Brandy Sour Recipes

Brandy Sour refers to an alcoholic mixed cocktail commonly known to be recognized as the national drink of Cyprus. The recipe when prepared rightly contains a unique fresh, little sweet as well as sour taste with a ... More »
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Exotic Pisco Sour

Exotic pisco sour is such a great cocktail that it has been named the national drink of two countries. Well, it has got something to earn that label. Watch the video to see why it is ranked so high. Its vibrant color, magical aroma and the exotic flavors will... - 125.671

The Brandy Crusta, Classic How-to

Brandy Crusta, or as I would call it, the Brandy Sour. A sour cocktail that tastes much like a margarita with brandy instead of tequila. It has a nice elegant color with an intense sour bite. - 118.371

Brandy Egg Sour Cocktail

Whether you need something to warm you up on frigid winter evenings or something to cool you on muggy summer noons, brandy egg sour can leave you feeling quite good and upbeat. Plus, it's pretty simple to make too. Just add some egg, lime juice and simple... - 115.725

Pan-roasted Scallops With Brandy Cream Reduction

RTE chef, Kevin Dundon, shows you how to make an easy and delicious starter. Ideal dish for small dinner party. - 105.857

Sweet And Sour Apricot Brandy

Cocktails are practically synonymous with celebrations. And Derrick Schommer's apricot brand is the perfect way to get any party rolling or even while lounging by the pool. This beautiful drink blends in sweet and sour flavors and is a tribute to apricot... - 97.7525

The Boozy Boston Cocktail

This wonderful marriage of G’vine gin with Apricot Brandy and some lemon juice and grenadine goes on to create a nice Boston Cocktail. Beautifully colored and slightly sour in taste, this cocktail is surely worth every effort. Follow the video recipe to... - 97.2583

Brandy Sour

MAKING 1) In a cocktail shaker, place the ice cubes. 2) Squeeze the lemon juice and add bitters, sugar and brandy over the ice. 3) Vigorously shake the mixture, until frosty. SERVING 4) Use a sour glass to strain the drink and serve. - 33.7408

Brandy Sour With Maraschino

Mix together the brandy, orange juice, lemon juice and sugar in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well, then strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with lemon slice and maraschino cherry. - 29.2909