Braised Veal

Braised Veal is basically prepared by seasoning the veal, browning it in oil/ butter, and cooking it in a liquid. The veal maybe seasoned with salt and pepper and browned in oil/butter. Then it is cooked in a liquid consisting of water, broth, juice and wine. The braised veal is taken out of the cooking liquid which is strained off and reserved as a sauce for serving with the meat.

Braised Veal Blogs

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Stuffed Breast Of Veal On : 23-Sep-2007 By : alokskumar

Stuffed Breast OF Veal - This is really a family dish, admirably suited for a luncheon releve. It is accompanied chiefly by vegetable puree, but all the vegetables and other garnishes given under rump or round roast of veal may be served with it.Breast of...

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