British Chinese Food

British Chinese cuisine is a fusion cuisine that comprises of food items such as spring rolls, fried rice and crisp duck that are prepared to suit the palate of the Westerners and served by several reputable restaurants in and around UK. According to the latest reports, sales of Chinese fare have been increasing by leaps and bounds in UK in the recent years.


Speaking of the typical ingredients used in the British Chinese cuisine, sweet corn, tofu, eggs, duck, lamb, noodles, rice, vegetables etc are just some of them. But, while Britons are enjoying Chinese dishes greatly, their manner of eating them may not be very authentic. For instance, not many Britons know the exact way of using the chopsticks.

British Chinese Meal

A Chinese meal is very different from the standard Western menu featuring soup-meat-dessert. In British Chinese cooking, sweet corn is referred to as pearl rice or jade, humble chicken feet is known as Phoenix claws and a soup of tofu and spinach is called Emerald and White Jade Soup. This type of cuisine is not only popular in London but in almost all parts of Britain namely Manchester, Liverpool, Wales, Scotland, Channel Islands and others. One can taste this delectable cuisine in places such as Jade Garden, Chuen Cheng Ku and Le Ho Fook in the West End of London. Yming in Greek Street in London offers lip smacking British Chinese cuisine and a new selection of dishes are added to the menu here almost every week. Barshu in Soho and the Chinatown eateries that offer this type of cuisine have also been highly praised by visitors. One can try buffet style meals or order for freshly cooked food such as stew or Shanghainese dumplings (with the aroma of fresh ginger).

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