Boule is a traditional squashed ball shaped French bread. It is also called as sourdough bread.



Ingredients and Preparation



Boule can be prepared by any kind of flour and usually leavened with baking soda or commercial yeast. Gluten free or Multigrain Boule with less salt can be a healthy meal for all as some people may have gluten intolerance.




Health and Nutrition facts



Serving size – 1 Slice (56 g)



Approximate Values per serving (Calories - 150 cal, Fats – 0 g, Carbohydrates – 33 g, Protein – 5 g, Saturated fat – 2 g, Cholesterol – 69 mg, Sodium – 350 mg, Dietary Fiber – 1 g, Sugars – 0.5 g)



Benefits  – 



i) Boule contains No Fats and Saturated Fat, 

ii) Boule has No Cholesterol, and 

iii) Boule is Very Low in Sugars




Boule is recommendable for people belonging to categories listed below:


i. Boule can be a good meal for fat and obese people – as it contains no fats

ii. Boule is good for diabetic people – as it is very low in sugars

iii. Boule is always a good food for weight watchers – as it contains no saturated fats and no Cholesterol.

iv. Boule is also very good for people leading a sedentary life style.





Note: The only disadvante of boule is that it is high in sodium hence the people suffering from hypertension should avoid it.



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