Boys Weekend


Boys Weekend was a Australian television series featuring four world renowned chefs who took off to exotic locations. The local cuisines as well as the various high points of the location were discussed avidly on the show making it a combination of a travel and cookery show. Several recipes turned out to be unique with a few episodes being featured as special episodes as well.


The hosts of the show were Miguel Maestre, Gary Mehigan, Manu Fiedel and Adrian Richardson from Spain, United Kingdom, France and Australia respectively. They tried to sample the various dishes made by the locals and create a few of their own each weekend.


The initial episode was aired in 2009 and the show ended after completing 41 episodes in all. The airing time coincided with the weekend and was quite popular with the men across Australia. It was re run on Food Network Canada. The mini series of the same show is also being aired on BBC entertainment channel at present.


Origin of Boys Weekend Show Recipes

The first episode of the Television series aired on 6th June 2009 with the chefs heading to Flinders, Victoria for an weekend of fun and frolic. Fishing, poker and stiff Brazilian cocktails feature as a part of their routine there and the boys join hands to try their hand at creating some special Boys Weekend dishes which include Harrissa Lamb Kebabs and Raspberry Caipirinha that form a part of the show recipes.


Format of the Boys Weekend Show

The format of the show was based on the idea of an all men’s get together. The ladies were specifically invited to take a look into the world of men by means of a teaser before the show commenced on ABC. A weekend at the spectacular locale of Daintree, rustling up a unique recipe on a luxury cruiser and heading off into the wilderness at Bruny island are all part of the 41 episodes aired. 


Notable Boys Weekend Recipes

  • Huon Valley- The Boys learn the art of fly fishing and Adrian reveals the secret of special recipe, the fresh gnocchi. The boys also try to cook fish without the aid of a flame.
  • Victorian Highlands- The boys rustle up a multi cultural feast with special dishes from Spain, Switzerland and Japan.
  • Gary’s Birthday- The hosts celebrate the birthday of Gary Mehigan on Boys Weekend by cooking an enormous chilli focaccia. 

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