny,...

How To Peel Shrimp

How To Peel Shrimp On : 13-Apr-2011 By : foodiebynature

Shrimps can be eaten fried, sautéed or peeled but before you proceed with any of the methods, you need to know how to peel shrimp . Peeling shrimp can be a bit tricky if you are not used to doing it and prefer to buy the pre-peeled...

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