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Bordeaux cuisine is similar to the Basque country cuisine of France. The port city of Bordeaux is famous for its red wine and people from all over the world are aware of the superior grapes of the region as well as the high quality of wines produced from them. The food of Bordeaux is prepared in a straight forward manner with no pretences to reach the pinnacle of gastronomy. However, the high quality Pyrenees lamb, ‘Agneau de Pauillac’ as well as the fishes from the Bay of Biscay are used to prepare tasty dishes that have been notable for its unique taste.


The region also has a good amount of turkey, capons, geese and poultry with foie gras being one of its specialties. Beef dishes abound in the city along with the red wine which also serves Armagnac, a brandy distilled in the region.


History of Bordeaux Food

Known as the principal port city of 18th century France, Bordeaux has an enviable amount of fishes, oysters other kinds of sea animals abounding in the area. The oyster based dishes along with the Caviar d’Aquitaine are among the best known food item of Bordeaux cuisine.             Famous wine appellations boasting of prestigious names like the  Margaux, Saint-Émilion and Pomerol. The huts located on wooden stilts still bear testimony to the age old practice of guarding the oyster farms and fishing areas while Gothic period and the age of renaissance are well represented culinarily by the array of breads, pastries and macaroons The famous cannales of Bordeaux were believed to be made by the nuns from the flour collected from the quays of the port city.


Popular Bordeaux Food

  • Cannelés de Bordeaux- Small flute shaped pastries usually flavored with vanilla and rum.
  • Sauce Bordelaise- A world famous sauce made with red wine, shallots and butter, it is usually served with steaks and grilled beef.
  • Lamproie a la Bordelaise- A local specialty the dish of eels cooked in red wine is highly appreciated by the tourists.
  • Braised Lamb- A traditional item of Bordeaux cuisine  it prepared with locally reared lamb meat and mushrooms cooked in chicken stock.


Places Famous for Food in Bordeaux

  • La Tupiña- One of the best restaurants in the city. Terrine de foie gras mi-cuit au gros sel and Daube de sanglier are its signature dishes.
  • Le Vieux Bordeaux- an old fashioned eatery serving Bordeaux cuisine specialties like grilled crayfish. 

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