Brisket Sauce

Brisket sauce which is served over brisket dishes, is most commonly made using ingredients like vinegar, beer, oil, citrus juice, tomato ketchup, and Worcestershire sauce. However, the recipes of the sauces served over briskets vary a lot depending on the taste preferences of the individual and regional specifications. In most cases, the sauces are flavored with spices like cumin, mustard, salt, garlic and pepper. Brisket is a cut of meat which is created from lower chest or breast of veal or beef. The sauces which are used for glazing the briskets are known as brisket mops.  


Popular Brisket Sauces

Following are some of the sauces which are either used as a mop sauce (glazing sauce) or dipping sauces for brisket dishes -


  • Walter Jetton’s Barbeque Sauce – This sauce was popularized by President Lydon Johnson’s Pitmaster , Walter Jetton, hence the name struck. It is today served in many Texas restaurants along with beef briskets. This sauce is prepared using water, ketchup, cider vinegar, celery stalks, butter, Worcestershire sauce, etc. All the ingredients are combined and boiled in the saucepan and strained before serving.


  • Sweet  Brisket Sauce – This sauce is served as a dipping for smoked beef brisket and is prepared using handful of ingredients like tomato paste, water, brown sugar, cinnamon, and white vinegar.


  • Hickory Barbecue Sauce- This is one of the popular sauces served over brisket.  This sauce relies on beer and vinegar for its flavor. Some of the other ingredients used in the preparation of sauce are vegetable oil, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, hickory smoke and ground red pepper. These ingredients are combined together and boiled while making a sauce. The sauce gets its name from hickory smoke used to impart distinct character to this sauce.


  • Bobby Flay’s Brisket Mop – This brisket mop developed by Bobby Flay comprises ingredients like cider vinegar, beer, oil, coffee, stock and Worcestershire sauce. The sauce is seasoned using ingredients like hot sauce, pepper and salt. These ingredients are whisked together using a hand blender and applied as a glaze on the beef brisket. The sauce is applied on the brisket after rubbing the dry ingredients over it.

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