Braised Carrot Recipes

Braised carrot is essentially a carrot cooked with the method of braising, a slow cooking method that is also commonly referred to as pot roasting. Braising is a popular method to cook meats as slow cooked meats ... More »
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Filipino Sayote And Carrot Sauté

Looking for quick and unique vegetable side dish recipes? Here is an easy Filipino-style dish of sayote and carrot using Mama Sita's Pang gisa sauté mix, which is free of MSG. While this recipe used sayote and carrot, you can use your choice of vegetables if... - 83.6168

Braised Carrots

GETTING READY 1) Arrange all the ingredients. MAKING 2) In medium skillet, heat butter or margarine and cook carrots, stirring, 1 minute. 3) Stir in 2 tablespoons water and the salt; cook tightly covered, over low heat for 7-8 minutes or until carrots are... - 35.4071

Braised Carrots

MAKING 1) In a skillet, combine together the water, carrots, margarine, sugar and salt. 2) Cover the skillet and cook the mixture over low heat for about 20 minutes or till carrots are tender. Keep shaking the pan frequently. 3) Once the water has evaporated... - 34.1325

Braised Carrots And Celery

Melt butter in a heavy saucepan. Add vegetables, wine, salt, and pepper, cover and cook over low heat 10 to 15 minutes or until crisp-tender. Garnish with almonds, if desired. - 30.1208

Braised New Carrots

Cut off carrot tips and tops and wash well. Scrape if you wish. Bring butter, water and crumbled half bouillon cube to a boil in a small skillet and add the carrots. Cover and turn heat to medium low. Cook about 10 to 12 minutes or until just tender, shaking... - 27.0569

Braised Carrots

Melt butter; add aromatic bitters, sugar, and orange juice. Add carrots, cover tightly and simmer until carrots are tender. Remove lid the last few minutes to allow liquid to become completely absorbed. - 24.4232

Braised Endive And Carrots

Braised Endive And Carrots can be served along any main dish. These Braised Endive And Carrots were just perfect. You will make it many more times. - 22.924

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