A brand is a symbol, design, name or term as defined by the American Marketing Association, kept for a product which enables it to distinguish it from other products. A brand can have many forms like sign, symbol, slogan, name or a particular color combination.  A brand affects the personality of a company, product or service.




Brand, the word comes from a word, called “Old Norse Brandr” which means "to burn". This further implies that earlier or in previous time, people use to burn their marks on products as a way to identify products.  In 1200s, brand was first used by Italians as a way to form watermarks on paper. Some of the oldest brands in the food industry are Lyle’s Golden Syrup, which is Britain’s oldest brand.  British Brewery had the world’s first trademark in the form of a red triangle.


During the time of Industrial Revolution, factories came up with mass produced goods to be able to sell them to a wider market, where customers were already known to the locally produced goods. To be able to differentiate the locally produced good to the mass produced goods, need arose to label the products for better differentiation and during that time Quaker Oats, Coca-Cola, Campbell Soup, Juicy Fruit Jam, Kellog’s Breakfast, and Uncle Ben’s rice were the few first companies to come up with their brands.


Concepts in Brand


Brand Awareness :  This refers to a concept where a buyer is able to recall a particular product under different circumstances and link to its slogan, brand, or logo.


Brand Elements: A brand element consists of a product’s name, shape, log, slogan or tagline, color, movement, graphics, taste, and smells.


Global Brand:  A global brand is a brand of product or service that has created its name and become popular across the globe. For example, Apple, Sony, Facebook, McDonalds, Dominos, and many more such brands.


Type of Brand Names


Descriptive: Names that describe the product features in a short sentence or few words, for example, Airbus or Whole Foods.


Initialisation: Name having initials only like IBM or UPS


Evocative: Names that help in creating an image when heard, seen or spoken, like Crest or Amazon.


Alliteration and Rhyme: Brand names with rhyming words. Dunking Donuts or Reese’s Pieces.


Foreign Word: Name taken from foreign language like Hitachi, Sansui, or Samsung.


Personification: Names taken from myths, like Betty Crocker.


Founder’s name: Names kept on the first or the last name of the founder of the company, like Disney’s.


Geography: Name based on a location, region or landmarks, like Fuji film or Cisco.


Some Popular Food Brands in the World


Baked Goods










Fox’s Biscuits


Cadbury Snack

Double Take




Jacobs Cream Crackers


Mini Cheaders


Break Fast Cereals



Quacker Oats



General Mills




Dunkin Donuts


Krispy kreme


Betty Crocker





Palmetto Cheese

Country Dale Milk

Frozen Foods

The Halal Pie Company



Ice Creams and Chilled Desserts





Ben & Jerry’s

Muller Rice

Jam and Honey





Pickles, Vinegar, and Sauces



Loyd Grossman


Beerenburg Farm.


Ready Meals



Weight Watchers





Jack’s Catch




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